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  • August 4, 2017

    So, lately we're getting up to the point where we've got so many discussions that need to be featured (stickied) that it's starting to push down content a little it. If you go view all topics you'll only get four actual pieces of content and 6 stickied pieces of content. I feel like it's a little better if we can get it to a different level where we've got more builds, stories and other pieces of content can out level the other parts of the Workshop. Essentially I'm just going to unsticky all of the other stuff and just try and send everything in through here.

    The Workbench is essentially the Workshop's Help Desk, where you can come in and get help and tips on any piece of content that you post or any feature of the Workshop. 

    Workshop Spotlight Corner is a small section that has links to featured content from the past.

    The Workshop Idea Dropbox is a way for people to share ideas they've had but can't complete to see if somebody else would like to do something with the idea. 

    My Guide to Workshop Commenting is a discussion that focuses on how to leave comments that are helpful and polite (or at least my method for it).

    The Workshop Rules are the all the rules that need to be followed within the Workshop including how to title your content, our process for deleting old content and all that sort of thing. 

  • August 4, 2017

    So yeah, not sure how well this will work to be honest and if I see that people are having a hard time finding everything linked here then I'll swap it over to the old system but I just don't really like having all of that, important but not content based stuff filling up as the first discussions you see when coming here. Now it'll be a bit more relaxed and makes it possible for me to feature a piece of content that might have swept under the radar. 

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    August 5, 2017
    Great idea, honestly. However, I would change the title a little bit, maybe dont use "Rules" and instead go for something like "(General) Workshop Information Thread". Newer people will much rather click that than on something where they are confronted with Rules as the first word they're going to read here. It's a psychological thing.
  • August 5, 2017

    Mmmm, lemme think that one over. Because, really I'd like to think most people are going to read the rules of a group they join, and it is technically a requirement for being active ya know. I get your point Relycs but I do kind of want to impress a need to read this thread rather than something that's just generally good to know (If that makes sense).