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Velothic Commentaries On The Dwemer And Orsimer

  • January 17, 2016

    One day Boethiah, Prince of Plots, precocious youth, tricked Trinimac to go into his mouth. Boethiah talked like Trinimac for awhile then, and gathered enough people to listen to him. Boethiah showed them the lies of the et'Ada, the Aedra, and told them Trinimac was the biggest liar of all -Changed Ones 

    Today I was talking to my good friends and noted scholars Hloris Farano and Karver gro-Karves. And as per usual this discussion started and ended as not just a philosophical debate but also an historical one. It seems that the modern people of Tamriel have real trouble putting allegory to good use, especially when it comes to the interconnected origins of the Orsimer and the Dunmer. And thus I have decided to forward this pamphlet in the hope of spreading illumination.

    Changed Ones is an important philosophical work that depicts the creation of the Dunmer and the Orsimer from the Dunmer point of view. Many people see it as absolute gospel and many people see it as semi-allegorical. But not many people seem to see it as entirely allegorical. I am of the former opinion. What if it's not just the consumption of Trinimac that's an allegory, but the entire story. And it's an allegory of the history of Resdayn.

    I put forward that after the many wars between the Chimer and Dwemer outlined in A Pocket Guide to The Empire and its environs, Third Edition Morrowind the tale of Boethiah eating Trinimac was a fable describing the absorbing of Dwemereth in to Chimer society. Boethiah being the representation of the Chimer or Nerevar and Trinimac representing the Dwemer or Dumac. This is backed up in Five Songs of King Wulfharth that names Nerevar as the Son of Boethiah and Dumac as Dumalacath Dwarf-Orc.

    Boethiah is said to have wore the skin and spoken through the mouth of Trinimac, this could be seen as Boethiah manipulating Trinimac and using him for his own ends. So if  Boethiah is the Chimer\Nerevar and Trinimac is Dumac\Dwemer it completely lines up with what Vivec states as the reason for annexing Dwemereth in The 36 Lessons of Vivec.

    The defecation of Trinimac could be the eventual backstabbing at Red Mountain outlined in The Battle of Red Mountain, and the Rise and Fall of the Tribunal. After the Chimer had no more use of the Dwemer they discarded them and since Dumac had thought of Nerevar as a great friend he seen it as a great betrayal. In Varieties of Faith in the Empire it is said when Nerevar kills Dumac at the Battle of Red Mountain he cuts out his heart just like the Orc myth of Trinimac and Boethiah. 

    There is two explanations as to how the golden skinned Chimer were changed to the ashen skinned Dunmer. The first is that after Boethiah slew Trinimac the Chimer rubbed his remains on to there skin staining it. The other one is that the actions at the Battle of Red Mountain either through a curse by Azura or the sorrow of the Tribunal turned their skin to ash. But if my hypothesis is right then these two events are essentially the same.

    In Mauloch, Orc-Father it is said after he was beaten by Boethiah he was cast in to a place of choking air and ash (similar to the Ashland where the Battle took place) where he cut the shame from his chest (referencing the Nerevar\Dumac story)  and the Orcs were born from the blood and ash possibly referencing the Dwemer being turned to ash by the Numidium as seen in Bamz-Amschend. Could the Dragon Break at Red Mountain have turned Dumac in to a vengeful ash and fire god of oaths and his followers in to Orcs in the same way the Tribunal and Voryn Dagoth became gods?

    Malacath himself has some direct connections to Red Mountain and it's euroption. As it states in Varieties of Faith as his alternate Mauloch who is a god of the Velothi Mountains, is the cause of the eruption of Red Mountain known as the Sun's Death or the Year of WInter in Summer. This event takes place at the same time as the Chimers final war with the Dwemer. The literal translation of his name is Mountain Fart which is a clear reference to a volcanic eruption.

    Another thread to follow on is the Dwemer themselves. Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition/Hammerfell states the ones that refused to become part of Chimer society fled Resdayn and followed the hammer Volendrung to its landing place in the Alik'r desert, an area the Ra Gada found an aspect of Malacath called Malooc waiting with his armies . This powerful Dwemer made hammer would become the primary artifact of Malacath.

    So only one question remains: Do you want to take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

  • January 17, 2016

    When you brought this to me, I had one question. If technically, Orcs are Dwemer, respectively Dwemer that have been changed after the use of Kagrenac´s Tool into Orcs...then how is it possible that Nords and Orcs (following Mauloch) invaded ancient Resdayn and fought against both Dwemer and Chimer. I´m talking about the War of the First Council now.

    Second. Why would the Dumac changed into Malacath and not Kagrenac? Because it was Kagrenac who used the Tools on the Heart and Dwemer vanished after that. 

  • January 17, 2016

    The Dragon Break retroactively making it so that Orcs always existed the same way the Tribunal were to always be gods or a clerical error? Maybe the term Orc (ostracized) was used to refer to Dwemer who had broken away from the main empire like the Rourken clan since it was a term used before the Orsimer were created.

    Kagrenac didn't form an enantiomorph that mirrored Convention. 

  • January 17, 2016

    Well, it must have been either Dragon Break or nothing. Because even Nord´s lore speak about Orcs being Skyrim, about their strongholds. 

  • January 17, 2016

    Well we do know that Skyrim was the site of a significant Dwemer population.

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    January 17, 2016

    Very well put Veloth, I love the in-universe style too!  I will have to read and re-read this until I have it square in my head - great use of sources too.

  • January 20, 2016

    It was actually going to be more in universe at one point but I ended up editing it.

  • January 21, 2016

    I don´t like it, but here´s something that might relate to this theory. But it makes me wonder why one Dwemer would build machines and such and the other lived like...Orcs. 

  • January 22, 2016

    More clues! Well I imagine they didn't live like Orcs until the change but Orcs are still the greatest builders\smiths in Tamriel. Have you been to any of the Dwemer ruins or Old Orsinium in Wrothgar yet?

    Also could be nothing but Dwemer names look much closer to the Orcish langue than any other Elven language. 

  • January 22, 2016

    You´re right about those names, they are somewhat similar.

    didn't live like Orcs until the change

    I´m not sure bout this, mate. If we follow your logic that Dwemer were called Dwarves and those Dwemer living "outside Dwemer society" were called Orcs, what if they weren´t that technologicaly advanced as Dwarfs? I mean, they had clans, they had chieftains. Maybe that could draw direct line between two kinds of Dwemer - Dwarves and Orcs.

    And look at those names, mate. Dwemer actually weren´t Dwarves, right? So, if they were called Orcs before...there must be reason for that. Tribal society, crude structures and weapons.

    Just to be clear, I´m not really fond of this theory, but I have to admit there are some things pointing in that direction, so I´m willing to play the ball for the time being.

    And so far I was only in that Dwemer ruin under Quary. I´m not really far in the quest, I just had my first encounter with Vosh Rakh.