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PC Tip: Destroy the Institute with the Minutemen AND Become a...

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    June 16, 2016

    First off, the full title of the discussion should be "PC Tip: Destroy the Institute with the Minutemen AND Become a Brotherhood of Steel Sentinel" but the new site apparently has a 64 character limit for titles so I had to cut it short.

    Anyway, if you happen to be a member of the Brotherhood of Steel but destroy the Institute with the Minutemen, the Brotherhood acknowledges the act through a variety of comments from its members, but you never receive so much as a debriefing from Elder Maxson and/or Captain Kells regarding your accomplishment, which is odd, considering the significance of what you did. However, there’s a simple way around this for PC players. Just pull up the console and enter the following command:

    SetStage 00182EAE 10

    Doing so will start A New Dawn, the quest you ordinarily only get after destroying the Institute with the Brotherhood of Steel. From there, you can simply complete the quest the same way you normally would; it’ll play out the same way as always, but with one notable difference: during the debriefing with Elder Maxson and Captain Kells, the latter of the two will chastise you for your decision to use the Minutemen to destroy the Institute, saying that it’s a reckless act at best that could’ve resulted in a lot of unnecessary causalities (or something along those lines). I find this to be rather interesting, as it seems to suggest that Bethesda originally intended for this quest to naturally trigger after destroying the Institute with the Minutemen, making this a cut ending of sorts.

    After completing this quest you’ll be promoted to the rank of Sentinel the same way you would if you had destroyed the Institute with the Brotherhood of Steel. This, of course, carries with it all of the usual perks, other Brotherhood of Steel members will address you as Sentinel, you’ll be able to buy the Sentinel-only equipment from Proctor Teagan, etc. At the same time, however, they’ll still acknowledge the fact that you destroyed the Institute with the Minutemen, providing all the usual comments regarding that.

    A couple of notes regarding this tip. First off, I’d only attempt this if you’ve destroyed the Institute with the Minutemen and made some decent progress into the Brotherhood of Steel questline; on the character I tried this with, I completed all of the main Brotherhood of Steel quests except for Tactical Thinking, Ad Victoriam, and their version of The Nuclear Option (as well as Reveille, if you want to count that). I’m not sure how the game will react if you input the aforementioned console command and have done little to no questing for the Brotherhood of Steel. Secondly, there’s a PC mod (I don't know whether or not there's one for console too) that essentially does the same thing as this tip, but I recommend doing it this way instead.