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Bestia Infinium: Pseudomonarchia et Pseudosocietas Daedrarum

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  • September 14, 2017

    "The Daedra have a monarchy and a society that resembles that of our own." If thou agreest with this statement then thou art either a filthy Daedra worshipper or a damn fool for believing in such blasphemy against the Divines. And thou knowst this be truth for how couldest thee believe in such mocking and idiotic beliefs? Trickery, I say for these damned fools believe those False Lords who dare compare themselves to the True Divines and create such foul creatures as the dreaded Daedra or the vile vampires or even those ill-bred werewolves.

    I have met many so called daimonium ventores, pythonissam ventores, Vilignats, and even blasphemous Daedra scholars; Neither knew about this mockery monarchy as all were just dim witted hunters and foolish scholars, which is a disgrace for how could you hunt these daimons or study them and yet not know nothing of their mockery.? "We are simple hunters. We go where we are needed to kill daimons. We are simply scholars. We just study them. Why should we even bother them about their society when it has no use for us.?" Why? Why? I tell ye why for they should know the rankings and be prepared for fighting those dreaded daimons. Even the Divines kept records of such mockery, but those were destroyed by the Schemer hisself.

    "The Daedra Lords are just powerful as the Divines you praise so much. The Lords can also be summoned and even seen, unlike those Divines you praise and preach about." Uttering such words should be punished by death either by the Axe or burned at the stake. Those damn fools who believe those Lords are the same our Divines are the same ones who say their mockery is the same as the Aedra. Nay, again Nay, and thrice Nay for this is all lies made by those False Lords. Though no worries I have studied them just like other great scholars before I in their nature and even those found guarding false idols, guarding that damned Temple, and even those summoned by foolish Guild.

    Monarchia Daedrarum

    While the monarchy for these daimons called Daedra is not known, what I and most others do know is that the Daedra Lords are the highest of any monarchy. During my research, I have discovered there are three types of Daedra classes first being the Lesser, second being the Humanoids, and third and final being the Dremora. The Lesser and Humanoids are very animalistic in their monarchy with the strongest being on top and the weakest on the bottom such barbaric way of thinking. As for the Dremora, I have found they do have some sort of mockery of our class and society, though it is still very much blasphemous.

    Monarchia Dremorarum

    Aye, these damned daimons as I said before do have some sort of mockery and society like ours, but it is still a poor version of it for how could they copy such Diviness. My list shall go from the most powerful to the very bottom of this mockery, and give important details onto where they are placed and how much power they have.

    Primo, ye have the Valkynazes who the highest, most powerful, and the pinnacle of Dremora society. These are the princes of a Dremora clan, the Army commanders of their clan's Army, and are members of a Daedric Lord's personal guards, who serve to protect them.

    Secundus, ye have the Markynazes who are the secundi most powerful of Dremora society. These are the Grand Dukes of a Daedric Lord's Council of Lords, and they have a right to rule over a small territory either in Oblivion or in the Lord's own.

    Tertius, ye have the Kynmarchers, who are the tertium most powerful of Dremora society. These are the Lords of a clan and High Officers of a Daedra Lord's army. They have the right to command a unit of lower Dremora and own a fiefdom, which is a territory inside Oblivion they are responsible for.

    Quartus, ye have the Kynreeves, who are the medium between the thrice highest and thrice lowest. These are the clan and Army officers of a specific clan and a Daedra Lord's army. They minor privileges of which I never got to find out.

    Quintus, ye have the Kynavles, who are the warrior-knights and warrior-mages that have disgusted themselves in battle. While they have no privileges they have the respect and honor of a clan.

    Sextus, ye have the Caitifves, who are the somewhat trained and organized berserkers and shock troopers in a specific clan and a Daedra Lord's Army.

    Septima et Ultima, ye have the Churls at the very bottom, who are the untrained disorganized barbaric foot soldiers that form the bulk of a Daedra Lord's army and members of a specific clan.

    Societus Dremorarum

    These daimons apparently do have some sort society that resembles our own but is far more barbaric than ours. Their holds values of Oaths, Pride, Honor, and Loyalty to both their clan and a specific Daedra Lord. I find this quite hard for how could these daimons uphold such values while being vile and ill. Their society is a Patriarchal, warmongering, and barbaric one with little to no women in it. That is nothing like ours for all have the same rights including women and we have women in our creation while they have nay. The Dremora society also teaches that they shouldn't fear death for they can never die, or so they think, and thus they always charge into battle like wild wolves in a pack.


    As ye see those foul daimons do have some structure, but it far too barbaric to be considered similar to ours. All those damn fools were and are wrong, and if thou shallest come on such a fool saying things ill words have no mercy and kill them swiftly. Now that thou knowest the enemy and their monarchy go forth, and destroy those daimons for thou knowest who is the strongest and makes the best target.

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    September 14, 2017

    Great stuff, Gwen! I can see a fire-eyed and frowning priest hunched over a desk, scratching away with righteous zeal as he pens the words above. Full of atmosphere and flavour here, and the smell of burning flesh outside as yet one more witch is consumed by flame in Stendarr's name :) Informative and fun, this is what lore is about. 

  • September 14, 2017

    Thank you, Paws. I had a lot of fun doing this, getting into character, looking up Lore, watching a Documentary about the Dark Ages, and figuring out how to present it and combine everything. I owe you some credit as well for you were the one who encouraged me to post this.

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    September 14, 2017

    It's even better when we learn along the way or do something we otherwise wouldn't normally do, and your research shows clearly :) I'm working on my part right now, and will add a section linking to this. Do you have a name for your author? Shall I refer to this as being from Vigilant Gwen?

  • September 14, 2017

    Thank you again and I have to agree. Yes, the author's name is Antiona Ysabella de Daggerfall.

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    October 23, 2017

    Who is this schemer the text refers to?

  • October 23, 2017

    Molag Bal is the Schemer.

  • November 12, 2017

    While I can't stand the ES I have to say the Latin and Zealously in these made this me smile and laugh. I enjoyed this, great job Gwen.