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WiP Event Build: The Corrupted Knight

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    October 14, 2019
    I mean, I may be biased, but the Salter pic fits so well
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    October 16, 2019

    Dragonborn2121 said:

    The Lord Stone with Andromeda is something I've wanted to play around with more. It's like, I go up to the stone and really want it because there's something about the name Crown of Autumn that I find quite inspiring. I'm not sure where my head is at there, but it sort of makes me want to explore that theme. Like, you think of that word and all the associations it brings on an emotional level... Maybe Arkay and the turning of the year, the wheel and the cycle, the colours of gold and reds in the trees, and the slight melancholy unique to this time of year. It's a very rich and evocative word that almost begs to be explored as you ask yourself what does it mean to wear the Crown of Autumn? It's almost Reman-esque and Fisher King in a way I can't quite articulate but brings a feeling that the Lord and the Crown represents a land in need of healing, and that vaguely brings to mind the Fall Forest and the plight of Riften, and all the associations we have with that region. 

    However, it's the lack of stamina regen in combat that's put me off. So I like the way you've gotten around that by putting the Crown of Autumn into an actual crown. Very clever and you've just made the concept I'm noodling that much more viable :)

    Would you believe that the idea was completely accidental? It took me a few weeks for some reason to understand that Avatar and Crown of Autumn clash and then I guess I was spurred on by that same logic as you, Crown and Crown, boom makes sense. So we'll go with clever but in reality it was probably more a casual disregard for careful reading :P

    But yeah I get where your going with that, there's an incredibly nice thematic idea behind a lot of the Standing Stones in Andromeda that would be really fascinating. But I love the Lord Stone and have kept trying to use it in stuff because there is this ideal behind it of, the idea of a relentless King marching forth constantly, never wavering, faltering or halting. Just a continous, eternal march (with a bunch of sword-smacks thrown in). It's very...Tiber Septim really is what it makes me think of. 

    You know, Goldie's picture of the Wilderqueen has gotten me thinking. That same Talosian theme you mentioned and the Crown of Autumn could work really well for a Wilderking build. I'm not sure there if there is one already, but some of the themes in this build lend themselves perfectly to that as a concept. Maybe more magicka-based than The Corrupted Knight, I'm imagining a tiny little Wood Elf with a massive sword, using the Lord Stone, taking the animal companion perks from Ordinator's speech skill, and making full use of Alteration for that power over the land feel. Throne of Nirn could work nicely as a representation of the Wilderking's tower, although a secondary form of offence would be useful. Maybe conjured bears or Illusion spells? Just throwing it out there as a place my mind is at as it relates to some of the thematics of this build.