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WiP Daughter of the Reach

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    September 14, 2019

    Getting some more build ideas down. Hopefully posting them in the Workshop will drive me to finish them up at some point. Input is always appreciated.


    Your parents were followers of Madanach but were killed in the Markarth Incident. Madanach saw something special in you. He came up with a plan to utilize you to help the Forsworn cause, but not through the traditional guerrilla tactics. He sent you to Cyrodill to live with an ally of the Forsworn. Madanach contacts you to return to Skyrim. He wants you to go to the College of Winterhold to learn more powerful magic that can be used in the next Forsworn uprising. He also wants you to try to gain greater influence around Skyrim. Madanach wants to explore a political solution to Forsworn independence. Influence and powerful friends will be needed to achieve peaceful independence. Travel around Skyrim improving your skills and knowledge while gaining the favor of Jarls and other powerful people. Embrace the power you have as Dragonborn. The hope is, through you, the Forsworn will regain independence. That independence may come by violence or by politics.

    You will come to a stalemate with gaining independence for the Forsworn and it will be time to take a side in the civil war. Siding with Ulfric is impossible. The only option will be to aid the Empire. If you help the Empire and use your political connections, there may be a way for the Forsworn to be independent again. Ultimately, if Ulfric is in control of Skyrim, the Forsworn will never be free.


    Mage > TBD (Atronach, Ritual?)

    Major Skills:

    Minor Skills:

    Uperked Skills:

    Focus on fire magic and raising the dead. Utilize bound weapons with poisons. Use potions you create.

    Savior's Hide or Armor of the Old Gods
    Helmet of the Old Gods
    Gauntlets of the Old Gods
    Boots of the Old Gods
    The Gauldur Amulet
    Red Eagle's Bane

    Complete Dragon Rising. Head to Winterhold to join the College. Help Brelyna, J'zargo, and potentially Onmund to gain them as followers. Help Urag gro-Shub by fetching books and gaining Shalidor's Insights. Explore the college. Uncover the Forbidden Legend to learn secrets and uncover new power. Gain favor with Jarls across Skyrim, focus on Imperial aligned holds. Avoid entering the city of Markarth (maybe complete The Heart of Dibella?). Get to 50 skill level in all magic casting schools and 75 in at least one casting skill before returning to the Reach.

    Head to Falkreath when contacted by the Jarl. Speak to Sinding and complete the quest Ill Met By Moonlight. Do Hircine’s bidding.

    Return to Markarth to free Madanach.

    Head to Blind Cliff Bastion and free Melka.

    Obtain Bloodthorn from Hag’s End.

    Join the Imperial Legion. Kill Ulfric. Dead thrall him?


    Not sold on Alchemy, I don't enjoy crafting. But it seems to fit the Forsworn theme. Thought about Speech as it thematically fits, but it's a weak skill in Skyrim. This is more a RP build, like most the builds I create. I have a couple of other builds I'll be working on first, but wanted to get something outlined now.