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WIP Character Build: The Shadow of Justice

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    June 6, 2021

    Batman is my favorite DC comics 'superhero.' The reason I do not classify him as a real superhero is because he is just a normal guy, the only 'superpower' is his batsuit. When I think of the caped crusader, I think of him in a 'the dark knight trilogy' sense not the 'classic batman' sense. In this build I am going to focus on the movie Batman Begins.

    In elsweyr, a kitten was born into wealth and prosperity. His mother and father worked for the king and queen of Alinor, where they had moved after the khajiiti civil war ravaged their home in Elsweyr, as spies for the royals tasked with tracking down anyone they suspected of conspiring against the Alinorian royal family. One night when the khajiit cub and his parents slept in their housse, a group of assassins known as the league of assassins swooped down upon them like birds of prey and slaughtered the cub's parents and spared the frightened cub because they saw promise in him. One of their members, Astrid, knocked his unconscious and sent him to a snowy island.

    Years later after the horrific murders of lord and lady swiftclaw, little B'Jirra was spirited away to a hidden sanctuary in the forests of Falkreath by a cloaked figure. There, B'Jirra was taught how to channel his rage-which he would frequently use by beating up the school bullies in his youth, or anyone who looked at him funny, for that matter, into a weapon he could use to thin the herd-so to speak until he found the criminal ring who murdered his parents.

    In his training he was taught how to use his fists as deadly weapons and was also taught how to use a grappling hook to either escape combat when things got too heated or scope out a situation and how to use range weapon to instill fear into the hearts of his enemies. When Astrid was satisfied with his skills, she would send him on contracts to kill-B'jirra did not like this idea as he preferred to solve things with as little bloodshed as possible-to eliminate the main killer's accomplices one by one. 

    During his training, B'jirra would wear the armor of the league of assassins as he underwent his training that would not only help him mentally escape the fear and anger that embraced him but also make his body stronger, he would also be taught to use his own fear as a weapon.

    B'jirra lived in the mountains and would use his catcave hidden somewhere in the mountains to assist him in these missions. He could craft weapons, armor and poisons to aid him in this endeavor. 


    Name: B'jirra Swiftclaw

    Stats: 0/3/4

    Devices: Dwarven Hookshot

    Stone: The Shadow

    Apparel: Heavy Batman Suit 

    Weapons: fists, Batarang (dark brotherhood crossbow enchanted with fear), Ebony Blade

    Spells: none

    Shouts: Aura Whisper

    Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Light Armor

    Minor Skills: One handed

    B'jirra's training grounds

    Heavy Armor - Astrid's husband, Arnbjorn taught the young cub how to use heavy and light armor to obey him in various situations

      Light Armor - Circero taught B'jirra how to remain quick on his feet nd agile when wear light armor

    Two-Handed during his time with the dark brotherhood, B'jirra has learned how to wield a sword with more deadliness and accuracy than even the greaatest warrior 

    The Dark Knight Reborn - this mod enables B'jirra to gain access to a secluded catcave along with some weapons and armor he will need for his assignments plus the batbow (optional)

    DX Faction Crossbows SE - this mods add the darkbrotherhood's signature crossbow

    Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim  - This mod reworks skyrim's skill trees into somthing more interesting

    Pull Mastery - Hookshot or Grappling HookThis mod enables B'jirra to escape combar if he becomes overpowered or to scout out a situation from a high and safe location

    Apocrypha-home of B'jirra's greastest test

    Heavy Armor

    Heavy armor Mastery - Increases heavy armor by 20/40% 

    Heavy Armor Fit - Armor rating of Heavy Armor increased by 25% if wearing all Heavy Armor

    Born to Fight - Heavy Armor weighs half as much and slows you down half as much when worn.

    Light Armor

    Iron Fist  - Increases unarmed damage by 5/15/25% of your current Stamina, and you gain Light Armor experience when using unarmed attacks in combat. Requires two free hands.

    Sweeping Wind - Unarmed power attacks do 25% more damage. Additionally, if your movement speed is increased, they do 2% damage per 1% movement speed. Requires two free hands.

    Rushing Tide - Unarmed attacks grant 10% increased Stamina regeneration and 5% movement speed for 8 seconds. This effect stacks. Requires two free hands.

    Breaking Waves - Unarmed attacks have 15% chance of a critical strike that deals critical damage equal to 40% of your current Stamina. If you are affected by Wardancer, every hit is a critical strike. Requires two free hands.

    When he trains with the dark brotherhood, the khajiit comes up against many opponents. With all of them, he must first scope out a situation from a high vantage point such as a rofftop or top of a nordic ruin with the Pull Mastery mod and uses his batarang and his fists to dispatch any enemies who aren't essential to his mission. He then goes and starts defeating the true killers: Astrid, Harkon and Miraak-the swiftclaw killers.

    Against Astrid, his first, and easiest target, he uses his wit and cunning and delivers the final blow using his akaviri sword, thus ending her pitiful life, as per her request.

    Against Harkon, his first target, he must utilizes all of his skills he has learned from the league of shadows to kill him. He uses his dwemer hookshot to pull himself to the vampire lord and uses his batarang on him.

    Against Miraak, arguably the toughest of the swiftclaw killers, B'jirra uses his batarang when Miraak isn't busy healing himself and uses his dwemer hookshot to get out of harm's way or if Miraak uses his fear toxin (poison) on him. B'jirra also utilizes his akaviri katana for this fight although the final blow is not dealt by him. 

    Once B'jirra gets his bearings after being attacked by the bandits, presumed dead and his 'lifeless' body transported to Skyrim he must return to his catcave and obtain his family's heirlooms if he wishes to succeed against the dauntless task the awaits him. after getting his equipment, he goes to Falkreath to join the Dark Brotherhood to train as an assassin so he can find his parents' killers. After he joins the league of assassins, Astrid tell him to retrieve a special sword from The Whispering Door that he will need for his training. He then goes to Solitude to join the Imperials when he receives word from Astrid a couple days later about the Stormcloaks taking part in the murder plot. Once he takes care of Astrid, he must head to Castle Volkihar to stop Harkon-as he heard he was part of the swiftclaw killers also. Once the vampire lord is dealt with, he heads to Solstheim to take on Miraak who isbetter known by his alias the true Dragonborn, the third person responsible for his parents' deaths.

    B'jirra's base of operations

    Dark Brotherhood - B'jirra must track down his parents; killers, but what he doesn't know is the head of the guild herself assassinate them along with her whole guild.

    Imperials - B'jirra learns that the stormcloaks are the one who ordered the attack on his parents

    The Whispering Door - B'jirra is tasked by Astrid to get this powerful sword before his training can begin as it is the league of assassin's most powerful sword

    Companions: Inigo

    Constructive Critcism is Appreciated