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WIP Build: The Sunder Mage (Ordinator) - Part 1

Tags: #Vampire  #Blood Mage  #Force Mage  #Frost Runes 
  • September 9, 2019
    I get where your coming from man. And it does look nice the way you have presented it there. But I like to have plenty of pictures and art. To me the art is just as integral to the build as the text. What's the saying "A good picture tells a thousand tales" Somthing like that any way. It's just the way I do my stuff. If I changed it up it just wouldn't feel like it was me if ya get that. All of my builds are picture and banner heavy and thats become somewhat my identity as builder. I like to keep a uniform identity to my work. A lot of that white text will be filled in in time and the build will start to take shape. I anticipate the over all style will come out looking quite similar to The Witch Arrow and The Reaver. I very much appreciate the feedback and it is always a welcome challange to see someones differing perspective. Cheers for dropping by again mate. Also I've added more detail to several sections since you were here last including a gameplay Video :)

    Fair enough, I'd suggest giving it a test at least because you might enjoy it (I've found my style changing over the years just because I've tested new stuff) so, yeah that's all from me on the subject of pictures and all that. 

    Anyway, I like the new sections and how they really break the build down a lot more. The new spells and vampires sections are both really good and sort of help the image of the actual gameplay. It seems like there's a focus on the automatic effects and passive boosts with the vampire spells being the core offense right? Like the way everything seems to work together.

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    September 21, 2019

    @ Dragonborn - Yup those Hemomancy spells and Blood Boil are the main damage dealers. Though Empathic Agony and Equilibrium is used quite offensively often too, along with the Occasional frost rune or frost wall. Illusion and Alteration are used for crowd control and to set up combos to make the most out of the AOE targeting Hemomancy Spells like Blood gardern and Blood Scourge. I've got a couple of vids now that show a descent bit of gameplay. Take a watch if you are curious :)