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WiP Build: The Swashbuckler

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    March 28, 2020

    I have wanted to create a duelist build for some time now. The perameters of the build I had were pretty straighforward. Use a single one-handed sword. No armor. No ranged combat. No crafting. Master difficulty. What could be so hard about that? This isn't some "pirate" build. Think the Three Musketteers, Zorro, or Errol Flynn. I took inspiration from the D&D 5e Swashbuckler class as well. This build is some of the most fun I have had playing Skyrim. I present...

    The Swashbuckler

    The Swashbuckler

    A dashing swordsman wielding a single one-handed sword and no armor. The swashbuckler uses cunning, guile, and charm to ensure a one-on-one fight where he can show off his proficiency with a sword. Quick movement and the ability to even the odds will be key. This is a challenging build that will test your ability to strategize, move in combat, and utilize your sword both as an offensive weapon and defensive counter.

    Redgaurd. Redgaurd racial skill bonuses align spectaculaly well with this build and the racial power can be quite useful in combat. That being said, this is Skyrim, racial skill bonuses will quickly become moot. Which means any race is viable in this build. In fact, each race can bring something very useful to this build, which I will dicuss later in Build Customization. The explaination of this build does rely on the Redguard racial power, Adreneline Rush.

    1 M
    3 H
    1 S

    Standing Stone
    The Lord Stone

    Major Skills
    One-Handed (Armsman 5, Savage Strike)
    Alteration (Stability, Mage Armor 3)
    Illusion (Hypnotic Gaze, Master of the Mind)

    Minor Skills
    Block (Quick Reflexes, Disarming Bash)
    Sneak (Silent Roll)
    Restoration (Respite)

    Skyforged Steel Sword, Silver Sword, Clothes, Boots, Jewlery

    Unrelenting Force
    Whirlwind Sprint
    Elemental Fury
    Become Ethereal
    Marked for Death
    Slow Time

    Agent of Dibella
    Agent of Mara
    Bardic Knowledge
    Force Without Effort
    Sailor's Repose

    Special Moves
    Stunning Good Looks. Unrelenting Force + Calm + Elemental Fury.
    RiposteMarked for Death + Quick Reflexes + Elemental Fury.
    Dashing Swordsman. Become Ethereal + Power Bash + Adrenaline Rush.
    Fancy Footwork. Power Attack + Silent Roll + Become Ethereal



    Proudspire Manor. Solitude is the cosmopolitan center of Skyrim, there is nowhere else a Swashbuckler would want to call home.
    Lakeview Manor. Lakeview Manor is your home away from home, a country home if you will. Make sure it is deck out to the nines, just like you.

    Build Customization

    The Fortune Seeker
    Lockpick (Treasure Hunter)
    Speech (Merchant)

    The Musketeer
    Smithing (Dwarven Smithing)

    The Dread Pirate
    Conjuration (Dark Souls, Twin Souls)

    The Scoundrel
    Speech (Bribery)

    The Swordsmith
    Smithing (only craft and improve daggers and swords)

    The Elemental Duelist
    Enchanting (only perk Enchanter and left side of tree)