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WIP Character Build: The Scourge of Topal Bay

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    July 16, 2022

    I've loved Argonains ever since Morrowind and pirates for as long as I can remember. There's just something about thieving at sea, in villages and guarding their gold that intriques me. I guess the freedom a pirate feels while at sea is part of it also. I guess what I am saying is that I like Argonians and pirates because they are quite similar; they both feel at home in and around, water and you can never truly know their motives. This build, however, tell a tale of the fiercest, and only, Argonian pirate to ever wallk the land (and sail the sea.)

    In blackmarsh, A ship docked near Gideon and the ship's crew, consisting of Argonians, raided the city for anything that they could lay their hands on and returned to port at the coastal town of Archon where the captain, a burly Argonian that went by the name Sail-The-Seas lowered the gangplank and escorted the gold and Argonian females they kidnapped from their home. All the females obeyed the captain's harsh orders... all except one. A fiery Argonian female by the named of Fails-Her-Scales spat at the captain as she passed. Sails growled at her, sending her to the floor with a slap to her face and drew his sword, "What do you think you're doing? You'd best obey my orders, whore or else things will get bloody, do you want that?" Getting slowly to her feet she shuddered and shook her head.

    He ordered his men to get the lizard filth to his hut. Many years passed since the Argonian captain and his crew had celebrated their 'victory.' The two Argonian had a new addition to their clutch, a son named Bramman whom Sails had taught the ways of piracy and sailing to. The boy was a natural. Piracy came as easy to him as his innate ability to breath underwater. One day, he came back to the city of Archon, a well decorated pirate who had had seen many battles, so many in fact that his crewmates called him Red Bramman. 

    He told his mother who insisted for him to give up the life of piracy, but he shook his head,

    "Mom, being a pirate is all I know, besides my dad taught me well."

    She glared in disappointment at Sails-The-Seas; he shrugged and winked at his son,

    "I'm proud of ya, boy. What's your next target?"


    Bramman shrugged, not having thought it through throughly enough,

    "I might see if I can find treasure on the isle far north of here. I might see if I can join the thieve's guild there, who knows? I may find like-minded individuals there. A fellow scalywag named Redscale has a ship, The Deadman's Dread, that is docked at Blackbone Isle, I'll seek him out and see if he'll  lend me money. After that," He shrugged, "Who knows, I'll go wherever the wind blows.."


    With that, he boarded his ship and left for ill-gotten fortune.

    Name: Red Bramman

    Apparel: Seadog's Armor or theives guild master clothes (without hood)

    Weapons: Captian's Cutlass, Dwarven Crossbow 

    Spells: None

    Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint, Marked For Death, Elemental Fury

    Major Skills: One Handed, Pickpocket, Lockpicking

    Minor Skills: Speech, Archery

    "Wherever we want to go, we go. That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and hull and a deck and sails. That's what a ship needs. But what a ship is ... is freedom." Jack Sparrow, Curse of the Black Pearl


    Immersive Weapons -

    Immersive Armor - 


    Argonian pirates are a slippery bunch of scaliwags. The most fearsome of the lot, Red Bramman uses such skullduggery as Pickpocketing to liberate many an unsuspecting citizen of their valuables - be it gems or weapons. If it turns sour, he can use his One Handed sword skill and Archery to end any battle before it begins. He plunders dungeeons and liberates valuable treause from oblivious merchants with his Speech and Lockpicking skills.


    Red Bramman scrambled from a ship that ferriied him from Black Marsh to Skyrim, finding an island in the Sea of Ghosts and swam towards it and entered the cave. He finds a ship ran aground in a cave. Starting The Restless quest and finding out what become of the ship and his cousin. He swam all the way to Windhelm and undertook Rise in the East in an attempt to undermine the company that his cousin, Red Scale, worked hard to undermine. With the company a skeleton of its former self, he goes to Solitude to help a friend, Jaree-Ra, put out a lighthouse in the quest Lights Out to make a ship Jaree-Ra loathe to wreck on the rocks near the lighthouse so he can reach the treasure he only heard rumors of. With the treasure divided bitwixt them, Bramman goes to a lighthouse near Dawnstar to inquire as to what plagued the lighthousekeeper's nightmares. With this done, he goes to Riften and joins the Thieves Guild to become part of something he sorely needed - a crew. 

    The Restless - Red arrives at Blackbone Isles, completely unaware that his cousin, Red Scale, is under attack by undead pirates. He has to defend his cousin from these undead horrors.

    Lights Out - Red Bramman must help a fellow Argonian thief and his wife put out the fire of the Solitude Light so they can obtain the treasure from the Icerunner

    Rise in the East - Red Bramman has despised the East Empire Company ever since they sunk his ship, it's time for revenge.

    Frostflow Abyss - Red Bramman must help a local lighthouse keeper find out what is scaring the local populace and put an end to it.

    Thieves Guild - Red joins a local, like-minded guild in Skyrim; a guild that his father, Sails-the-Sea was shanghaied into upon his excursion into Skyrim.

     Constructive Criticism is Appriciated