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Event Build: The East Empire Trading Company

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    September 30, 2015

    Welcome, everyony, to my first Classics build, and one for the Factions Event to boot. Ever since playing Morrowind for the first time in 2012  (I was sadly never able to get it when it first came out.) Specifically the Bloodmoon expansion, where we got our first taste of Solstheim, I discovered the East Empire Trading Company.



    Ever since you were young, you had always wanted to be an adventurer. Unfortunately, your father wanted to take up office in the EETC, just as he had, and just as your grandfather had before him. Reluctantly, you did so, rising from a simple stacker, to become an overseer of imports and exports. Once you had amassed enough money, you took a le, and journeyed to become an adventurer.


    Race: Imperial

    Gender: Either, they are more balanced in the other races.

    Birthsign: The Thief, bonuses to three attributes.

    Skills: Blade, Block, Speechcraft, Mercantile, Athletics, Security, Alchemy

    Primary Attributes: Strength and Personality.

    Secondary Attributes: Speed and Endurance

    Quests-Main Quest (Later On), Arena, Legacy Lost (To have Gilbert and Reynald as permanent followers, Seeking Your Roots, Origin of the Grey Prince, Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild (For Spellcrafting, stop as soon as you are allowed access to Spellmaking Alters), An Unexpected Voyage, Corruption and Conscience, Unfriendly Competition, etc.

    Equipment: A leather shield is all the armor you use. Wear fine clothing, I settled for either the Red Velvet Clothes, Black and Gold Outfit, or Blue Velvet, with Black and Gold Shoes. A Fine Steel Longsword, and a Silver Shortsword were my main weapons.


    Block-To increase our survivability chances, and to get the feel of a wandering adventurer, I used a simple Leather Shield, nothing too heavy. You got two guys with you too.

    Blade-One of my favorite skills, fast blades allow you to deal out damage quickly, alongside Gilbert and his brother.

    Athletics-An easy leveling skill, it lets us move faster, and what official/adventurer isn't moving about to the next task or a job?

    Alchemy-A small hobby my character picked up, it allows some nice revenue, and buffs/poisons.

    Mercantile/Speechcraft-What official and wandering merchant-adventurer can’t charm people or allow them to lower their prices, and raise his profits?

    Security-The ability to open a chest or door, with chance of extra sellables behind is A-OK in my book.


    Combat with the EEC is quite simple. Raise up your shield, poison your blade if possible, and begin hacking away at your foe. Gilbert and Jermaine can help out if things get too nasty. The basic Healing spell and potions can help restore your health. Try and keep your enemy in front of your shield. Carry, or duplicate, Repair Hammers.

    If combat is getting too rough, either stand back and let Gilbert and Reynald take them down, or sheath your weapon, and run like Hell away. Also, feel free to get a sneak attack or two in, if that helps out.  Loot anything valuable from a place after the fight is over.

    Don't do the main questline until, oh, fifty in-game days. I mean ,you delivered the Amulet, some other hero will save Martin, right?


    While you aren’t a hero to start with, you will help people out with their problems. Go into ruined forts or caves, not just to grab some merchandise to peddle, but to clear out a potential risk to a traveller on the road. Give a Septim or two to beggars. Stay in Inns, and eat some extra food, to RP your followers eating with you. Collect good reading books, like The Old Ways, The Lusty Argonian Maid, Provinces of Tamriel, Tamrellic Lore, etc. Chat with merchants often. Carry a quill, inkwell, and paper. 

    Whatta ya buyin?

  • October 1, 2015

    Good build, Chris.

    I noticed you mentioned Gilbert and Reynald as followers. But it´s only mentioned there so it can be easily lost. Would you dedicate a section just for followers? You know, how to obtain them, how they act in combat, how to support each other and other stuff like that. 

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    October 1, 2015
    Oh, of course, I'll do that as soon as I am able to
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    October 1, 2015

    "you delivered the Amulet, some other hero will save Martin, right?" Awesome! 

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    October 1, 2015
    Thanks Noodles, my character was basically thinking that some hero will save the day, they always do. Then, when he finds none have come, he's like, screw it, if anyone's gonna do it, I guess it's gonna be me, sort of deal.
  • October 1, 2015

    Great. It would really help the presentation. So far there wasn´t a build that would use followers, so going into detail would help people understand how does it look to play with two more "potatoes"