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    February 5, 2020

    Alchemy, what is it?


    Alchemy is the art of creating potions… We scour the fields and caves of Tamriel in search of regents like mushrooms, flowers and the like. By mixing these ingredients with a water solvent in the correct quantities, we can create powerful elixirs.


    Well yes, Erik does have a point.


    But what does it really mean?


    It means going into the spider infested caves looking for spiders so we can gather their eggs.

    Spider Egg


    An ingredient for crafting potions and poisons, dropped by Spiders.


    It means searching long, far and wide for plants, scrib jelly and all manner of plant and a few animal parts which we can mix to ‘hopefully’ combine to make the elixirs Erik keeps talking about. It means going into the long forgotten swamps of Blackmarsh, the war infested region of Cyrodiil and searching behind the local stables….


    Great, you say.

    “I’m an adventurer and I can do that….”


    And so you have, and now you have plenty of different and wonderful plants and ingredients to create those delighting potions and not so delight-able poisons… Now what?


    Long gone are the days when you could learn abilities so when you chew on a Water Hyacinth, you learn all it’s, secrets. To start with, when you first encounter an ingredient, you know nothing about it.



    By eating an ingredient, you will learn the first of four abilities of the regent. However, now, mainly due to the Mages guild being fed up trying to sort out numerous apprentice mistakes, and adventurers dying due to their ‘Super Xl poisons’ being nothing more than a dirty, grey, foul smelling liquid, when it comes to making any potion or poison, you can only mix ingredients which share the same affinity. This is an important fact and should not be overlooked.


    Lets take two ingredients for example….

    Luminous Rusula            Water Hyacinth              

    Initially we know nothing about these two plants, however when we mix them together, we will discover they both share a common trait. If we mix these two plants together then we will find they both share ‘Restore Health’  as on of their traits. As such, we will learn the said trait whenever we use these ingredients again.


    And thus, by experimenting with plants and ingredients, we will over time learn a wide variety of traits and create potions and poisons which will be more than just foul smelling…


    So, each ingredient has four traits. In order to make a potion or poison, we need to find two ingredients which share the same trait…


    However, things aren’t that simple… Over the course of your travels, you will undoubtedly come across solvents of one form or another. These are vital to turn the mush you get when mixing plants into a usable liquid whether its for drinking, for poisoning your weapons, or to remove the guar s!%t  stuck on your boots…




    Just my initial thoughts on Alchemy. 

    To do...


    Section on waters and solvents

    Alchemy tiers

    Alchemy abilities

     Add some pics of plants ect in examples. 

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    September 13, 2020

    Awesome article Sotek, Alchemy is one of my favorite skills in any elder scrolls game. If there were a real life class in alchemy, I would take it in a heartbeat. I am going to have a chapter in my story about Hasir teaching Rakel the ins and outs of alchemy or have Inigo tell Aela. I may just have an entire chapter devoted to either that or have Inigo fall ill while he is in the hunting grounds and Aela has to cure him using her knowledge of alchemy.