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WiP Build: METRO (FO4)

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  • November 10, 2019


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    My name is Artyom and I am a Metro. You may have heard of us. We live underground, in the subway tunnels. Because of our way of life and where we live, radiation is much more harmful to us then those that live on the surface. Because of that we have to wear gas masks whenever we go to the surface. And we go to the surface a lot. You consider us the best. The best bounty hunters, the best scavengers, the best mercs. And the truth is, we are the best. However, our numbers have dwindeld over the years. Only a handful remain. From the numerous packed subway stations that existed, only one remains. The one near Oberland. That is our last home, our last city. The mutants and the raiders have pushed us out of our homes, but we will not stop fighting, we will not go back to the dust.







    What I have in mind here is that you play as a Ranger RP style. That means wandering, doing quests for as much caps as you can, helping people. Joining the BoS. Exterminate mutants and raiders. Clear out the subway tunnels. (More will be added later)


    This is it for now, more will b added later. See you soon.