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Mysterium Bestia: Goblins - A Research Log

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    March 17, 2017

    Goblins domesticating spiders as beasts of war? That is just sick, nightmare stuff. Interesting about the goblins stealing culture, I look forward to seeing the next section to see more of that. Any plans on mentioning ThisMany Goblins Left the Cave? :D

    Honestly Karves, this article is very cool!

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    April 9, 2017

    Where am I getting with all this? Giant Goblins… My arse. Orcs. The Yokudans were stupid enough to mistake Orcs for Goblins!

    An epoch detailing the journey of Topal the Pilot and his voyage. He and his men decided to rest in at the shores of what we call Illiac Bay now and do you notice how the epoch explicitly uses the word “orcs”? There were no Orcs back then, though the author of the book theorizes that it implies there were indigenous tribes of Orcs even before we Orsimer came to be, I have a different theory.

    The epoch was written in Aldmeris and the author was translating it. And the author translated that part as “orcs”. But what is the word for Orcs in Aldmeris? Maybe it was Orsimer which is translated as Pariah Folk? Or maybe the translation is just plainly wrong. What “Orc” is and Aldmeris word for “tusked-folk”? I can´t say because I wasn´t lucky enough to see the original, but I just have to doubt the translation and wonder if Topal the Pilot - a guy who was looking for Old Ehlnofey and instead of that he circled the Tamriel (seriously?) - didn´t meet Goblins instead.

    But Goblins were native to Summerset Isles, so Topal certainly couldn´t mistake them for something else. 

    Well spotted Karver. Giant Goblins? Myth Busted! 

    Elves and their effed up creation myth :D Orsimer meaning paraiah-folk from a time when the Orsimer weren't pariah's and the Trinimac transformation had not happened yet according to the history books... 

    So what is the truth?

    And with that, my dear readers, I leave you to ponder about what I wrote here and maybe come to your own conclusions.

    My conclusion?