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Event Build: The Fang's Keeper

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    May 26, 2017

    Welcome, one and all, to my entry for the Classics group’s Artifacts Event, and my first Morrowind Build in over two years! As the Event is based around Artifacts, I decided to go with a personal favourite of mine, though one that I rarely use: The magnificently unpronounceable Fang of Haynekhtnamet!


    (I know it's not quite the Fang, but it get's the point accross)


    “Those damned Imperials! I finally find my fore father's Dagger, and they arrest me! That merchant didn’t want to hand it over, and they sided with him? He’s the thief in all this!

    Ah, I suppose it’s no use complaining. The Warden said something about me being let free early - Some place named Vvardenfell? Must be near Hammerfell somewhere - so maybe I’ll be able to find that weapon salesmen again. I only hope he doesn’t leave the Imperial City, or, Gods forbid, sell it to someone else. I guess only time will tell…"

    In this Build, you play as a Nord warrior from Skyrim, come in search of his ancestor’s prized Dagger, the Fang of Haynekhtnamet, after it had been lost for decades. After finally finding the blade in Cyrodiil, he ran afoul with the law, and was imprisoned in the Imperial Dungeons. However, he has since been released to Vvardenfell with orders to report to Spymaster Caius of the Blades, though even in these furthest reaches of Empire, he still searches for his Family's Dagger.

    The Build

    Race: Nord
    Specialisation: Combat
    Attributes: Agility, Endurance
    Major Skills: Athletics, Light Armour, Marksman, Short Blade, (Spare Slot)
    Minor Skills: Axe, Armourer, Security, Sneak, (Spare Slot)
    Birthsign: Warrior

    I chose to go with a fairly straight-forward setup for a Warrior. Increasing Edurance will help get you more Health and Fatigue, both of which are always useful, and Agility and the Warrior Birthsign will help when it comes to fighting.

    I took Light Armour mainly for the Fur, switching it out with Netch after pieces started to get damaged (more on that in a bit). Athletics, Armourer, and Security are Skills I alway use for convenience, and they fit the Character fairly well. Marksman and Sneak were a bit less used (I took Marksman as a Major to help land successful hits), though they certainly had their uses.

    The two “Spare Slots” can be used at your leisure. Personally I went with Speechcraft and Mercantile, though neither of those are incredibly important to the Build, and can be switched out with your own personal preferences.


    "Ah! Finally, I’ve found my family’s Dagger, and in this far-off land to boot!

    As it turns out, this “Vvardenfell” was actually some island near Morrowind. The Damn Imperials wanted me to do some chores for this Caius fellow, who said I might be some reincarnated Saint, or something. Bah! I don’t believe a word of what that Skooma addict says.

    Still, now that I’ve found the Fang, I might as well hang around this rock a while longer. No use going back home when there’s plenty of gold to made here, after all!"


    As you can see from the screenshot above, I decided to go with a primarily Nordic theme (Fur and Chain) with some local parts added in for variation. Obviously when it comes to weapons, you’ll be using the Fang of Haynekhtnamet, as well as a Bow or Crossbow of your choice to deal with pesky archers and Cliff Racers.

    A bit of Roleplay that I did, for those interested, though this won’t affect the Build much either way: Whenever a piece of Nordic Armour broke, rather than repairing it, I would instead buy a replacement piece in a local style (Normally Netch, as I did with the Gauntlets and Boots). I did this because, as Morrowind’s supposed to be a relatively far-flung, out of the way place, they probably wouldn’t get a whole lot of foreign armour. Netch and Fur Armour are also pretty similar stat wise, so it shouldn’t affect much there.

    Gameplay & Combat

    For combat, use your Bow or Crossbow to take out any unaware enemies from a distance, then switch to your trusty Fang once they close in. I also carried around a War Axe as well, just in case the Fang couldn’t cut it, or on the off chance it needed repairs mid-battle. Speaking of which, remember to repair your gear after each fight, and stock up on Hammers when you’re in town. You never know when you might need them!

    Light Armour was a bit of a different move for me, since I usually prefer Medium, but I liked the look of Nordic Fur with Ringmail, so went with it. Since it’s Light, you’ll be able to move around quickly, which will help when it comes to dodging Archers and Mages, not to mention the increased movement speed for just running around and exploring.

    Sneak was perhaps my least used Skill, though it did help with getting into position before attacking. I’d try to find the highest ground possible, and get off as many Bow shots as I could before the enemy got close.


    Main Questline: I mainly did this for Roleplay, plus you find the Fang when clearing that one place later on.
    Bloodmoon Questline: Travelling to Solstheim’s a must for just about all Nord Characters, and the Fang’s Keeper is no exception. Aside from the East Empire Company, just about all other quests on the island also fit the Character.
    Fighters Guild: The go-to Faction for warriors, I found the Guild was a good place to get some early coin and training. I didn’t go much further than Balmora, but if you ever find yourself in need of extra funds, just look to the Guild.
    House Redoran (Optional): I did some of the early Redoran quests mainly for the extra training, and RP wise thought of it as a way to learn more about Dunmer culture. It’s not entirely necessary though, so do it at your own discretion.

    Closing Notes

    I've been meaning to do another Morrowind Build for a while now, and with the Event it seemed like the perfect time. All the images are screenshots I took except the first one, which I found while Googling.

    I also didn't use any mod's while play-testing, just the official add-ons. You're thus free to mod it however you like. And as always, constructive criticism is welcomed.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • May 26, 2017
    Oh!! I have Morrowloot installed in my SSE game and I just found this little piece of awesomeness! Insta-like from me!!
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    May 26, 2017

    Thanks, Lissette. Glad you like it!

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    May 26, 2017

    Insta-like from me, great job Caesar, I always found that actually building a character is much more difficult than just playing one in Morrowind, and yes the Fighters guild pay silly money for the easiest of questlines although you do get about the Map a bit, good job man

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    May 26, 2017

    Glad you like it, Bonelord!

    Yeah the Fighters Guild do pay quite well, even for simple quests. I think I got about 100 gold in the one quest, for just killing a couple of rats, and didn't even have to leave the town!

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    May 27, 2017

    I hear the fighters guild have recruits out killing rats, rats have you heard?