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Bestia Infinium: Storm Atronachs

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  • September 15, 2017


    These are the works of a mage, one who had an obession with Storm Atronachs. I can't tell where he lived while this written, or much about him at all. As you can see, he had a clear descent in madness, after summoning one too many Daedra without the proper mind shielding. Hm, you would think he was dealing with Sheogorath the way he acts. These are the transcribed copies, as close as I could get them to the origanal. He starts off sane, and midway through... well, you'll see. Any inconsistences you notice, missing dates, grammar errors, or even him signing off on one entry, are in the original work. I know, this sounds very strange. But, I think that the book contains too much information about Storm Atronachs to just let it rot and dismiss it as a madman's ravings... He seems less crazy when he talks about something real, like the altars in Skyrim and Cyrodiil. He's not completly sane then, but keeps any stray ramblings towards the end, making the information readable without having to sort through too many of his crazy tangants. Please, consider this for your archives.

    The picture included is a tatterd, surprisngly colorful deptiction for what he refers to as the most common atronach, albet missing a few finer details, such as the markings.


    Middas, 15th of Sun's Height: I have finally achieved what I set out to do, so long ago... summon a Storm Atronach. It lasted for only 5 seconds, and looked weak, but I did it. My magicka, however, has been completly wiped, so while I attempt to perfect the spell into something usable, I have decided to keep a journal of my notes on these amazing Daedra. Who knows, perhaps I'll make a breakthrough and share my findings with the world. For now, I have no more than the most basic of knowledge. I know they throw lightning spells, and explode into a huge blast of electricity when killed. I will write more once I return with more knowledge.


    Fredas, 17th of Sun's Height: I have done much research, and have come to a few conculsions. There appears to be several variants of Storm Atronachs throughout Tamriel, mainly in looks, but also in combat. Whether one is better than the other has been inconslusive, and the diffrences seem to be spread throughout Tamriel's provinces, which suggests this mainly occurs due to summoning techinques. I could not, however, get a good description of any Storm Atronach except for the most common one: A stone creature, with a pained swirl patern on the head. The arms and midsection float in pieces, and lighting crackles in its core. When it attacks, it glows a bright blue. In addition, all Storm Atronachs tendency to explode into a blast of lightning is overcame by a banish spell or enchantment.  This suggests that when you send them back to Oblivion, the lightning blast is the loss of enough energy to keep their form stable. I will look into this deeper.


    Morndas, 20th of Sun's Height: Breakthrough! I found a paper detailing a diffrent types of Storm Atronach. It is the Cyrodiil style, which is rather rare. It is assumed that becuase of Cyrodiil's diverse trade, and position as the heart of the Empire, the "Universal" style is more widespread. But there is still a style underneath this. It is more scattered than the Universal style, with almost all of it floating in pieces, but the stones themselves float much closer together, giving it the illusion of being less scattered. Its midsection is the part where the stones are fewest, and float the farthest apart. It appears to enter a whirlwind to move, and meele attacks are not very effective. Fasinating. It also seems to use its physical bulk quite impressivly, throwing punches and flinging stones at all foes, in addition to run-of-the-mill lightning spells. The author may have published more on this subject, so, back into the books I go.


    Morndas, 20th of Sun's Height: I write this from the same day as the previous entry. Indeed, he wrote more, but the writings are burned and flakey, almost impossible to read. I do not know why these incompatent fools would keep something like this, but I could make out the words 'Sky-, Snow, Win-.' Sky and Win seem to have been cut off, so I will scan my map in the northern provinces for any cities or the like that could be made of those words. This will take ages!


    Tirdas, 28th of Sun's Height: It is not the next day I write, but the next week, in addition to a day. I'm afraid I got quite caught up with mastering the spell itself. Moving on, I've located the Province. I think 'Sky-' refers to Skyrim, while 'Win-' could refer to Winterhold, Windhelm, or even the wind itself. Still, it's a start.


    Middas, 29th of Sun's Height: Found it! A perfect copy of the man's works, on Skyrim and Morrowind! What a find. Skyrim's Atronachs are much more scattered, especially at the lower sections of the Daedra. It has a perputal storm cloud hanging around it, and crackles with constant electricity. What's more, it floats! It can hover over water and ground alike, which seems to be a very useful ability. It can throw a punch, but doesn't throw any stones, and seems to prefer hanging back and shooting lightning spells. It also has the swirl designs of the Universal Storm Atrnoach, except widespread over the whole body. Meanwhile, Morrowind's Atrnoachs are ugly brutes. They have a grotesque face, and have purple light gathered at their joints, rather than the flickering electricity of the others. It has red eyes, unlike the others which had, as far as I can tell, carved or purple-ish ones. It also is almost all solid, with the purple energy gathering where it disconnects, in addition to the thing's hands. It only disconnects at the shoulder and the midsection, and is by far the most solid Atrnoach. In addition to its ugly features, a small spike of stone extends upwards from its forehead, for reason I can only guess. And none of my guesses have been very good, so far. It does not help that the author only provided a rough sketch this time. I will look deeper, and see if there remain any styles I'm missing. Better not be!


    Turdas, 30th of Sun's Height: I have heard rumors of an altar that creates Atronachs! For now, I will be pausing my research to collect information about this altar. There are two conflicting rumors, one about an altar that rests in Skyrim, and another that is in Cyrodiil. I'll attempt to figure out which one is true, and the liars will be punished!


    Loredas, 1st of Last Seed: I have contacted my sources, which I shall not name, in both Skyrim and Cyrodiil. Amazingly enough, both rumors seem to be true, just talking of seperate things! The one is Cyrodiil was easier to contact, and responded first. He said that you may offer up 3 salts to summon an Atrnonach of the same nature. Offer 3 Void Salts for a Storm Atrnoachs, 3 Fire Salts for a Fire Atrnoachs, ect. The Atronach will never be unsummoned until it dies, it serves whoever summoned it faithfully, and the Champion of Cyrodiil himself used to use it! Now, both it and the tower it rests in have fallen into the hands of some collecters. Psh. The one in Skyrim is a bit more... interesting. It is located underneath the College of Winterhold, which is the only place where one can study magic in that barbaric land. Er, as I was saying. Located underneath the College, using a number of salts and certain gems, one can summon hostile Atrnoachs, in the Skyrim 'style' of Atronach, unlike the Altar, which summons in the Cyrodiilic style. It cannot summon nonhostile ones, but can make things besides Atronachs as well. It can summon other Daerda, and, if my source is right, create staffs, scrolls, and even spell tomes of summoning the Atronachs! The ones that come out of these staves and scrolls are, thankfully, not hostile, and the tomes it creates seems to be very similar to modern day spell books, except in a slightly different, older dialect. As always, I will research more, oh book of power. - Your faithful scholar.


    Fredas, 7th of Last Seed: I was reading through a book on the history of magic, one a friend had given me a while back. And I blindly stumbled into just what I was looking for. Corvus Direnni, a Dark Elf. Famed for making the summoning and binding of Daedra into one spell, he was a mastermind. And he was an expert in certain fields of Conjuration. And, while researching a bit more into this remarkable elf, I found out he was quite adapt at shaping Daedra. What is a shaped Daedra? Anything you want it to be. A mount in the shape of a horse, a camel, a mule. A fighter, as a wolf, or a bear, or even a mudcrab. You can shape the Storm Atronachs, into whatever shape you can imagine. I... how could I not have known about this!? This is huge! They have been keeping this knowledge from me, hoping to push me under. I will complete this manuscript, and become the greatest scholar, the greatest mage, the greatest person Tamriel has ever known! Fame! Riches! It will be mine!


    Untitled: Yes! Storm Atronachs! Yes, yes, yes. They come from Oblivion, from a pocket realm. Levinace. When killed, though not really killed, when killed, they go back and then we summon them again and they go here then back and forever! What a wonderous thing, Storm Atronachs! How beautiful!


    (There were words here, but I can't read them. He seemed to have scribbled over them, sometimes tearing the page with his aggresion. There is one last entry after this, however.)


    Untitled: I must go to Levinace. Such a graceful name... it's time! Come, my friend, my book, stay here, watch the gates!

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    September 15, 2017
    Man, the concept is really cool. Like, the means used to express the information is so like something we could find in game as to be on point. I like this guy, and did not know of Levinace, and I really like how you have lorified the changes we see over different games :)
  • September 15, 2017

    Thanks! There wasn't too much lore to go on with these, so I had to get creative. Writing about the apperences of the atronachs was actually my favorite part, glad you liked it!

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    September 23, 2017

    Felkros said:

    Thanks! There wasn't too much lore to go on with these, so I had to get creative. Writing about the apperences of the atronachs was actually my favorite part, glad you liked it!

    Nothing not to like, dude :)