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    April 6, 2018

    Vezrabuto said:


    Oh hey my Question, glad it sparcked some Interest :D 

    I would say that most normal people learn from Wizards inside the community. Orgnar even said it's safer to have the Court Wizard teach you then go to the academy.

    Interestingly enough, I do believe this depends on what Hold you ask the question in. Orgnar does indeed prefer Farengar over the College but there are other inns where they'll recommend you against going to the court mage. I don't have any in mind right now, but I do believe the Windhelm Court mage is often recommended against.

    GailOlm said:


    Another in-game example of apprenticeships occurs in Rorikstead between the Breton mage, Jouanne, and the young girl, Sissel, as seen by two conversations between them:

    Sissel: "Jouane?"
    Jouane: "Yes, child?"
    Sissel: "I was just wondering. The next time we meet, do you think maybe you could teach me some fire magic? Nothing dangerous! Maybe a candle lighting spell?"
    Jouane: "By the Eight, keep your voice down! Do you want the entire village to learn our secrets?"
    Sissel: "Oh! I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you."
    Jouane: "Shh shh. It's fine, child. It's fine. But we must be cautious, hmm? What we do, the things I teach you. The others wouldn't understand."
    Sissel: "I understand. I'm sorry. I just get so excited thinking about it. So... can we. Do some fire magic?"
    Jouane: "Hmph. Most certainly not. But perhaps I can teach you how to put some candles out. We'll start there."
    Sissel: "Oooh, wonderful! I can't wait!"

    Jouane: "Today I'll teach you a useful spell that might just save your life. If you should ever fall into a river, you'll be very glad you learned it."
    Sissel: "Oh! Are you going to teach me how to turn into a mud crab?"
    Jouane: "Oh, it's much better than that. I will teach you how to breathe underwater, with no need to turn into one of those ugly creatures."
    Sissel: "Wow! Then I could dive into a river and swim so far away that Britte and father could never find me."
    Jouane: "Now, clear your mind and breathe deeply. Good concentration is very important for spellcasting."


    Regarding covens, the letter found in the cellar of Anise's cabin confirms that covens exist and that training occurs within them:

    Helgi, dear, why do you hesitate? You can feel the power coursing in your blood! You have only to reach out and grasp it! Renounce that boy of yours and come, come live with me in the forest. My sister will be here soon. Together, we can form a proper coven, and your training will truly begin.


    Well, I think technically any group of mages operating outside of the empire sanctioned and reputable institutions like the College of Winterhold, would technically be considered a coven.

    Coven in the real world is often used to describe a gathering of witches and wizards, but in TES I'm pretty sure it can refer to any group of hedge magicians.

    BTW could Fellglow keep be considered a bit of an underground academy? As you explore the place for the college you'll notice that they teach their members in the schools of destruction and conjuration (both Necromancy and the summoning of Daedra), and probably others too. Their methods are less than ethical, however.