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Sotha Sil's Word-Meeting With The Eight Voids

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  • May 19, 2017

    The clinking of his feet echoed around the cavernous temple as the Wizard made his entrance. Other than the divine glow of his person, the area was steeped in complete darkness. Sotha Sil could feel shadows skitter around his perception, gnawing at the corners of the world. And then other... things. Great black titans that lurked and silently thrashed in the unseen.

    The silence was shattered as a great four armed red-skinned giant came roaring towards the Wizard. Impossible algorithms poured forth from the incandescent mouth of the Lord of Water, that rose to become a golden wave surrounding him and it shone bright like a tempest caught in a new sun. Dazzling geometries ricocheted around the cave, ripping and burning like razor light.

    “How much are you willing to sacrifice this day”

    Came the clicking and whirring voice of Sotha Sil as the giant was repelled, howling in anger and rage. A wave of iron vapour that moved like liquid metal bore him up to eye level with the eight voids that now surrounded him before it formed into a throne.


    Eight of the Voids. Two of them his shades for the other was busy. Four of them his troubles for they know us best. Two of them seekers for they know the benefit of bargains.

    “Why have you come here little godling, if not as a sacrifice?”

    Asked the Lord of the Hunt who came as a great Nix-Hound.

    “I am the Clockwork King of the One and Indefinite Triad” came the reply “and I am here to bargain”

    A pulsating mass loomed out of the darkness and at it's centre was a great golden eye that focused on the Wizard.

    “Is that so?” it slurped “What is it that you possess that would stop my brothers and sisters and I from tearing the divinity from your chest and devouring it right now hmmmm?”

    Sotha Sil smiled at this, for he had predicted it. His voice buzzed as he answered and the Dawn and Dusk, who stood behind him, could only echo his sentiment.

    “You know as well as I do, Lord Scryer, that a war with me. Here. Now. Is not how this will end. For it would not end well”

    The implication of “for you” was left hanging in the air unsaid.

    One of the other voids, who appeared as a fabulously dressed human, stepped forward with glazed eyes and asked with real sorrow in his voice:

    “Have you seen my ball? I've been looking for it everywhere, and I can't seem to find it.” His voice was tinged with hysteria before it petered off into a muttering sob. “Oh, I did so love that ball...”

    Then Malacath, who is Lord of Curses, stepped forward and growled:

    “Bah, and you expect me to believe that the likes of you would honour any such bargain?”

    “I do, for I swear it on the revelation of my skin”

    “You do?”

    “I do”

    And the Wizards voice echoed from Dawn to Dusk with the truth of it.

    “I am here to barging for a window of time. A window of time where no Lord stood here shall enter the Mundus until the war has come to an end. Unless by invitation from myself, my order or by the ordained. The aspect of my Sister does speak for it cannot argue against me and I do not quarrel with myself. What say the rest?”

    At these words, Boethiah only nodded and vanished. Hermaeus Mora made a sucking noise that could have either been laughing or puking. Hircine sat on his hind legs to pay attention. Sheogorath only looked around as if lost. Mehrunes Dagon continued to rage around Soth Sil's golden barrier. Malacath sat on his throne of skulls. Azura echoed and Molag Bal tried to copy what everybody else was doing.

    After he had stopped making that terrible noise Herma-Mora said;

    “I ask again, Lord of Flaws, what is it you barging with?”

    Sotha Sil reached into the sleeve of his white robe.

    “If you keep the bargain, you will get what's in this box.”

    “Whats in the box?” Asked Hircine.

    “Nothing is in the box. It is a trick” Replied Malacath.

    “How would either of you two fools know? None of us can be sure” Spluttered Hermaeus Mora.

    When the bickering gods had quieted, Sotha Sil explained;

    “Within this box is a sphere.

    “My ball...?” Whimpered Sheogorath.

    And in that sphere is the sum total of all my knowledge.”

    “But knowledge is all that you are.” Said Mora.


    “You would bargain your soul godling? Your death will come soon enough, why...”

    “I know EXACTLY the date and time of my death, rude spirit, for it is by MY design” The electric buzz of the Clockmaker echoed. “But this is a bargain for all of my soul and with it, the keys to my kingdom.”

    And with that, all gods were silenced. Covetous eyes now cast upon the box in Sotha Sil's hand and untrusting eyes glimpsing towards their dark brothers. Then Dagon began ranting and raving again.


    Ignoring him Hermaeus Mora said;

    “The keys to your kingdom? Oh ho ho, you bargain not just with your soul but with every soul on Nirn. Why would you, oh Lord of the Selfish Sea, do such a thing?”

    “There is an old Chimeri proverb. A mer's flesh is his own, but his fire belongs to the People. And I have work yet to finish”

    “Then I accept this bargain Give me the box.”

    “Not until my death.”

    “What!?” Roared Lord Mora.

    “These are my terms. You will all receive the box on my death and you may discard any thoughts you might have of stealing it before then. Not unless you consider yourself strong enough to take it from me and then fight all your brother-sisters for the right to keep it.”

    Each lord, torn between greed and fear, nodded their agreement and faded into the shadows. Lord Sotha then floated back down to the ground, replaced the box back in his robe sleeve and walked out of the temple, his Dusk following.

    All was gone except for one. A small four legged dragon skittered out of the darkness and said;

    “Did anybody else hear a ticking noise just now?”

    And when no-one answered, he shrugged and went back to his duties.

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    July 20, 2017

    It's a shame you haven't posted this as a blog. It's a great piece of writing......

  • July 21, 2017

    Sotek said:

    It's a shame you haven't posted this as a blog. It's a great piece of writing......

    I wasn't totally sure where to post it tbh. Should I move it over there?

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    July 21, 2017


    I would love to see it over in the blogs Veloth. It's a wonderful piece of work.