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Classics Character Building Event: Artifacts

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    May 1

    Hello, Classics players, and welcome to the group’s first Event of the year, and first since Bonelord and I took over as Hosts!

    Those of you who’ve participated in some of the previous Classics Building Events may remember how they work, but for those who don’t (Or are new to this type of thing), think of them as being just like a regular CB Event, only your Build must be for one of the TES games released before Skyrim (Including any of the spin-offs).

    (Thanks to Noodles for the wonderful Banner!)

    For this Event, we’ll be using a fairly simple subject; those little nick-nacks that are present in just about all TES games: Artifacts. Yep, that’s right. Your Build can be just about anything you want, as long as it has at least something to do with one of the many Artifacts present in your chosen game (Preferably with some backstory on how your Character came to find it, though that’s not entirely necessary).

    The rules are fairly straight-forward: All builds must be posted between the 24th and 31st of May 2017, and Participants must either leave a comment here mentioning their Artifact (and game) of choice, or send a PM to me or Bonelord if you wish to keep it a secret. Once posted, your Build should be titled “Event Build: (Build's Name)", and should use the “Event:CArtifacts” tag.

    Also, for those of you who want to join in, but can’t think of any ideas, here’s some links you may find useful (Extra points to whoever makes an Arena or Daggerfall Build!): Arena: ArtifactsDaggerfall: ArtifactsMorrowind: ArtifactsOblivion: Artifacts

    If you have any questions, please either leave a comment on this discussion, or send a message to Bonelord or I. Happy Building!

    Current Participants

    Dragonborn1721 - Spear of the Hunter (Morrowind)

    Golden Fool - Cursed Sword of the Crusader (Oblivion)

    Madd Mannatee - Blackwater Blade (Oblivion)

    Chris - Ebony Blade (Oblivion)

    Pestilence - Ten Pace Boots (Morrowind)

    Caesar - Fang of Haynekhtnamet (Morrowind)

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    May 1

    Yay! Have fun guys! :D

  • May 1

    Eh, none of those links are working for me, I think you might've accidentally added the name as the URL here Caeser. 

    Sign me up for an Oblivion Build focused on the Relics of the Crusader, I've got a terrible track record with Classics Event (literally a 0% completion rate with what I think is 100% sign-up :P) but I'm pretty confident that I can see this through as long as I focus on Quests rather than levels or anything silly like that. Oblivion works better if you aren't fighting yourself trying to level up and instead just enjoy playing the pretty good quests.

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    May 1

    Woah, must have missed that. Thanks, DB, they should be working now.

    Done. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  • May 2

    I have an idea for this based around the cursed sword of the crusader, but it would require me re-installing Oblivion and some quality of life mods (such as the character overhaul).

  • May 2

    Don't make me resort to peer pressure here Goldie, I'll do it, you know I will :P

  • May 2

    I can at least claim to have submitted a build to one of these, so "pressure" applied by someone with a 0% completion rate is going to do nothing :P

  • May 2

    You forget, I hold...well okay nothing really, but I still have that 100% sign-up rate, how many people can claim that :P

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    May 2

    Alright, Golden. Signed up!

  • May 2

    Can't guarentee I'll be able fully complete this (especially since I've never done a build in Oblivion), but if I find the time then put me down for the Blackwater Blade (this counts, right?)