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WIP: Character Build Aela the Huntress

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    August 13, 2017

    I'm really pleased you like the way the build is coming DB as it was your origional comment which started the idea burning within. 

    the build is going to take a little while still but that's only because I feel where it is is such a strong place. Play testing is going well and I will soon be sorting out the perk spreads. 

    Thanks to everyone for all your help and feed back so far.

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    August 14, 2017

    Added two more title bars


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    August 15, 2017

    Alright, that last one is cute :D

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    August 16, 2017

    Haha  yea.....

    I've been working on the level 15 Perk Spread but I can't seem to get any decent type face. it looks too bland to me. let alone teh type being too bloody high....


    Ok managed to sort out the L15 Perk spread but my furs up on the back of my neck... I've a feeling I've done something wrong with the picture enhance....

    Added the Level 15 Perk Spread section. 

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    August 16, 2017

    The perkspread on the first page looks great, definitely getting a hunting by moonlight vibe. So spot on, I'd say. There is one small thing which I hate to mention as it involves spelling and I never really care about that as I am the worst for just typing, posting and buggering off... but as it is in a header image you may want to look at "hatefull of the Arcane" as normally it would be "Hateful of the Arcane" with just one L. As it stands, I actually like it in an old-world sorta way, Wolfster.

    This is coming along really nicely, though. A pleasure to watch, in fact.

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    August 16, 2017

    Don't worry about hating to mention spelling. I'm hopeless at it so I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to point out errors. Fixed the error.

     Thanks for your support Paws, this goes for everyone else and I'm glad you are enjoying the build as it develops as much as I am creating it.

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    August 17, 2017

    Heya Sotek! It's good to be back in here!

    First off I want to say that I am fairly impressed with this. Regarding capturing Aela's personality, you've done a commendable job (as, I suppose, is to be expected). If I were to be a jerk (and I'm always a jerk with feedback), then I would ask you - what is served by all the different banner/sections? Fleet of Foot, Slow and Steady, Hateful of the Arcane... don't get me wrong, they're very pretty and look nice. But what do they do? What purpose do your quotes serve in the build?

    Are you taking the Steed Stone? How useful do you find the perks in Stealth up to 4? And why Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking? That's an interesting choice - don't you think it sort of goes against the whole non-arcane thing? If not, how do you think they'll compare to self-enchanted Muffle boots? In fact - how far do you take the hatred of magic thing? To my knowledge the Companions stance is "That magic stuff is respectable, but it's weird and not for us." (Also - watch the spelling. I know these ancient Nordic Dragon Priest names are tough, but I believe it's Ahzidal.)

    As it stands now, your Equipment section is... unfortunately, really bad. The images are huge and stacked one over the other, resulting in a lengthened post at no value added. I suppose you'll fix this eventually...

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    August 17, 2017

    Awwwooo Soly

    Thanks for the feedback, it's a lways a pleasure to hear from you.

    The main goal with the build is to not only capture Aela's character but also how she would be as a playable character. This does pose certain problems as I am not an experianced builder. 

    The different banner/sections. Fleet of Foot, Slow and Steady, Hateful of the Arcane... ect.

    The purpose fo these is to generaly layout what to expect and to lay out certain rules within the build.

    Aela the Huntress doesn't wear a helm whatso ever unless the player gives her one. Now, Farkas will equip a help but she doesn't so I wanted a way to reflect this.

    "If you want to play dress up and run around with your head in a bucket then join the other Whelps training with Farkas".

    "Still here? This is good; I knew there was something I liked about you”.

    “Speed. Speed of hand, speed of mind. We don't stomp around; we hunt, prowl, sneak up to our enemies and grant them a quick death. All a helm will do is narrow your vision, blind you to your environment and weigh you down. Your eyes need to be everywhere, like a predator on the hunt. Remember this and you will not only survive but flourish like a wolf pack on the plains. Go charging in and all we'll have is an empty chair around Jorrvaskr’s table". 


    Fleet of foot is where Aela basicly tells the player to disregard a helm. 

    Each section (Although small) tackles a certain issue with using Aela. 

    Slow and steady.

    The build is slow to level. Half of the skills open to players are not used whatso ever. in fact to use them breaks the roleplay aspect of the buuild. Pickpocketing, all magic classes, enchanting ect. This part opens a way for the player to roleplay within the character by suggesting the plains as a 'training run' to help compensate the slow leveling.

    Hateful of the Arcane

    Thsi simply highlights the fact that Aela does not use any type of spell at all. Even a basic healing spell isn't an option. Any spell casting is out, even just to help level. 

    Circle of Life. 

    Again this follows the magical side of things. I simply cannot see Aela standing over an enchanting table with soulgems. (In fact I gave the NPC soulgems and a soul trap bow. It doesn't work). The fact that she doesn't use enchanting and with her attitude towards Hircine I felt taking the next step dissalowing soulgems to be even collected sat well with her. I genuinly feel this fits her persona.

    Kodlak's watchful Gaze

    Again, this is roleplay. Aela is a Companion and she has Guard status in Whiterun. Thi ssection is my way of having Aela state that law breaking is notpermitted. Aela wouldn't do it. Hence, play as if Kodlak is next to you. 

    Sate the beast within

    Aela's all for being a werewolf. Here she states its perfectly alright to fall back to the beast to deal with opponents who are too tough. (got me out of a few scrapes).


    Out of time.... I will come back to your other points within teh next few hours (I hope).



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    September 29, 2017

    Is this your very first build Sotek? Haven't been on at the time this was posted so i didn't see it sooner, but if your looking for advice (to this already impressive build might I add ;) ) then I will point out that:

    Youve got a few word mistakes in the Heavy Armor section and I think one of those other sections.

    Also 3 of the images aren't working (for me at least) one is where you're listing all the names of equipment (the Azhideh Boots I believe), and the other two are where you've got the steel shield and armor/weapons grouped together (the top two on the left and right for this one)

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    June 18, 2018

    The wolf is back and this build is high on my to do list. Will be working on it this week and Hircine willing, (with a few howls of frustration I bet) I'll have Aela the Huntress finished soon. 

    Expect some updates over the comming week.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine