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WIP Character Build: The Space Marine

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  • March 18, 2019



    RACE: any human race. I went nord and chose the default appearance. Jane has pale freckled skin, green eyes, and red shoulder length hair. john has a typical marine short shaved hair cut and a severe 5 o'clock shadow and blue eyes


    Spacer: your parents were in the legion as were you. as soon as you were 18 you joined, but later joined the rebels to free skryim from corruption

    colonist: grew up in a small village but you lost everything in a bandit raid, including your family. you joined the military soon after

    Earthborn: grew up in a bandit gang but grew disillusioned with gang leadership and left for adventure on your own


    Sole survivor: you were the last survivor of your squad after wild saber cats attacked you. you later learned they were set upon your squad by rogue mages as an experiment

    war hero: on leave from the military for the weekend, a massive bandit force attacked whiterun. you held them off until the legion could send reinforcements

    ruthless: in retaliation for the Whiterun Blitz, you lead a squad to the main bandit camp, where you lose half your men in the vicious close quarters fighting. after the fight you refuse to except the surrender of the bandits and execute the remaining bandits



    Soldier/warrior: focus on health and stamina

    Adept/mage: focus on magic/health

    Engineer/rogue: Stamina/health

    or balance the stats evenly if you want a jack of all trades style character

    Stones: Warrior combined with lover and the aetherium crown


    Major skills:

    Heavy Armor: n7 armor (ebony armor)

    Archery: crossbow with all 3 types of exploding bolts

    Conjuration: omni blade (bound sword)

    One-Handed: the skill and strength to use bound sword

    Speech: charm or intimidate allies and enemies and get better deals at merchants

    Minor Skills:

    Restoration: fast healing and healing hands

    Enchanting: weapon and armor "mods"

    Lockpicking: hacking locks like they're not there

    Destruction: lightning=overload, fireball or firebolt=incendiary grenades, ice spike=cryo grenades

    smithing: repair and maintain you gear


    main: destroy the dragons and their harbinger, Alduin

    The Companions: wok as a bounty hunter for extra income

    Dark Brotherhood: defeat the corrupt empire once and for all and solidify your renegade reputation

    Thieve's Guild: access to training in lockpicking and Archery. access to underworld contacts and selling stolen stuff

    Mages College: learn your cryo, electric and pryo abilities and stop a thalmor plot

    Civil War: join the rebels and defeat the corrupt empire

    Dawnguard: join the vampire hunters and help Serana defeat her evil father

    Dragonborn: the first dragonborn (the first spectre for roleplaying purposes) has returned and only you can stop him


    unrelenting force=shockwave

    become ethereal=tactical cloak

    marked for death=reave

    dragon aspect=sentinel tech armor

    whirlwind sprint=vanguard charge




    bandits/rogue mages=pirates and terrorists

    dwemer machines=geth



  • November 10, 2019

    Very good skeleton build. Hope you finish it soon. What I can advise is putting those perks into a picture. I can help you with that.

  • November 10, 2019

    I have also removed your STICKY. You cannot sticky builds and such. That is only for events and guidelines.

  • November 17, 2019

    DeltaFox said:

    Very good skeleton build. Hope you finish it soon. What I can advise is putting those perks into a picture. I can help you with that.

    ok, i could use a co author, or co conspirator