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    October 1, 2019

    Need a place to test out some styling for build posts without mucking up the actual build. First and foremost, perk spread images that are useful on mobile.

    Perk Spread 1

    Perk Spread 2

    Is there a difference between the images on mobile?

    Key things to note, max width of post space is 925px.








    Did this do anything?












    An Illusionist


    This is madness. Where to even begin. It's been an eventful last few days. For some reason I decided to make my way to Skyrim. Something about the turmoil of the place drew me. Maybe there just isn't enough upheaval in Cyrodiil. Not like the old days. Maybe I'm just a little unstable. If it was turmoil I sought, I certainly found it. Ulfric Stormcloak. Beheadings. A dragon. Undead. Undead that seem to enjoy yelling at me. I've found these dead fellows to be very uncooperative. Usually I’m quite masterful at getting people in my way to fight amongst themselves so I don’t have to. But these walking dead don’t seem to take the hint. I’ll need to look into that.

    Where was I? A heavy, strange, unintelligible stone tablet. Another dragon. “Dragonborn”. "Greybeards". And now I’m the one yelling. Though, the guards and townsfolk don’t seem to enjoy my yelling. They ask me to stop when I do. Not like with my neat little cantrips. They seem to appreciate those. Oh yes! They also seem to appreciate me, since I killed that dragon and all. I forgot to include that part! I killed a dragon! And apparently absorbed some sort of power from it. Hence all the yelling. 

    Knotwork I don’t care for rude people. That Redguard fellow in Whiterun was quite rude. So I decided to “borrow” some septims from him. Turns out I need to get better at borrowing coins. I should have swiped his cloak right off his back. That would have showed him! Thankfully the guards are still pretty keen on me...having slain a dragon and all. Did I mention that? I think I did. Maybe I didn't. I managed to talk my way out of that little septims pickle, but decided it best to leave town for a while. Folks kept mentioning the Bard’s College in Solitude. That sounds like as good a place as any in this disturbed little province.

    A LuteKnotwork

    Oh look! Another beheading. The people of Skyrim seem to have a penchant for losing their heads. I wonder if my sword could chop off someone’s head? I may have to try. That would be a neat little trick. Thwap! “You really shouldn’t be losing your head at a time like this! Not in the heat of battle. Focus you fool!” I could say that. Hehe. Also, people are singing songs about me! I killed a dragon you see. That’s quite a feat. Lightninged it to death. It was very cool.

    KnotworkSpiced wine. I managed to procure myself some free spiced wine. It was delicious. Though it may have been stronger than I thought. I recall going over to the Blue Palace. Some girl let me into part of the palace I wasn’t supposed to go, I am her “golden knight” afterall. Yes, I think all that happened. No, I’m certain that happened. I may have to go find that gal again. Regale her with my stories of dragonslaying. The rest of the night may have been the wine. Something about Pelagius the Mad. And dreams. Oh yes! And Sheorgorath and Wabbajack! Wabbajack. Wabbajack. Wabbajack. What a strange word. Maybe I just dreamt it all. Or maybe I'm going insane. Ha! Me. Insane. No way! Insanely handsome maybe.

    I do know this. I have a stylish set of new clothes, a fancy hat, and a strange staff. I don't know how I came about any of those. I think the staff is "Wabbajack". Not sure what it does though. May have to find some mudcrabs to test it out on the next time I’m experimenting with spells and filling soul gems. There’s also this...a hip bone. A human hip bone I think. Why in Mundus do I have a human hip bone? I need to lay off the spiced wine. Maybe skooma is a better idea.

    King OlafKnotworkI burned a king at the stake. Well, not a real king. A bundle of straw with a fake crown. And the people loved it! I think they love me more for burning a fake king than for killing a dragon. People are odd. I also got to meet the Queen. Elisif is her name, I think. She doesn't seem to be all there. Viarmo and I went to read her some part of an Edda. It's nice to work with a fellow Altmer. Turns out the verse I went through all the trouble to get was incomplete. We had to make some creative stylistic choices to "complete" it. Viarmo seemed to like some of my suggestions, but thought some were a bit too over the top. Yes, Viarmo, my imagination is a bit too much. Too much considering I recently survived multiple attacks from fire-breathing flying lizards, just returned from slaying an enraged undead king lying is some forsaken crypt in the middle of nowhere with the aid of a ghost, and may or may have not also inhabited the mind of another long dead king at which point I received a staff that can apparently turn undead into mudcrabs and mudcrabs into giant piles of gold. Yes. Viarmo. We should make sure King Olaf's verse is grounded in reality.

    Wabbajack! I forgot to mention. I have been playing around with this staff. And it has had some curious effects, to say the least. First of all, the effect of the staff seems to be completely random. I have witnessed balls of fire emanating from the staff. Along with great bolts of lighting and explosions of frost. One particular mudcrab I aimed the staff at turned into a pile of goo. And a pile of gold coins. Wait. No. Yes. Both. I collected what coins I could without getting all gooey. Then I decided to test the staff out on King Olaf. My summon and that ghostly bard fellow seemed to have King Olaf occupied, so I figured, why not? In a flash, Old King Olaf the Shambling Undead turned into Old King Olaf the Shuffling Mudcrab. I'm not sure if that was useful or not. But it was interesting. And truly unexpected. Wabbajack indeed!

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