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Workshop Commenting Event - The Final Week

  • August 30, 2017

    Welcome, welcome. I'm here to announce that the Workshop Commenting Event is being extended (officially) until the 7th of September. Now you might ask why, and that's a fair question. To be entirely honest there's nothing wrong with ending it here and there wouldn't be a huge benefit to it unless I've made it more awesome than ever before :D

    The major selling point is that I will be running 7 Flash Events, each lasting 24 hours starting on the 1st of September and ending with the Event. Each of these Flash Events will be worth 25 points and are designed to be small tasks that can easily be completed within a day, with the longest being something that could take maybe a few extra hours (6 or so, and thus will be left to the Weekend). 

    ------Flash Events------

    Flash Event Number 1 - 500-word Roleplaying Profiles.

    The first challenge is that on September 1st, you have to complete a Roleplaying Profile for any character in under 500 words. Now I know, you must either be thinking 'Psssh easy', "How do I turn something that complex into a 500-word write-up?" or "What's a Roleplaying Profile" and...well yeah, it is still a bit of a challenge but it isn't impossible. Information could be provided via photos without breaking that 500-word rule (even if the photo had 50 words on it), you also could show off your character purely through a picture rather than using words to describe them. Really there are probably a number of tricks I don't know about, but I'll be making sure it is indeed possible.

    The only extra rule is that this needs to be posted as a WiP first.

    Quick Jump into Roleplaying

    A Guide to Creating a Roleplaying Profile

    [Will add Shorter Profile in here when I find one]


    Legion - Profile: Dalengra

    Dragonborn1921 - Profile: BERSERKER

    Phil - ESO Profile: Morihaus.

    Flash Event Number 2 and 3-  Level 5 Character Build (Fallout 4 and Skyrim) + Level 5 Character Build (ESO, Classics, RPG Group and other Fallout)

    This is a somewhat more interesting Flash Event I feel. Originally the challenge was just to create a Level 5 Character Build for either Skyrim or Fallout and then later on I'd do the ESO (and so on) Flash Event but instead I've decided to compile it all into one epic weekend. The super challenege will be to create a Skyrim or Fallout Build on Saturday and then a build for another game on Sunday but you know, if you don't have any of the other games (really if Skyrim/Fallout 4 is the only RPG you own) or you just don't want to build for another game, then you can leave it at just the one or try and aim for two Skyrim/Fallout builds.

    My recommendation here is to really find a single goal and aim for that. Rather than trying to complete a questline, just find a quest that you think will take you to Level 5 (which is especially easy in ESO and a lot of RPG's that start you at Level 3 after the tutorial) or find a small area like Morthal or one of the various Fallout starting towns, and just complete some quests there until you hit Level 5. 

    You do need to post the build as a WiP in the Workshop, and you can complete just one of these Flash Events. They're both woth 25 points but if you complete both I'll be giving out 75 points to anyone that can complete the whole challenge. (that's two builds, two challenges, two days)

    Dragonborn1721ESO Build: The Knightblade

    Lissette - The Lovelorn Dragonborn

    Flash Event Number 4 - DiD Modder's Log

    Modder's Logs are another fun little content type over in the Modder's Conclave, and usually, they're supposed to document a long journey. Here we're going to play a character with the Dead is Dead rule (on a higher difficulty so it's harder) and just write about their experience. It isn't quite as challenging as the RP Profile, but it is a quick way to get into a new concept type which usually is based on hours upon hours of gameplay. 

    This does not have to be posted as a WiP, since that just doesn't work with the Modder's Log format. 

    Modder's Logs Archives

    Tales of the Dead - Community Modder's Log for all DiD Characters


    And I'll announce the other Flash Events after that. Oh, and along with these three Events, all comments during the final week will be worth 4 points instead of 2, including finished content. That's right if someone finishes content during the final week and you comment on it, that'll be 4 points instead of...well 0.

    I hope to see plenty of people getting involved in this one, there's a lot of really fun stuff that could potentially be done, and even if not just getting in and commenting on content in the Workshop can be more than helpful. 

  • August 31, 2017

    Ah, at the moment I am very open to suggestions on what the Flash Events for the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th should be. One thing I was thinking of was an ESO build purely suited to the Tutorial (which could be expanded later on if you wanted to turn it into a proper build), and I was hoping to do something for the TSC, Lore or Tips and Tricks but had a bit of a blank. 

    I mean, at the moment Roleplaying, The Modder's Conclave, Skyrim CB and Fallout CB are all covered to an extent. Maybe instead of ESO I can turn it into Classics/ESO and just have it as alternative builds that function with the same rule set as the 3rd Flash Event...dunno, I'd like to cover most of the groups by the end of this, kind of give something for everyone to do.

    Oh, and I also won't be too strict on the times for each Flash Event. Mostly because I'm in a different time zone to most people (massively too) so if someone submits something on their 1st but it's my 2nd I won't mind, and really if you wanted to submit a few two days late that'd also be bearable. 

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    August 31, 2017

    I had a thought, maybe not a good one: Is it possible to use this to bring back small Mod Spotlights? You may have noticed that there is one thing I really enjoy and that's armour/clothing mods and making a little fashion show. Same goes for houses - what you wear and where you hang your spurs says a lot about your character and can really help define him/her. Now the vast majority have access to screencapture and dvr, making McSpotlights should be quite painless and fun...?

    Hard to incorporate lore, although last year for a while we did lore snapshots which worked in the same way a roleplay snapshot worked: Grab an image of a beast/creature/statue/whatever, and then add a short description or whatever you want to say about that picture. Could be in-character thoughts or just information...?

  • August 31, 2017

    I'm so in on the RP profile. I'll come up with something and post it soon. 

  • August 31, 2017

    Ah, now that'll be cool :D I really am interested in what you'll post Legion (definitely going to be better than mine, I'm going for a kind of gimmicky approach). Oh and just for clarification, any titles/subtitles aren't included in that 500-word count or any opening statements/closing notes. 

    So if you had

    Name: Balgruuf the Lesser

    or something, it'd only be 3 words rather than 4.

  • August 31, 2017

    Gotcha, cool. I;'ve posted it, but it is a work in progress in every sense of the phrase. 

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    August 31, 2017
    Got a question, not much time to read rules and stuff. Never time for that. Does the 24 rule only count for posting in Workshop, after that no limit? Or must profile be completed and finalised in 24 hours?
  • August 31, 2017

    I'd actually like to know that as well. 

  • August 31, 2017

    It's 24 hours to post and it here and have it completed and in the group. 

  • August 31, 2017

    Then I was right to panic. Good.