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Character Build: The Black Dragon

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    December 12, 2018


    A little foresight into this build- I don’t have access to the game currently but had this idea for a character, so this is NOT playtested. Just a thought I had. I also am new so any feedback would be appreciated. Now that that is out of the way, lets begin!




    The Black Dragon


    A cybernetic mercenary and fugitive, the Black Dragon is a as depraved as he is is cunning. Utilizing his signature hi-tech weapons, he is a force to be reckoned with.


    S- 7 (6+Bobble)


    For your unarmed damage and to reflect your prowess as a hand-to-hand fighter.


    P- 1


    It's hard to see when one of your eyes is a freaking laser!


    E- 10


    He is a cybernetic with metal bones and a eye laser. Show it off with some endurance!


    C- 1


    He didn't get to the top by sweet talking people. And he won’t get there again with words.


    I- 7 (6+Bobble)


    Self- enhanced and ready to go. This also lets you upgrade your weapons, as well as use chemist if you so choose.


    A- 2


    Just the bare minimum for the Commando perk.


    L- 3 (2+Book)


    Luck is not something in the Black Dragon’s vocabulary, everything always goes according to plan. Usually. (For Scrounger and Bloody Mess)


    -Main Perks-


    Iron Fist- Essential for your power (cybernetic) fist and one of the two main damage perks


    Life Giver- For even more health and that sweet regen


    Adamantium Skeleton- Reflects your cybernetic nature, as well as helps in close quarters combat


    Solar Powered- A badass perk I have never really utilized, so this is the place to try it



    Medic- To keep health in check and repair the damaged parts


    Science- Used to create your laser and plasma weapons of choice


    Commando- Your second damage source, and lets you use some cool automatic laser weapons


    Scrounger- An essential perk to keep your weapons loaded and the economy booming


    Bloody Mess- It wouldn’t be Mortal Kombat without some extra blood



    -Optional Perks-


    Chem Resist and Chemist- If you love chems that much you can spare the points





    Armor- Kellogg’s armor is a good fit. It goes from one cyborg to another, and looks quite nice. (As i said above, I do NOT have access to the game so you can make any armor combos you want that you think look badass!)


    Power Fist- Probably the most fitting weapon for our little cyborg bastard here. It may not be a deathclaw gauntlet, but it fits the theme a lot better.


    Automatic Lasers/Plasmas- Our cybernetic uses only the most high tech weapons available, and going full auto seems like a fun prospect for a intelligent merc that enjoys killing.




    You're not crazy, just in it for the money, the thrill of the kill and that sweet tech. Because of this, Brotherhood and Institute are your best bet. Just depends on who the highest bidder is.




    Hope this plays well, and hope someone gets some enjoyment out of it.

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    December 12, 2018
    I like the idea of it! This guy sort of seems like he would end as a friend to one of the Raider Crews in Nuka World after the main story. Medic might also be a good perk choice. You have the intelligence for it, and it could pretty easily be considered a way to stop yourself from going into rejection due to your cybernetics.
  • December 12, 2018

    I like the what you got here I really do. I think what you could do to add a bit more flair is expand on the back story just a tad. Doesn't have to be heaps maybe just a couple of paragraphs that explain why exactly The Black Dragon is a feared Mercenary. What's brought him to the Commonwealth, is there a contract he broke and now there's someone after him? Why is he a fugitive? Also adding in a few more pictures to break up some of that white space will help a lot.

    I like the cybernetics take on things as well. 

    The stats you got listed out are all good and will work well for the build there's just two things I might consider adding in. Scrounger is a good perk but it will become difficult to fuel ammo for energy weapons especially at lower levels and whilst using full auto guns. I would consider adding a few perks into cap collector or fortune finder so you can buy ammo when your running low. It would suit the character as a merc want's money and having a few more points in charisma would also allow you to push for more caps when haggling on a job.

    And one other possibility is does the cybernetic eye give the character hyper fast reflexes when it comes to accuracy because some of those vats perks really shout out cybernetic implants.

    I think you've done quite well here. And with just a few touch ups to presentation you'll have a real kick ass build :)

    I'll list a couple of builds by Noodles that you may be able to pull some inspiration from:

    The Peacemaker

    The Cyberpunk

    On another note great use of Kano he really fits the theme. (Love Mortal Kombat) I at first thought it was a picture of a character from a very old PS1 game called C12 Final resitance.

    Image result for c 12 video game playstation one

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    December 12, 2018

    I really appreciate the positive and constructive feedback! I honestly forgot about medic thanks for pointing it out. (Also added another picture!)

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    March 1, 2019

    yeah nice start on a cyberkinetic build. I always loved the aesthetics of Kellogg's armor. I actually really like how it looks on female characters. Combining Power Fist and Commando playstyles is smart - getting some variety in there and sparing some ammo. Good job.