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WiP: The Hidden One

Tags: #Here we go again 
  • March 5, 2018

    I decided to post a proper WiP once I reach level 15 so for now I decided to write down my inspirations for this Assassins Creed inspired build. I'll take elements from every AC game thus far.

    AC 1: I decided not to keep the Brotherhood in Skyrim a hidden (no pun intended) organization. We will use the Helgen Reborn mod to use Helgen as our home.

    AC 2: We will use the various inns and shop mods to restoring closed properties in AC.

    AC Brotherhood: We will use the Sokco's Guild Starter SSE port to recruit members of our Brotherhood.

    AC Revelations: Had a little trouble with this one, but in the end I decided that we will collect any artifacts and other knowledge that we can find.

    AC 3: Helgen will be our Homestead. Also, the only members we can recruit will be known followers. Which means that you will travel alone.

    AC Black Flag: We will use the Scarllet - A Buildable Ship mod to get our own Jackdaw.

    I decided not to include AC: Rogue (which I think is one of the better AC games) because you play as a Templar.

    AC Unity: The only good thing for now I can think of is good outfit customization. I'll figure something out.

    AC Syndicate: Completing every guild questline. That way we can simulate taking over every gang. Also, to simulate Batman's... I mean the assassins rope launcher, We'll use the amazing Sneak Tools mod.

    AC Origins: The combat system of course. And the thrilling exploration. Wildcat mod will be used to simulate that feeling of being outnumbered.

  • March 5, 2018

    Have you seen the news about Rogue: Remastered? I think I might pick it up just because it's going to be available on PS4, but it looks like it contains DLC and all. Anyway, will be interested in seeing the build once it comes out Delta, a lot of what you've mentioned here sounds pretty interesting, especially that Buildable Ship :D

  • March 5, 2018
    I'm totaly picking that up. Before playing Rogue I was a die hard assassin fanboy. Not so much after that. I'm kinda tempted to join the Templars. First I wanted to go with the Northern Cardinal as it has a follow up mod called the Black Flag which gives you a choice to become a pirate. Sadly no version for Special Edition. So I chose the Scarllet.