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Tags: #So many settlements :) Need to see them all 
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    February 28, 2018

    Digging the way that layout is looking as well Delta. How are you planning to build, modern, low/high class, just a little village, etc.? I might have missed the theme when I was reading through the first time, so sorry if you have to reiterate. 

    I'm excited to see where all this goes, and what you're going to be doing Motty! I'll tune back in regularly to comment on any developing updates as well. :D

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    February 28, 2018

    FlamezSword said:

    So I really like all of these! Really liked the idea of having that Sanctuary lettering on the side of the bus actually Goldie; it looks like a nice feature. Maybe it's the color throwing you off? I find that sometimes those types of things will do that, maybe try a blue, orange, or maybe even a lighter purple color (assuming the mod has all these). The Church is amazing as Amo pointed out so props to that.

    If you don't mind me asking, are you planning to build any strict militarized bits to Sanctuary, or is it literally just for the starting settlers (for the most part)? If you end up making a military settlement a decent place might be somewhere like the Airport maybe, or Spectacle island. Open ended warehouses coul fill up a lot of that space if you want ideas

    So the neon letters are part of one of the dlc; wateland workshop I think or maybe contraptions... I think part of the reason I'm not sure about them is that I can't have them form an arch, instead they only snap together in a straight line.

    I actually forgot to show the church-person's living area which is the bit of the building that is on the left side of the church and then there's the outhouse which is placed behind it.

    My aim for the settlement is to have it be the Minutmen's seat of power/crowning jewel. In the initial settlement the house to the left of the gate is set up as the Minutemen's barracks, with a radio room to allow them to keep in contact with the patrols and outposts. I might have another one somewhere in the expanded settlement but I'm not sure. I've also recently turned the building I built to the left of the bridge (which you can see in the first screenshot) into a clinic for Curie once she's transfered over into a synth body.


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    August 9, 2018

    Hey everyone, it's my first time posting here, but I wanted to share my new Home Plate player home.  I play on Xbox One, as you can tell, and this particular game is pretty heavily modded.  I'll list some of the mods that I used at the bottom.  


    Anyway, I wanted to make a player home that wasn't too over the top, looked lived-in, and had everything my player would need to build or craft while at home.  I'm happy with the outcome, but this home will morph and change the more I play, unlock, and collect.




    CREAtive Clutter - All DLC

    Minutemen Morale Pack

    Custom Crafting Stations + Clutter

    Unrestricted Settlements (Base + Automatron)

    Place Anywhere

    No Build Limit - All DLC

    Movable Workbenches

    Do It Yourshelf - Clutter For Shelves And Bookcases

    Dino's Decorations - Clutter Arrangements For Your Settlements

    Craftable Display Shelves

    Functional Displays - XBOX - DLC Support

    OCDecorator - DLC

    Signs Of The Times - Posters

    BONUS: Heather Casdin: A Unique Companion Experience By LlamaRCA

    If you see any other mods that I used here and didn't mention it was not intentional.  The people who create these mods so that people like me can play around with them deserve every bit of credit for what they do.





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    August 9, 2018

    Nice Stryder! Thanks for sharing - a lot of nice sublte touches. I was like ' wait heather? who's heather? lol. cool mod. Do the clutter mods allow you to place stuff easier? I've never had much luck on PS4 arranging items around my homes.... anyway nice job!

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    August 26, 2018

    Sweet crib Stryder. I especially liked that shelf/display case mod; looks super really. Interior decorating seems to be your thing ;)

  • October 20, 2018

    I'm not gonna lie, I have one settlement that I keep coming back to. And that's Hangman's Alley. I think almost every build I've done has Hangman's Alley built up in some way, but I'll feature two in this settlement tour. Both of these come from unmodded playthroughs, though the second Hangman's Alley features some CC content. 

    Survival Hangman's Alley. No CC content. I call it the Bus Hangman's Alley.

    Because, well, it had a bus. A bus that was converted into a nightclub/dance floor. Because, reasons. 

    In addition to disco bus, this Hangman's Alley featured a new settler welcome center (the non-scrapable shack), a multi-tiered apartment complex made of metal prefabs and stair cases, a small Nuka cola themed diner, a ghetto bar, crops, brahman caravan station (on the other side) and stairs leading up to a walkway that was sealed off from the settlers and that I used as my quarters. 

    better view of the catwalk at night. 

    The bar

    My quarters.

    The apartment complex. 

    It's still a sentimental favorite of mine and man, did I love that save. 

    Here is my other Hangman's Alley from my current Yum Yum save. She lives in Hangman's Alley too so she can better organize her minions. :D

    This one features a Slocum Joe's, a Nuka cafe, a large complex for settlers to sleep, lots of dogs, and a private house with a garden atrium

    on the other side for Yum Yum to put her things. This one is still a work in progress, but I am having fun. 

    It's way more pink and has many puppies. 

    The noir stuff is part of a quest through the Creation Club, and not an easy one either. I mixed up furniture because while I love the noir furniture, it just looked too clean to have only the noir furniture. The atrium is between her salon and her bedroom. I just put it full of mutfruit and potted plants. Looks like a proper greenhouse. Very Yum Yum.

    The Nuka diner, which also features a arcade game. Down the road, I may develop Vault 88 to be a pure city with a full arcade inside. That would be super sweet. 

    Thanks for looking. hope you enjoy. As you can see, I really like seeing how much I can cram into this tiny settlement. Yum Yum has full charisma, so she can have a huge settlement here. She is currently at 16, but she's not a very high level yet.