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Fallout Hub Event: Weapons of the Apocalypse

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    April 2, 2018

    Well, here it is wastelanders! After a long delay, the Hosts of the Hub are happy to finally be announcing the latest Fallout event, Weapons of the Apocalypse! This will be the direct follow-up of the last Fallout Character Building event, Arms & Artifacts. In that event, you were supposed to create a build based around a single weapon. In this event, you will be tasked with creating a weapon review. It can be the weapon you used for your build, or a new one.

    In the article you can describe the weapon, it's use and it's past. A good example is Mottyskills The Syringer. You will have two weeks to post your articles and you can have multiple articles. The articles will be added to the evergrowing Traveler's Guide. Time to lay out some rules.


    - The event will last from today, 2nd of April to the 15th of April, 11:59 by Central European Time.

    - The articles must be written with care. Sloppy articles will not be taking part in the event.

    - All entries must be posted with the "Event:Weapons" tag.

    - Tell me which weapon you will be reviewing so I can write it down here. Everyone that posts an article will get a badge at the end.


    Chris - Pipe Weapons, 10mm Pistol

    Torbin12 - Pipe Wrench

    Dragonborn1921 - Broadsider/TBA

    tirrene - MF Hyperbreeder Alpha

    Joshua Primrose - Walking Cane

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    April 2, 2018
    I guess I'll be doing two. One for Pipe weapons, the second for the Classic 10mm Pistol
  • April 2, 2018

    You can put me down for the Pipe Wrench.  And a question, where should we post them?  Just in the Discussions section with the appropriate tags?

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    April 3, 2018

    Yes Torbin the discussions section will be just fine, we'll get them linked to the appropriate heading when they're up.

    Many thanks for the participation Chris and Torbin btw! Team FoxyFire always likes a good article on the wasteland to dive into :P

    P.s. Hope you don't mind my alias for our little tagteam here Delta ahahaha

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    April 3, 2018
    Well, FireFox would be a no go. :)
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    April 4, 2018

    First article added to the list and to the Traveler's Guide. Keep 'em coming.

  • April 9, 2018

    Hmm, yeah you know I might give this a shot. Can I do it as a sort of joke-y 'in-character' sort of article rather than it being actually informative (ish). I kinda really wanted to do a few articles on some of the Heavy Weapons from Fallout 4 (I'm especially thinking of the Broadsider :D) but really thought I'd ask if I could go all out :D

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    April 9, 2018
    Of course you can Deebs. I'd love to see articles from you.
  • April 10, 2018

    Is the event exclusively for Fallout 4, or can I bring in my New Vegas fanboy badge? (the badge is actually just a piece of uranium. By the way, is anyone else feeling their neck swelling?)

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    April 10, 2018
    This is general Fallout. I'm just waiting for someone to write about the original two Fallout games and their exclusive weapons.