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Super Mutants, Parts 1-3

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  • May 4, 2016

    Lore: Super Mutants

    A quick note: This was originally a three-part lore miniseries over in the now-defunct Fallout Lore section. Because of their relative shortness, I'm instead adding them all in one discussion. Hope you enjoy reading.

    Commonwealth Super Mutants


    Super mutants. The big bads of the Fallout franchise. Luckily for the Commonwealth,

    Boston only holds the scrawnier cousins of the mutant family.

    I. Origins

    The Super Mutants of the Commonwealth, though in some ways related to their D.C. Wasteland and West Coast cousins, have origins completely different from those groups. Created by the Institute’s Bioscience Department FEV Lab, they are the result of failed experiments with the FEV, or Forced Evolutionary Virus. Their ranks are made of kidnapped Commonwealth citizens. After being introduced to the FEV, they were analyzed, and their survival determined their fate. If they died, then they were disposed of. If they lived, however, they were sent out into the Commonwealth, no longer only the Institute’s problem. The FEV program, started in 2178, was ended by Dr. Virgil, who destroyed the program, turned himself into a mutant, and fled for the Glowing Sea. However, the Super Mutants that had already been created still roam the Commonwealth, looking for their next target.

    II. Attributes


    Though all super mutants are larger than humans, the Commonwealth variety of super mutants is the smallest of its kind, and can be seen shorter and with less muscle. However, large variants still exist, with behemoths, 20-foot tall monstrosities, roaming the wastes.

    Although Commonwealth super mutants appear to share the same low level of intelligence with their D.C. cousins, it appears that they may have slightly more ability in areas regarding armor and weaponry, as these mutants are seen wielding more energy weapons, and often wearing makeshift scrap armor.

    However, this variety also shows more self-awareness than their relatives, if in-game quotes are enough to go by. Said super mutants will spout phrases such as: “You humans made us - now suffer for your arrogance!” This shows that they are aware of their horrible origins.

    One interesting characteristic that is unique among Commonwealth super mutants is the presence of Suiciders. Suiciders, super mutants armed only with a mini nuke, willingly fling themselves at enemies, taking their own lives to win a battle.


    III. Notable Super Mutants


    Super mutants are very common, but not all are the same. Some, like Dr. Brian Virgil, lost no intelligence in their transition. Brian Virgil, an ex-Institute scientist, is in self-proclaimed exile in the Glowing Sea in order to avoid the Coursers that were hunting him.

    Another prominent super mutant, is Swan, a behemoth who lives in Swan’s Pond. Armed with an anchor and boat as hammer and shield, and pieces of swanboats as armor, he protects the pond with fervor. When human, he was Edward Swann, who was “selected” to be experimented on. He was promised release, on the condition he keep a journal. Though he at first grew in intelligence and strength, he began a descent into madness, eventually becoming the creature that can be seen today.

    The final notable super mutant is Strong. Strong, an average super mutant, was imprisoned by the super mutants of Trinity Tower. He was taught by Rex Goodman, perhaps showing a possible ability to learn in Commonwealth super mutants. He is also a companion.


    IV. Closing


    Thank you for taking the time to read this. If there is anything that you think should be added, please comment below. If this was at all helpful or informative to you, tell me if you would like more. Sources are Nukapedia and in-game dialogue and terminals.

    PCTY Out.

    Vault 87 Super Mutants


    Yes, he is thirty feet tall. And yes, he is swinging that stop light at you…


    I. Origins


    Vault 87. Like any Vault, did not have the best of intentions. Its original dwellers were, in 2078, all submerged in vats of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, or FEV. This turned them into what we can see them as today, super mutants. Once these first test subjects were mutated, they in turn took the remaining dwellers and submerged them with force. However, the super mutants soon ran out of people to turn, and, being sterile, took to the D.C. Wasteland to find new targets.

    In doing this, they ran into many factions across the Wasteland, and became embroiled in conflicts against them, namely the Brotherhood of Steel. The Brotherhood of Steel ends up decimating the Super Mutants, as can be heard in Broken Steel, in which some mutants give passing mentions to the fact that their numbers have been diminished greatly by fighting with the “bucket heads”.


    II. Attributes

    These super mutants, like any other type, are taller than the average human. However, Vault 87 super mutants seem to be the most muscular of their kind, and bulging veins can be seen on their arms. They are also the least intelligent form of super mutants, with very few forms of them showing the capability to use energy weapons.

    These super mutants show a unique bond with Centaurs, the mutant creatures that roam the wastes. Centaurs, used as their pets and attack dogs, were also products of the FEV.

    This variety of super mutant is one of only two that can grow into a Behemoth, the 20-30 foot tall (6-9 meters). This is due to the fact that they grow larger, and perhaps stupider, with age. Behemoths are found to be more rare within the Vault 87 super mutant population than in the Commonwealth.

    The leadership of the super mutant army in D.C. is most likely those known as the Overlords, the oldest super mutants that are not yet classified as behemoths.


    III. Notable Super Mutants


    Probably the most recognizable super mutant in the world of Fallout, Fawkes is one of two D.C. super mutants that are not hostile to the Lone Wanderer. He is distinguished from his peers by his regained intelligence and self-awareness. The other super mutants in Vault 87 saw this, however, and imprisoned him. He can be potentially freed by the Lone Wanderer.

    The second notable D.C. super mutant is Uncle Leo, a peaceful, philosophizing mutant who was exiled from his band after showing said attributes. He roams the wasteland, eeking out a living like any other survivor. He also reveals, vaguely, some details of the birth of super mutants.


    IV. Closing


    Thanks again if you read this short little article, and I hope it helped. I will be making an article about West Coast super mutants next, but that may be some time, due to the amount of history and culture I have to cover relating to them.

    Once again, sources are all from Nukapedia, except for the picture, which is off of Google Images.

    PCTY Out. 

    West Coast Super Mutants

    Meet your average super mutant: big, dumb, and not too sweet.


    I. Origins


    The oldest type of super mutant, and the furthest from their cousins, the Vault 87 super mutants, and the Commonwealth super mutants, is the type of super mutant that is a result of The Master’s devious machinations.

    The Master, once called Richard Grey, lived in Vault City as a doctor. However, he was exiled for murder during the time he lived there. He then moved to the Hub. He and a friend, having been assaulted by mutant creatures multiple times, left the city one day to find their source, and instead found the Mariposa military base. While he was there, he fell into a vat of the Forced Evolutionary Virus while trying to avoid the automated defenses and mutant animals there.

    After being submerged, Richard Grey became The Master, a hideous amalgamation of flesh and machine, even absorbing a computer into his being. This creature began to capture any humans that would fall into his cave. These initial captures became the first super mutants, though the outcomes of their mutations were poor in the eyes of The Master.

    Eventually, the “formula” was perfected, and true super mutants began to emerge from The Master’s tanks. However, there was only a 1 in 6 chance of the product being a functioning super mutant. These mutants joined The Unity, the army led by The Master that set out to “unify” the wasteland, and purge any perceived threats from it.

    The Master was, however, destroyed, and his super mutant army scattered into several distinct factions.

    The first was the forces of Gammorin. Anything beyond this sentence is beyond hard canon, however, and so true knowledge of the happenings of those super mutants who went west is unattainable, though we do know that they came into contact with the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel.


    When the Enclave rediscovered the ruined Mariposa base in 2236, they made the mistake of getting a bit too close to the FEV. This resulted in new super mutants from the workers excavating the place, known as the Second Generation super mutants. These super mutants eventually rose up against their Enclave occupiers. The Enclave, beaten back, destroyed the entrances and left.

    In the Mojave wasteland, most super mutants found a leader in Tabitha. Tabitha, using manipulative and propaganda-esque broadcasts from her new home, the Black Mountain radio station. She leads a group of mainly nightkin and 1st Gen super mutants.

    Super mutants that did not join the group at Black Mountain can be found in Jacobstown, a refuge for many 1st Gen, and other, super mutants. Attempting to live peacefully in their remote habitat, they are occasionally harassed by the NCR.


    II. Attributes


    One unique attribute found among West Coast super mutants is the presence of Nightkin. These specialized super mutants are a pale, grey-blue color, and made up the elite forces of The Master’s army. Recognizable (or not) by their frequent use of Stealth Boys, nightkin are effectively the special ops variant of super mutants. In fact, their constant use of Stealth Boys is the reason for their unique skin color, as well as their schizophrenic and psychotic personalities. This also leads to their hatred of their uncloaked states, despising those who see them in their “naked” state.

    These super mutants are the most intelligent of all their kind, as a good number of them have full or increased intelligence. This includes most nightkin, as well as several examples in the section below.

    These super mutants, like all super mutants, are much taller and stronger than humans, and thus more able to wield heavy weaponry. This can be seen in the Nightkin, who often wield Incinerators, miniguns, super sledges, and bumper swords, and some of these weapons can be seen being used by “normal” super mutants as well.

    III. Notable Super Mutants


    The first (of many) notable West Coast super mutants is Lily. Lily, a 75-year old woman who was kidnapped from a Vault and made into a super mutant, she now resides in Jacobstown, with her “companion” Leo, who is the schizophrenic voice in Lily’s head. She is available as a companion to the Courier.

    The next is Dog, as well as his other “side”, God. Dog, who had once been handpicked by The Master to retrieve new subjects. After the defeat of the Master, he continued this job, working for Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre, finding targets and fitting them with the telltale explosive collars. His other side, God, is much more human-esque, and orders Dog around. He is instrumental in breaking into the Sierra Madre.

    The list of notable super mutants is, however, quite long, and so the examples will be left at that. I may come back later and update it with every single example, but that’s another hour or two of work, and so I’ll save that for another day.


    IV. Closing


    Well, this little mini-series is done now. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read it, and I hope I helped you learn a little something about the lore of Fallout. If you have any ideas for improvements, either for this series or for future ones (of which there will be many), put them down below, as well as any general comments. Once again, sources are Nukapedia and some in-game terminals.

    PCTY out.