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Event Survivor Log: Early Days of a Bomb-Torn Country

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  • January 22, 2018

    Okay so what, sure I think it's Mad Max artwork, but it fits damn it

    Urgh, fuck. Just, fuck it all. No food, no fucking water that isn't irradiated to all shit. God must truly hate us if he's allowed the world to turn into this fucking shithole of a wasteland. *deep sigh* Used to be twenty of us down here, more in other communities but we managed to

    *loud, wet coughing breaks the man's speech*

    Urgh, shit...Managed to dig down below the ground and get some decent shelters built up. Hid away well enough that the fucking monsters up there can't find us. Doesn't stop the *more coughing*, the...rats, giant ones, from burrowing in like their part mole. Four of us died the first time, three more the second and by the third attack, there were only six of us left. But we'd learned since then, managed to stop the fucking Rats from killing any more of us, and that gave us plenty of meat once we learned how to cook the damn things (turns out you've just got burn 'em to a near crisp and they're healthy as canned food), but...Shit we're running low on food now, almost got none, and the water we have is pretty shit. Killed someone the other week, too much radiation.

    *the holotape pauses again*

    Going to head up to the surface for the first time in weeks. Need the food and water,  gotten hope we can make it through at today. That's all we need to do, keep making it one day at a time.


    Hoping to turn this into a whole series of holotapes, but I'm aiming to keep it generally rather ambiguous throughout so there won't be dates, times, maybe even titles or anything along those lines. Just a guy's ramblings as he lives in the fucked up world that Fallout is. If it helps you picture it better, I am imagining this as a pretty early setting, so he's a person that isn't entirely used to the world.

    Anyway, the current plan is to update this every day until the Event ends. But might not make it some days, will try because I love this idea, but yeah. \

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    January 22, 2018

    Nice addition, Deebs! Good idea with the molerat attacks. And yes, keep the series in one thread. It's easier to link this to your name in the event page then linking every holotape one by one.

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    January 23, 2018

    Impressive as always DB :-)

    Don't know if you checked the Event page, but I said much as Delta about the multiple holotapes. Looking forward to seeing one of these every day until the end of the event (or well as much as you can handle; no pressure :P)