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WIP: Character Build Aela the Huntress

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    August 3, 2017

    Having an equipment spread would be rather cool Relyc's. I'm just tweaking a few pieces.


    Swapped: Skyforge Steel Sword for Skyforged Steel Dagger

    Added: Vladr's Lucky Dagger  End Equipment

    Added: Kyne's Token  End Equipment


    Tonight/ over weekend I'll start game testing perks, quest avaliability and make sure everything here is within Aela's reach. She doesn't steal ect so I want to keep her in charactrer.

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    August 3, 2017
    Do you want a specific background picture? Keep in mind that no background at all can look awesome too. Do you want a specific font?
  • August 3, 2017

    Just a thought Sotek, as per our conversation. Go nab yourself, since you are playing a patched game, that circlet of archery near Froki's shack. It's only like 15% improvement, but for early game it's easy. 

    Also, do you know to go to Forelhost to nab some Draugr armor early? You only need to defeat the first one to get some draugr gear and an ancient nord weapon. Forgive me if somebody's mentioned it already. Haven't read through the thread yet. 

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    August 3, 2017

    Knew about Forelhost but I totaly disregarded the bows there. 

    Froki's Shack, Head piece... So glad someone mentioned a head piece. Thats been biting my tail for the whole day as to whether I should include one.



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    August 3, 2017

    Sorry Relycs. My comment disapeared. (Work comp)

    Font I am liking the 3rd one that you suggested. Aniron 

    I'm having a look at headbands tonight. Going with Lissette's advice as I use that for Aela in all my games. 



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    August 3, 2017

    Adding a few Mod Links which I'll be using in the Character Build

    Werewolf Mastery

    Moonlight Tales


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    August 4, 2017

    Added a list of Perks which I am currently using/working on getting during my playtesting.

    I might actualy drop this to 40. If I did then I would drop:-

    Juggernaut from  5/5 to 3/5     -2

    Stealth               4/5 to 3/5     -2

    Armsman            5/5 to 4/5     -1

    Shield Wall          5/5 to 2/5     -3

    Pwer Bash           1/1 to 0/1     -1

    Deadly Bash        1/1 to 0/1     -1

    Any suggestions on this are more than welcome.

  • August 4, 2017

    I did notice a quick little error in the Archery tree where you've got Steady Hand 1/1. That's a 2 ranked perk there so it should be 1/2 or 2/2. I'm never sure how much of an impact that second rank has because I really hate that perk (I'm honestly just not a fan of Slow Time these days) but that's not the point, what was...Right, the next thing is just that I'd work on reducing that perk spread in terms of size. At the moment it's just kind of a chore to read through you know, it feels like it goes on forever and it's rather difficult to just jump from perk to perk.

    I tend to go with the more streamlined version of having the perk name followed by the perks, but I'm also a fan of what Liss and a few others tend to do when they kind of work their perks in with an explanation of the skill. But yeah, just changing it from the current set-up to something more like this would be a really big change to the presentation IMO. Here's a quick possible version (that's been fixed up with a few things like capitals everywhere and adding 'and' before the last perk. I have no idea why but that last one is a pet peeve of mine that I automatically fix whenever I see it)



    Heavy Armor (5):

    Juggernaut 5/5

    Sneak (11): 

    Stealth 4/5, Back Stab 1/1, Deadly Aim 1/1, Assassin's Blade 1/1, Muffled Movement 1/1, Light Foot 1/1, Silent Roll 1/1 and Silence 1/1

    One Handed (8): 

    Armsman 5/5, Fighting Stance 1/1, Critical Charge 1/1 and Savage Strike 1/1

    Block (10):

    Shield Wall 5/5, Deflect Arrows 1/1, Elemental Protection 1/1, Quick Reflexes 1/1, Power Bash 1/1 and Deadly Bash 1/1,  

    Marksman (15):

    Overdraw 5/5, Critical Shot 3/3 and Hunter's Discipline 1/1, Ranger 1/1, Eagle Eye 1/1, Steady Hand 1/2, Power Shot 1/1, Quick Shot 1/1 and Bullseye 1/1


    Hope I'm not overwhelming you there Sotek. Presentation is something I can get a little too talky about you know, so uh, hope it helped a little bit :D

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    August 4, 2017

    You know me DB. Greenspring Hollow doesn't have a door and everyone is welcome to come along and offer advice.

    I'm off work this weekend which I'll use to work on presentation. Start ading the bits together ect. Sort out the titles/headings ect as well.

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    August 4, 2017

    I'd like to talk about the armor and the perk choices in the heavy armor tree. Btw, did you consider the Wolf Armor set that you can buy from Eorlund right after joining the Companions?

    Wearing the parts from Azhidals Armor will only grant you about 10% damage reduction (taking into account improvements on the work bench), with perks that wouldbe around 25% at lvl 100. To get to lvl 80 in heavy armor with only 3 pieces equipped, you would have to get hit constantly (not really going to happen often enough until lvl 40), and 5 spent perk points isnt worth those 10% additional armor. Much rather use a Stoneflesh spell if you want the additional protection. It will grant a bit less reduction but at almost no cost whatsoever, without wasting 5 perkpoints.  Armor is even less efficient on lower difficulties.

    There is a discussion in the tips and tricks section thats called "Perk lvl calculator" or something like that. There is a file attached which you can use to calculate your overall lvl that you would reach with the lvl of the different skill trees. It is really useful.


    Edit: This one.