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Oblivion Character Build: The Antimage

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  • October 4, 2014

    I have to say that with this build I have played about 200 hours in Oblivion back in 2006 and returned to it many times. It was one of my favourite characters and it was all possible because of the amazing Atronach Birthsign wich really improved my gameplay.

    And I have to warn you, English is not my native language and I have not been using it for some time. It turned little bit rusty. Without more weeping on my crappy English I present to you:


    The Antimage 

    It is said, that every Altmer have some affinity for magic, some small degree of ability to manipulate magical energies. But some Altmer have that abilities locked, hidden deep inside them, waiting to burst out. This High Elf is one of them and it was during an invasion of Sload on Summerset Isles when he found out what potencial lied within him. He could absorb magic, store it and then transform it to enhance his fighting capabilities against mages especially and all things magical. Deadra, undead, necromancers, they all became his enemies.


    Race: Altmer (Why?Because of the magicka increase. Not because I became some Altmer/Thalmor fan or something. Not at all... They are people too, you know?! Well mostly. Nevermind.)

    Birthsign: Atronach (obviously)

    Skills: Blade, Block, Athletics, Light Armor, Alchemy, Mysticism, Destruction

    Main Stats: Intelligence and Strength

    Specialization: Combat

    Secondary Stats: Agility and Speed (That means that every level you should increase intelligence and strengh, then alternately agility and speed.)

    Equipment: I went with elven armor. It fits the character (even if the looks are not that impressive) and I mostly used elven shield, but when I got my hands on Spellbreaker (does not care that it is heavy armor) I could not pass on that one. Other option is Escutcheon of Chorrol which is leveled item, so it is worth taking around level 10. For swords I went with the best I could find, but for the early game Chillrend is not bad. You know, farm boyz powah! Then you can switch for elven long or short sword with some elemental damge enchantment. Well, you can choose whatever suits you. Long, short, tiny, I do not mind your size preference as long as it gets the job done.

    Recommended quest: Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, Main Quest, Peryite´s Shrine, Order of Virtuouse Blood, The Killing Field


    The Build

    The thing behind this build is that I wanted to create simple warrior when it comes to normal enemies. But against those who use magic...hell, that is where this guy starts to shine. Literally. So necromancers, conjurers, vampires, deadra, atronachs... they will feel really sorry for ever meeting you.

    I think it is time to explain it properly. Mysticism in Oblivion is awesome school, it haves few of the best spells in the game like Spell Absorbtion, Spell Reflection and Damage Reflection. These spells are the centerpoint of this build.

    I played this character with 0 magicka all the time, it was my way to roleplay the true antimage. Yeah, this guy can do magic, but he can not hold it in himself, so he must release it. After every hour I repeatedly casted some mysticism spell to burn magicka. It gives you the feeling you have some limitations.

    When you ran into a magic user, hide behind your shield, let them cast some spells (try imagine their puzzled looks when they just hit you with deadly lightings and you still stand there) and then comes the fun. Cast Spell Absorbtion, Spell Reflection and if you have some magicka left cast Damage Reflection too. You know, for the fodder.

    You would think that magic users are your first target, but thats far from truth. You are using them as tools to power your own spells, so let them. Laught at them. They will probably kill themself because of Spell Reflection.

    I think the archers will give you some hard times (they tend to run, you know) so this is where Damage Reflection comes in handy. As for the melee enemies...just dispatch them with your sword and shield.

    But the real fun comes, when you see that your magicka tank si full of fuel. I mean gas. Whatever.

    You propably noticed that I incorporated destruction. Yeah, when your magicka is full, you will reach an overload and you must release the energy. So you should use the most expensive destruction spell with biggest damage and aoe. Or make one with spellmaking altar at Arcane University. BOOM!! (Oh yeah, Sandal, BOOM, but not an enchantment.)

    Now you see what is this build about. Time to look closer on your most important spells. Spell Absorbtion works really well with Spell Reflection. Much better than magic resist, but you can use it too. I will explain.

    When you are hitted by a spell all this buffs are trying to prevent enemy magic from harming you. Reflect will bounce the effect back on enemy, absorb will just consume it and restores you magicka calculated from spell dmg, and resist will reduce incoming damage. Thing is, that game will acknowledge these buffs gradually. Reflect – Absorb – Resist = If the reflect fails than absorbtion kicks in. If absorb fails...I think you have got the idea. Just do not forget, that successful reflect means no spell absorb. So use it only when you are sure you will not need much magicka.

    Your goal should be to hit as much reflect and absorbtion as possible. With Atronach Birthsign you already have 50pts of absorb and if you find Atronach Stone (between Kvatch and Skingrad) you will have Greater Power with 30pts absorb and 10pts Intelligence for 120 secs. Spells will increase absorbtion by different magnitude, so for the begining try to find some enchanted items with absorb. Spelldrinker amulet si one of them and you can obtain it from Mages Guild questline. Sadly you can not enchant items with spell absorption...but wait, you can. Sigil stones have that enchantment. Did you ever just scout the wilds of Cyrodiil for Oblivion Gates? No? Now is your chance. And what about reflect? There are some random items like rings and amulets, but the most important is the famous Spellbreaker from Peryite´s quest and Ring of Namira from her quest.

    Enchanting your weapon with magicka damage is not a bad call, the same goes with armor and fortify magicka. But absorb is the most important.

    Your money should by mainly spent on training destruction and mysticism.

    Well, that was a long read, right? Maybe you remember that somewhere up there I mentioned alchemy, so you ask: „Are you using some poisons? Enhancing potions?“ To be honest with you guys, I never paid much attention to alchemy, I was just using it for healing potions. NO MAGICKA POTIONS!!...ok? Even after the years of playing skyrim and it´s awesome crafting skills...just no. No oblivion alchemy nerd here.



    I played this guy more like a mercenary, soldier of fortune with some cool abilities. He is not some divine crusader, witchhunter or something like that. He just do whatever he wants, but he does not like necromancers and that sort. Killing them can be quite profitable. Sadly, there are no radiant quests in Oblivion, so it is up to you, what will you do. Clear some caves, behead some necromancers, close Oblivion Gates, and kill vampires for their ash (it can be sold to Order of Virtuouse Blood). Fighters Guild questline is a good choice too. Maybe even the Mages Guild will recognize your talent as worthy to let you study at Arcane University. And then there is the Oblivion Crisis...well, deadra trying to destroy the whole Tamriel in the name of Mehrunes Dagon...HELL NO!!!  So be a hero, whatever you like.

    And do not forget, you are an Altmer hailing from Summerset Isles, you despise deadra and necromancy. So if you stumble upon some deadric shrine...kill them all. Well, except the Peryite´s shrine. Just let him trick you, cast a mind control on you, whatever, but you really need that shield, right? RIGHT?! (or you can do Sins of the Father to get  Escutcheon of Chorrol)


    Special Moves




    Overload: Full magicka + most powerfull spell. (I went with custom touch shock spell with 40pts aoe.)





    Mirror: Spell Reflection (I created my own spell for this. It is spell reflection with highest magnitude but it is just for few seconds, like three seconds. You see a spell coming your way? Cast. It really gives you the feeling you are somehow countering enemy mages magic)




    Spell Reflection: Spell Reflection (This is not as powerful as Mirror but lasts much longer. When you are engaging melee enemies this spell will turn casters in dummies that will kill themselves.)





    Repulse: Reflect Damage (Used mostly agains melee attackers when you have some magicka. Good against archers too.)







    I hope I did not bore the s**t out of you and that my English was bearable. Hell, this is my first build, guys. I have been watching this blog for some time and took a lot inspiration from builds here for my Skyrim characters. I was always thinking about creating my own build, but I always said to myself: „Son, back off. Look at your English. They will rip your head off for it.“ So when I noticed Elder Scrolls Classics page, I knew I had to write something. Well, here it is. Now stay away from my head! It is mine!

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    October 4, 2014
    This is a great build! Especially good for a first build! And you really don't have very much to worry about in regards to your English. It's pretty good. (Just a head's up, it's crisis not crysis) +1
  • October 4, 2014

    Thanks, Kael. I am glad you like it.

    Yeah, crysis. I tought there was something wrong with that :D

    If you see some other mistakes, just tell me. :)

  • October 4, 2014
    This is very good and it seems like an interesting build. And yeah as Kael'than said your English isn't to bad i know some people who have spoken English for their entire lives and can't write this well. I think the best part of your build is that it uses a very simple mechanism (The Atronach Stone) and makes it into a powerful but not over powered force. The only thing I can reccomend is that you expand the combat a little, you've showed us how to fight Mages but expand on archers and warriors a little just to give a little insight. Oh yeah +1 from me.
  • October 4, 2014

    Edited. Added new special move (sort of)

    I sometimes forget on details, and it is true that I hate those running archers. You always have to chase them :D  For melee I thought it is clear, that as a fighter you just beat them to death with sword and shield + Damage Reflect if you have magicka. My bad.

    And thanks for your kind word and constructive criticism :) 

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    October 5, 2014
    This is nice. I give you a Seal of Approval (which carries no benefits). I want to play a variation of this build now; I might make it a stealthy mage-killer, but I don't know. Regardless, good job.
  • October 5, 2014

    Thank you very much.

    You can play it as a stealth mage-killer. Just drop block for sneak and use it for opening the combat. But I have to say, that at some point I always want to do everything with one character in Oblivion. So I start leveling minor skills like sneak and lockpicking so I could do thieves guild and dark brotherhood.

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    October 7, 2014

    The 2nd ever Oblivion CB! Congrats, and a +1

  • October 7, 2014

    Thank you, Nelaf. I hope it is not the last :)

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    October 25, 2014
    The day I return to cyrodiil is the day I become the anti-Mage... +1