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Fallout Lore: Ghouls

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    May 16, 2016

    You've seen them wandering the tetanus filled metro tunnels... Or prowling the wasteland. A majority of them are the survivors of the apocalypse though others just stayed in an irradiated area too long. You know em, you love em, you feel disgusted by their leprosy... Of course I'm talking about, Ghouls.

    As stated above, ghouls are zombie like mutants. Their flesh decayed and rotting thanks to intense and prolonged radiation sickness. Despite the decay, they have greatly extended lifespans. They have been alive since the Great War, and are still going at ages 200+. Now does this mean they are immortal? No, a well placed bullet, laser, plasma shot, stab, strike, or explosion will end them. It is also rumored that they are now immune to and even regenerate health from radiation. Thanks to the decay most ghouls have lost all or a majority of their hair and has caused a majority of ghouls to sound raspy. There are some ghouls with hair and sound clear, an example of this is Dean Domino and Raul Tejada.

    Most ghouls from New California originated from Vault 12. Thanks to Vault-tec being the sadistic bastards they are, they had a secret agenda for almost all of their vaults. The agenda for this one? Study the effects of radiation. How did they achieve this? They sabotaged the door that was supposed to protect them from the radiation and allowed it to flood the vault. And prolonged exposure led to a majority of the ghoul population there.

    There are two types of ghouls: The normal ones, sapient and are just like you and me... And the Ferals.

    Feral ghouls are almost the same as non ferals, the main difference is that their minds deteriorated from prolonged radiation poisoning. They attack anything and everything that is not a ghoul, they see them as kin or something of that nature. When you search the ferals you can obtain items from the past that they kept before going crazy such as cigarette's, teddy bears, pre war money... Or you could find out that they recently fed and have human flesh hanging off them or in their mouths, proving they do eat humans. They are also not that intelligent thanks to the mind deterioration, this is proved by a quest reward, the ghoul mask. Just by wearing this mask made of leather and is rather fake looking, they believe you are a ghoul.

    In game there are different classifications of feral ghouls. Feral and swamp ghouls are the base form and weakest (swamp ghouls are just grey feral ghouls in Point Lookout). Roamers are ghouls that wear worn away combat armor, they are a little stronger but not by much. Then we have reavers... These bastards are just evil. They have the highest amount of health (so strong that they can survive a direct strike from a fat man... yeah...), deal the most damage, and can take some of their own gore and throw it at people with insane accuracy. They are also covered in scars that almost look like they ooze green smoke (as if they leak out radiation). And the final type are glowing ones, the literally neon green glowing ghouls. They are stronger than the average feral and emit radiation from their body constantly, even able to release a blast if radiation, used to heal other ghouls and cause radiation poisoning for others.

    Ghouls face much discrimination from humans. Thanks to their rotting flesh, bad smell, and general appearance of zombies, they are called such. It doesn't help that other ghouls are truly like zombies in that they are feral and run around eating people. People live under the fear that intelligent ghouls will snap one day and go feral and eat them. They receive insulting terms such as "Zombie" or "Brain-eater". Thanks to such treatment, many ghouls have formed a hatred for humans such as Roy Phillips and Mister Crowley.

    But ghouls are just a small percentage of the other known mutations we've experienced in the Fallout series. We also have the victims of the FEV and such things as the creatures of the Divide or the clawed beasts of death that have been around since the first game... But those are stories I'll get around to eventually.