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Healing Of The Star-Wounded East

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  • May 3, 2017

    Primer To The Book Of Ruling Kings By Sul-Zethuselah

    I have walked many places spreading that which was taught to us by the Witness Sul-Alandro and the Son of God who we call the Hortator. From the jungled south, where the founders of Great House Lukiul came forth to the Holy Land, and to the frozen west, where some of our people still live, secluded from the lands of the Velothi and Nerevarii. Wherever my travels lead, there is one constant, and that is the Outlanders misunderstanding of our people. This is, of course, not surprising for the majority of our People, but new misconceptions have been springing up recently, facilitated by the Great Changes that we have seen. One of these misconceptions is that our people's religion has regressed to that of the Ashlanders. This is false. And in this writing, I shall explain how that is so.

    Those who were chosen know that the foundation of our society was built on the back of the Prophet Veloth, who himself was taught the scripture from words of Boet-hi-ah, through the lips of the Liar-King of Alinor. These teachings showed us the value of the Endeavour to bend into new shapes so that we may surpass god as well as to revere our ancestors who are better and stronger than others and who give us the tools to succeed. He gave us theses teachings out of Love and led us to the Promised Land where we built nations of High Velothi culture.

    However, this early Golden Age was not to last, as by the end of the Merethic Era there was a schism. It is said in the history books what caused the decline is unknown but what is known is that the Velothi people split in two. We were no longer nations but tribes. Some tribes began to build their settlements bigger and bigger and no longer wandered, these became the Houses. Others abandoned settlements altogether for a nomadic existence in the wilds, these became the Ashlanders. Over time these two cultures drifted farther and farther apart until the wound was finally healed by the Holy Hortator, who led us to the second Golden Age called Resdaynia.

    However, as with all things, it did not last and with the fall of the Son of God at Red Mountain, so too did the people of Veloth fall once more. Now the splintering between the People had become a widening gyre. The Ashlanders, focusing on their survival, began abandoning Veloth's Endeavour and the future it would bring, to instead focus only on the worship of our ancestors and the Three Daedra. While the Houses abandoned our Greater Ancestors to focus on the Psijic Future so that they may surpass them. Woe betides the Tribe who lets Sithisit into its House.

    But Great Change has come once again to the Children of Veloth. When the Time of Gates had passed, ALMSIVI had gone but the Temple it built still stood and it's lessons still heard but it had reclaimed it's lost ancestors and been made whole. Two opposing cultures, who were once split at the source, reborn again in union, looking forward and backwards. And so by a wounding of the east were the Velothi healed.

    Lo! With the falling of Baar Dau and the roaring of Balúr is the Son of God reborn by the reunion with himself and Lo! Do his children follow. I asketh of you now to follow me, with a waking eye and a beating heart and I shall lead you to a new Golden Era. To a Nu-Resdaynia wounded by Moon and Star but healed by both.