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Event: Survivor Log - My Daughters

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  • February 3, 2018

     John's holotape. Municipal Commissioner of Umeå, Sweden.

    'No... No, no, no... NO! I thought we were neutral. We were supposed to be neutral!

    *Sounds of boots running across a porch, down a few wooden stairs and a few seconds over a lawn*

    'Umeå is.. Gone. Replaced by one of those giant red mushrooms on TV. I think... Yes. I can see other mushroom clouds up and down the coast, and one to the west. Must have targeted our military bases. Dammit why wasn't I told anything? I'm the fucking municipal commissioner for God's sake! Or I was... My city is.. Gone?

    'We're just lucky we were out of town for the day. But everyone else? Family, friends, my whole life. Erased from the face of the world in a few seconds.'

    'My whole life... No, that's not true. Therese is inside with our daughters. Safe and sound. Thank God. My daughters... What am I supposed to tell them? What are we supposed to do? We can't stay here.. It's too close to the blast.'

    *Deep sigh*

    'I need to get inside. Talk to them, tell them something. But how do I tell my daughters that their grandparents, all their friends and relatives are dead, and that the world is ending?'

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    February 3, 2018

    Nice take on something not American related regarding the FO universe. I could see this happening Simpa; well written :-)