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Tips and Tricks and General Rules

  • August 13, 2016

    Tips and Tricks

     If your post does not meet the expectations below, it may be removed. In most cases, a warning will be given. However, if the infraction is bad enough the discussion or comment may be removed immediatly.*

     The Fallout Hub accepts two types of tips and tricks discussions. They are below:

     The first type of accepted discussion is a Tips and Tricks Showcase. Showcases are discussions for spreading the news about tips, tricks, or exploits. They should strive to, as clearly as possible, explain the tip or exploit. An example is Ponty’s Survivor's Log: Fallout 4.

     When explaining an exploit, showcases should strive to explain the following things: What is required to fulfill the exploit? What does the exploit do? What can you gain from completing this exploit?

    Showcases should be at least 100 words. There is no maximum word count for a showcase. They should be tagged with the tag “FTT: Showcase” (include the quotes).

     The second type of accepted discussion is a Tips and Tricks Discussion. Discussions can be simply talking about a certain mechanic or a debate about mechanics. These are great for getting opinions about mechanics, or another viewpoint.

     Discussions should ideally be from 100 to 500 words. The purpose of a discussion is to get the opinions of others, not tell every aspect of an exploit. Discussions should be tagged with the tag “FTT:Discussion”(include the quotes).

    *Like the other groups, the Fallout Hub is subject to the Site Rules and Ning's Terms of Service, and any violation of the requirements established by both The Tamriel Vault and Ning will be dealt with swiftly, without the need of previous warnings by the Hub's hosts.

    General Rules

    The Hub is the Vault's place for everything Fallout, and with that in mind whenever you feel like adding a bit of news and speculation threads, we require that you add the following tag to your discussion: "Hub: General Discussions".

     In due time, The Hub will also start holding group events. When they happen, you are expected to follow the instructions described in the event's page and add the following tag to your discussion, alongside any other tag the organizers require: "Hub: Event".

    For the sake of convenience, we have also established a couple of tags to be used by the hosting team for special group announcements. For reference, they are as they follow: "Hub: Announcements" and "Hub: Features".