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RP and "Alternate" Start Without MODs

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    March 12
    Yeah MADD- I've been thinking about something like what you're describing too. Actually I got thinking about it because there was a skyrim build that had a rule where you could only use what you find in a new load screen. So if you went in a dungeon you had to find a weapon and armor and use only that until you're cleared it. I don't know exactly how that would work in Fallout 4 but it def got me thinking. The Open world lends itself to play testing weird stuff like this though. John's WiP Farmers Daughter build is a good example. The only limit is the limits of your imagination!
  • March 12

    So I read this a while back and actually have begun implementing some of this into my builds.  Honestly, from a vanilla perspective, (and Paul pointed this out elsewhere), all builds eventually come back to looking pretty generic with just the "background" and art looking different.  So much like with Skyrim I've begun delving more into the roleplay stuff to try to set my builds apart.

    Another idea, along the lines of your "4's across the board" is to purposefully jack up your SPECIAL.  If you want a VATs heavy character that needs loads of AGIL and LUCK, put your points into STR and PERC instead at creation, crippling your "needed" categories and then having to spend points to level those up rather than taking all perks which changes the dynamic of your character development.