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Classics Highlights: Event Build: Runic Knight

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    March 2, 2017

    Divines above, wow .. I knew I shouldn't have hesitated logging on for like a couple months, every time I do that I keep thinking about what's going on here... So sorry if im late i guess?

    Anyway, aside, Thanks so much for the kind highlight! I'm glad you liked it because that build was the one that really hit me off with Oblivion, (kinda like what happened to me with Skyrim back when I made that Aeromancer build) I mean sure the other Oblivion characters I've made before were fun, but I wasn't as enthralled with them as this one. I was lucky too, because I was kicking around the rough idea in my head shortly before I saw there was going to be an event it would've been perfect for. It really got me into Oblivion, I took this character far.

    I love the Destruction Skill too, one of my favorites (alongside Enchanting of course). I just love elemental themed characters and such. Though I will continue defend Skyrim's Destruction spells (it isn't the spells fault they're weak, it's the crafting skills fault for buffing weapons so much more), Oblivion and Morrowind's destruction spells were great too. When I tried Daggerfall however I couldn't grasp how to fit Destruction into a character at all and ended up playing as a guy that just derps his way around the map.

    I feel like you kind of exaggerated about those weakness spells/enchantments. I never bothered stacking them to the heavens like you described, at least not intentionally. But I see what you mean about it, I could have abused the system yet I held back. I don't play Oblivion on anything higher that the standard difficulty, things just feel way off  and I just felt more comfortable being laid back about level ups and sorta holding back.


    So yeah, thanks a lot for the highlight! :)