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Bloodhound (FO4)

Tags: #Chemist  #Melee  #Commando 
  • November 14, 2020

    hi guys this is my first creation, I hope I have not made many mistakes, I present to you...



    the hunter of the gods



     After waking up from his freezing state, not remembering much but a flashback of a baby being kidnapped, he / she knows it is time to redeem himself with the gods and find out where he is.







    Melee- Tire iron bladed it's our heirloom

    Short range- Long double barrel shotgun renamed as Peacekeeper

    Medium range- The problem solver renamed as Flatline


    Long range- Gauss Rifle renamed as TripleTake



    Pack heavy armor

    Pack Jaguar helmet


    Blessing skills of the gods:


    Passive: when playing with the bloodhound we will use the V.A.T.S only passively to locate our enemies.

    Tactical: we will always take berry mentats with us that will allow us to see our enemies through the walls.

    Ultimate:when entering dense battles we activate berry mentats and a psychobuff or psychojet, increasing our damage allowing us to locate our enemies and slowing down time, a blessing given by the father of all.


    For now this is, a good game for everyone and an excellent hunt ...