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Roleplaying: Role-play Quick Tips

  • May 5, 2016

    This is the sister thread of Role-play Quick Tips in the Fallout Hub. Do you have any advice, aphorisms, or general tips for roleplaying in the Fallout series? Comment down below and it'll be added directly to this thread with credit given to the person who suggested it. It can be for any game within the Fallout series, though preferably the most recent ones. I'll add some of my own below. Also, check out Ponty's Survivor's Log for tips on general survival.

    a dangerous world calls for collaboration between survivors

    Fallout 3:

    • Pip-boys don't last forever. If you're going to keep your Pip-light for a long time, make sure you've bought some fission batteries. (PCTY)
    • Only loot animals or monsters if you have a big enough knife. That means that even non-melee characters should keep a blade on them. (PCTY)

    New Vegas: 

    • If you are going to fast travel at all, travel only to locations directly on the highway. Then make your way to any destination off the highway. (PCTY)
    • Power armor is heavy. When you're not using it, keep it stored somewhere safe, and only put it on when you know you're going into combat. (PCTY)
    • The desert is hot, and that means dehydration. Walk as much as you can while in the desert, or drink lots of water before going on a journey. (PCTY)
    • After an especially violent fight, take a day, or at least a few hours, to rest in the nearest city. (PCTY)

    Fallout 4:

    • Don't always wear power armor, even if you have enough fusion cores. Leave it at home when going on simple missions, or with the local armor merchant for repairs when in the city. (PCTY)
    • Radiation is exhausting. After a visit to the Glowing Sea, take some time to rest up and heal. (PCTY)

    What tips do you have? Add them below!