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Character Build; The Cosmic Guardian

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    January 4, 2021


    Red XIII is my favorite character in Final Fantasy VII. I guess I am biased on animal companions in video games. I did not know who he was before playing Final Fantasy VII. I guess I am late because I did not play the critically acclaimed game until twenty three years later. I saw videos of Red XIII and his voice in the Final Fantasy VII remake and his theme is amazing so I wanted to try a pure shaman build in Skyrim so I picked Red XIII because he shares the same love of the planet as I do.

    When I was a cub growing up in High Rock I would often hear my father, Seto and my mother talk about how the planet was made up of energy and that it was their job to protect the planet from peope who would use the planett's energies for ill instead of good. My father told me of a tribe or people have battle for centuries against. The people were the ancestors of another tribe living in present day Skyrim. They thought that they owned the planet. What fools they were. The energy of nirn, that energy is borne from the land and produces life and when that lifeforrce is spent, it is returned to the soil it came from upon the individual's death, be it man, mer or beastfolk in the form of energy that is constantly being destroyed and renewed.

    Our tribe, nestled in a canyon deep within High Rock's red cliffs, always cherished the land around us replenishing the land by putting energy for what we take something out. We also draw our magic from the planet itself and we repay the kindness of the planet by providing it with the bodies of the people who steal the energy for their own selfish desires as they care nothing for nature and its desires. The lifestream, the energy that constanly roams the earth in the form of spirits long after their vessels pass on. That spirit energy then absorbs back into the planet is essential in keeping the planet from dying.

    I had always thought my father a coward for abandoning the tribe when the planet was in dire need. Alas, he died in battle trying to force back a power hungry group of men trying to take our land for their own use. What they do not, nay, will not understand is that not only our land, but all of Nirn falls upon my tribe to protect and cannot hope to continue to be bled dry by these vultures. I have to act and will not stand idly by as these cretins continue to pilfer the plant for their greedy desires.

    They also harness the energy of dragons. They think they can foolishlky bend them to their willl and make them do whatever they wanted; dragons are not merely pets who can be tamed for its master every sick flight of fancy, no, dragons are powerful being of nature, maybe it's take someone taught them the error of their ways. They also seek to control the priests of the mighty beasts as well, for they think the priests are the only ones who can truly control dragons. 

    My tribe worshipped not only nature but dragons as well; as such, My tribe sought wisdom from these divine beasts. One dragon in particular, Paarturnax taught us to harness an ancient power granted to our tribe by the very goddess of nature herself to rid Tamriel of those that would threaten the very flow of the spirit energy of the universe; of which all living things come.

    When I was out wandering one day in the canyons of my homeland just admiring nature, I was captured by the Forsworn leader Madanach and brought to skyrim to work in the mines that borders the city of Markarth in hopes that they will be able to further their extraction of the planet's life energy. They took me and stuck me in a holding pen, only when I agreed to help them to cruelly rip the 'spirit energy' of lifestream out of Nirn so they could profit off of it would they let me out of my cage. I remained stalwart in my beliefs and Madanach and his minions would proceed to beat me within an inch of my life.

    I could smell the foul stench of blood everywhere, it was so bad I thought I was going to pass out; something hot pierced my left shoulder, one of those morons must've burnt something into my lava red fur and as I glance at my shoulder I see a roman numeral thirteen burnt into my fur. I lashed out at the interlopers but Madanach partiallly blinded me in my right eye with a poke of his spear.

    I vowed I would make them pay for not only injuring me, but, all of Nirn as well. I must stop the forsworn from using the planet's energy for their own gain. While others fight for glory and power by felling dragons I fight for the integrity of my people and of the planet itself.



    Name: Nanaki

    Race: Khajiit

    Standing Stone: The Mage

    Weapons: Forsworn Sword (enchanted with frost and shock damage)

    Apparel: Armor of the Cosmos (forsworn armor enchanted with magicka regen and fortify magicka) Boots of the lifestream (forsworn boots enchanted with magicka regen and fortify magicka) Gloves of the Shaman (enchanted with regen magicka and fortify magicka)

    Spells: Healing, Poison Rune, Lightning Rune, Fire Rune, Frost Rune, Summon Frst Atronach, Summon Flame Atronach, Summon Shock Atronach

    Shouts: Storm Call, Clear Skies, Cyclone, Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint, Frost Breath, Slow Time, Kyne's Peace

    Major Skills: Destruction, Enchanting

    Minor Skills: Conjuration

    Non-perked Skills: Light Armor, One Handed


    Conjuration - Being born of Nirn, I can call spirits of nirn to my aid whenever I wish

    Destruction - I was born with a strong connection tto the planet and I use this connection to draw upon the energy to power my spells

    Enchanting - my mother taught me how to utilize the spirit energy of Nirn to my benefit

    Light Armor - both my parents taught me how to protect myself while still being agile

    Light Armor - My mother taught me how to use tribal armor to protect myself

    One Handed - My father taught me how to wield and use weaponry wisely

    TDN Bosmer Skull Headdresses - this mod adds Nanaki's iconic headdress from the game (as close as I could get anyway) 

    Inigo - a unique companion with over seven thousand lines of dialog

    Stronger Poison Rune SSE - this mods makes poison rune viable as an endgame spell

    Cotozic's Solace Antrium Cave Home SSE  - Nanaki's father, Seto gained this from the ancients; they were the guardians before Seto's tribe in Highrock and passed it down to Nanaki after his untimely death

    Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - reworks Skyrim skill trees

    Nanaki's earthly home, passed down by Seto


    Against Madanach's nature damaging cronies wherever they hide, I use the energy I gain from the land in the form of runes. Each rune serves a different purpose. I use the knowledge that I gained from both nature itself and the Ordinator mod to make the forsworn feel the same pain I feel when they cruelly tear the planet apart, sucking out its lifeforce. 

    Against forsworn, I use frenzy runes to sow discord among themselves. If they are resistant to it I then use my potent frost antronach to rush in and deal with them. I constantly change up tactics when I fight them so that they will always be on their toes with fighting me.

    I care not for trolls as they are not depleting the earth of its energy. So, instead I focus on the bandits, mages, fosworn and dragons (if worse comes to worse) as they are my chief concern at the moment. 

    I do not wish to harm dragons as they are seen as a neccesary evil by my tribe in Highrock and are not to be harmed if possible. However, as my father, Seto taught me, sometimes bloodshed cannot be avoided. If I am to harm them, I either use my sword to extract their soul with as little damage to the physicaal body as possible or use my bow to knock it out of the sky to experience mortality for a mere three or so seconds so I can extract the soul, thus empowering my so I am able to rid Skyrim of all evil-doers.

    When I face Madanach I hold nothing back as I come at him with everything I have whether it be my runes spells, primitive sword or my atronach spells. If I prefer to fight Madanach and his forsworn from afar, I use my potent fire atronach because she has the longest reach out of all of the 'earth energy' atronachs. If fighting them head on, I will switch to my frost atronach, a warrior with a heart of ice and with nothing but hatred for these energy suckers; much like my own. If I want to sow mayhem among them faster, then I call upon my storm atronach, he charges into battle with the ferocity of the stormy sky. 

    As a last resort, I can utilize my call storm shout, however that is not wise as it does not distinguish between friend or foe so if I am in a tight spot, I'd much rather use my atronach spells or rune spells. If something goes wrong and I need to make a hasty retreat, I can use my unrelenting force shout to run away from the toxic situation with the speed of the wind.

    After exiting Helgen, Nanaki heads to The College of Winterhold in order to learn spells borne from Nirn herself to help him in the fight agaist power hungry forsworn, his sworn enemies. After that, he heads to Markarth to start the Forsworn Conpiracy to stop the forsworn and their crimes against nature. While in Markarth he undergoes the No One Escapes From Cidhna Mine to prove to Madanach that the planet is indeed worth protecting and fighting for.

    College of Winterhold - Nanaki has to learn how to control his nature magic so it does not betray him when he needs it most

    A Forsworn Conspiracy - Red XIII undertakes this quest to start himself on the path of dealing with the so called energy thieves, the forsworn

    No One Escapes From Cidhna Mine - Nanaki undertakes the quest to hopefully teach the forsworn that stealing planetary energy is wrong

    Companion - Inigo

    Constructive Criticism is Appreciated 

  • January 18, 2021

    Great to see a new build on here, cant wait to see how you flesh this out. Great start :)


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    January 18, 2021

    Synbios, have you played Final Fantasy VII?

  • January 19, 2021

    Unfortunatly not, neither the original or the remake. I know know of Red through Advent Children.

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    January 19, 2021

    the original and remake are available on the plastation store, and I believe the original Final Fantasy VII aside from being playable on the original Playstation can be played on the PC (I think, don't quote me on that.) You could also watch playthroughs of both games on Youtube.


  • January 20, 2021

    Good to know, sadly I dont own a playstation, so unless they release the remake on PC, I can only dream.


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    January 20, 2021

    Sadly, the remake does not encompass the whole game. It is only part one of the entire game. Your best bet is to get Final Fanatay VII on Steam (steam is free to install)

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    February 4, 2021
    I really like the start Of this build, but from what I can tell you plan on making Runes a key part of it. If that’s the case, I’d suggest getting the two “Mastery” perks as dual-casting from Illusion and Restoration. Perking up Illusion will lower the cost and up the effectiveness of Frenzy Rune, and Poison Rune is an Adept-level spell, so the cost reduction for it would be a major boon.
  • February 5, 2021

    I love Nirn based destruction, especially with storm call in the mountains. I make an effort, spending money if necessary, to equip my follower with the best lightning resistant gear.

    What does your guy think of dragons, just another natural hazard like avalanches and volcanoes? Or chaotic guardians?

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    February 6, 2021

    I have no figured that out yet, with this build, I tried to marry the Final Fantasy character, his ideals, the main plot of the game, and

    WOW-esque shamanism.