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WIP Character Build: The Lukiul

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    October 22, 2020

    I have been wanting to do a character build for my favorite character in both of Greg Keyes' elder scrolls series of books. I guess my favorite thing about him is he is an Argonian and also his voice. The only thing, that is rather disappointing, is there is very little to no information about him so this will be a hard build to do as I couldn't find a definitive appearance for him or any backstory so I had to make up my own. 

    Mere-Glim, native of Lilmoth, sat next to his dying mother in his family's thatched hut, his face an ashen gray, discoloring his usually beautiful scales. The Thressian plague which ravaged Blackmarsh in the first era was all but eradicated Mere Glim thought, or, more accurately, believed. The plague had actually been dormant but not extinct. 

    She had gotten the plague while venturing along the swamps of the village when out of nowhere aa blighted Wamasu leapt out of the murky water and bit her on the ankle. They would not do this normally, but the plague had addled their minds, a symptom shared with its victim.

    Glim's father, Back-Wash was so distraught by his wife's pallid complexion that he half blamed himself for her condition. He went off and joined the dark brotherhood, found it worse than his expectation and tried to get out. Astrid, fearing this sent an assassin to collect the bounty on Glim's father's head. The young Argonian did not know about his father's or mother's ill fates to be determined. 

    The young Argonian bowed his head over the bedridden Argonian female, "Mother, please pull through, Please...don't die." He closed his eyes as a clear tear ran down his reptilian nose, Glim quickly wiped it away with a claw. She died a short while after, presumably from the fever the plague brought. 

    Many years later, A mucrh wiser Mere-Glim took his mother's last words to see the world and went to Skyrim. In his travels he heard of the person who put the bounty on Back-Wash's head; Veezara. Mere-Glim joined the Imperials and was told by Tullius to wipe the dark brotherhood off the face of Nirn for he tohought they killed his father. He would soon realize trust is hard to come by as the guild he was told to destroy believed his father was killed by the Imperials. He would soon have to make a very difficult decision.

    Who does he trust? A difficult decision

    Name: Mere-Glim

    Race: Argonian

    Standing Stone: The Serpent

    Apparel: Glim wears Imperial Armor when before he realizes the truth of his father's demise and when he realizes his folly in trusting the Imperial Legion, he dons the dark brotherhood armor and turns the tables on the Imperial Legion after finding out that they framed his father 

    Weapons: An-Xileel War Bow, Imperial Sword

    Spells: none

    Shouts: None

    Majorr Skills: Archery, Light Armor

    Minor Skills: Sneak, One Handed

    Mere-Glim's homeland, Lilmoth

    Archery - The Lukiul learned how to use a bow when he was a hatchling

    Light Armor - His cousin, Ixtah Nasha taught him how to properly defend himself with light armor

    One Handed - His fatther taught him how to use a dagger and sword to deal damage

    Smithing - in Skyrim, the Imperial army taught him how to smith impressive and sturdy armor

    Sneak - during his life in Lilmoth, he learned how to use stealth and guerilla warfare to get the upper hand against the most difficult enemies


    Ordinator - this mod reworks Skyrim's perk trees by adding new perks and repositioning old ones

    Inigo - adds a companion that has over 5,000 lines of dialogue. He can comment on quests, become a counselor for your character and even sing songs

    Argonian Hair Plus - This mod enables Argonians to have different hairstyles in addition to their vanilla hairstyles

    Immersive Armors - This mod expands upon Skyrim's armor system

    Imperious: Races of Skyrim - This mod adds two traits to each race of Skyrim and an ability unlocked after completing a certain objective

    For beasts of Skyrim (dragons, dragon priests, trolls of all kinds and vampires) He uses his fire wall spell to burn them to a crisp and if the beasts survive his spell slinging, he shoots his deadly arrows enchanted with fire to burn them, shock to diminish them or frost to freeze them to the bone at them and watch them respond negatively to each randomly appointed element fired from the bow he gets from the Imeersive Weapons mod, if they somehow survive that he go into his last resort of using his sword to cut them down.

    Against human opponents, he uses his caustic and corrosive poison spit power from the Imperious: Races of Skyrim mod and reduces their armor of clothing affectiveness and hits them with the chaos damage of his An-Xileel Warbow. 

    In the cases of the Imperials turned traitors, he kills them with his sword enchanted with absorb health so he can turn the fight of the civil war to his favor. In actuality he does not take much stock in the polotics of ousiders even though he is one of them.


    After escaping Helgen, Mere-Glim foolishly joins the Imperial Legion blindly following the belief that his father was ousted by the local assassins guild. After he exits Solitude, he books a carriage to Falkreath and joins The Dark Brotherhood to discover the other side of the story. Confused with whom to trust, Mere-Glim swims to the foot of a mountain beneath the city of Winterhold and climbs the mountain to enter The College of Winterhold in order to consult the augur of dunlain to see if it would shed some light upon the true outcome of his father's fate and to reveal his true enemy.

    College of Winterhold - The Lukiul joins the guild in order to compliment his guerilla tactics to try and bring down the dark brotherhood, or walk his own path

    The Dark Brotherhood - Mere-Glim joins the dark brotherhood after learning the truth of the Imperial Legion

    Imperial Legion - Mere-Glim infiltrates this organization to finish what his father started only to find truth later and kill the Imperial who actually killed his father

    Constructive Criticism is Appreciated