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Fallout Lore Posting Rules

  • August 11, 2016

     While browsing the Hub Lore Database the hosts reserve the rights to determine the pattern of logs they judge correct based on pre-determined rules. If a member sends a log incompatible with what is requested here, one of our hosts will put himself or herself forward to show you the way, help and advise you. When necessary, after due warning, the hosts also reserve the right to delete any content they may find inappropriate.

     This database presents an innovative technology that allows everyone registered in our system to leave a comment on existing logs. Thereby, the Hub and its hosts  value mature, responsible and polite discussions, and the moderators will not tolerate any kind of misbehavior.

     Please, attain yourself to the following rules when adding to our database:

    I. Categorize your lore article or lore discussion. What follows are the seven major sections, you have to have at least one of these in your tags. You are allowed to leave up to three tags in your article, and as one of them has to be one of the following seven, you can either add 2 other categories you see fit for your article or another one of the major categories.

     To tag your post you can simply copy and paste the ones listed below as they are, with the quotes, into the tag list for your post. Each tag is separated by a comma, so the first tag you put in your post can then be identified by our system to detect which section your article falls into.


    1. "Lore: Historical Events” Example: Birth of a Wasteland I: An Introduction to Fallout 4

    2. “Lore: Historical Characters” Example: Brains and Brawn--Robert House

    3. "Lore: Science” Example: Fallout Lore: FEV Part One

    4. “Lore: Creatures” Example: Super Mutants Parts 1-3

    5. “Lore: Technology” Example:

    6. "Lore: Factions and Groups” Example: Fallout Factions: Brotherhood of Steel - History

    7. "Lore: General Discussion” Example: Mankind - Redifined: The Vault Conspiracy


    II. If your contribution is a lore article:

    1. All articles must cite the references used to the work. How you choose to incorporate these references is up to you. A suggestion is for you put them in a list, containing the proper hyperlinked sources at the end of your work, but you can also put them in the beginning or throughout the body of the article, as said reference is used.

    1.1. These references include in-game terminals, logs, audio recordings, notes and disks. In that case, you must cite the game this piece of information can be found, in which device or note it can be found, and if possible, the location and a screenshot if it is written. The last two are merely suggestions, and are therefore not required.

    1.2. These references also include in-game events and dialogue. In that case, you must cite the game it happens and if possible the character you can have the conversation.

    1.3. These references also include, when it doesn’t confront with one of the five main games (Fallout 1, 2, 3, New Vegas and 4), information found on the Fallout Bible and the Fallout spin-offs. When using information from these sources, however, you must leave a note in the end or wherever you find it appropriate explaining that the information the reader is reading is potentially uncanon material.

    1.4. We do not encourage the use of tweets, forum posts or speculation made by the developers or the members of the Vault.

    2. Each piece must be at least 500 words long, and the suggested maximum extent of the article is 3000 words. 500 words is approximately two-thirds of a page in Microsoft Word, single-spaced, composed of 3-4 paragraphs.

    3. Proper grammar and spelling is required. You are, of course, allowed to make mistakes, and the members or hosts of the group will help you correct any mistakes they spot.


    III. If your contribution is a lore discussion:

    1. Lore discussions are expected to present an initial argument in its composition, making it clear to the reader what that discussion is about. To quote our friends over The Elder Scrolls Lore group, consider your opening post the opening statement in a debate.

    2. You should entice your fellow members with insightful questions, “baits”, so the reader feels compelled to debate and leave their own thoughts about the matter being discussed.