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Lore Investigation: Imperial Names by Region

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    July 26, 2015

    So here's an old project from September '14 which I started but never finished. I thought it could be interesting to look at the Imperial race by examining the spread of Colovian and Nibenay surnames in order to see if it proves or disapproves the old argument "Imperial isn't a race."

    To those not as familiar with this theme, there was at one time a recurring discussion that the race known as Imperial is actually a culture made up of two distinct races, the Colovians of the west and the Nibenese of the east. I thought more insight could be shed on this if we examined the spread of names. The Roman style names are considered Nibenese, while the more consonant-heavy names are Colovian in origin. By taking a peak at the regions of Cyrodiil and the names of their inhabitants, I was curious to see if there was an equal spread of Colovians in the east as there are Nibenese in the west.

    Below is the list, never completed. Maybe someone can finish it or simply interpret the findings as either for, against or inconclusive in proving Imperials are in fact a legitimate race. Can you see a trend indicating an equal spread of Colvian style names in the eastern counties or Nibenese names in the western cities? Or do you perhaps think such an analysis is a waste of time due to the complexity of the genealogies not translating into a game world?

    File:OB-place-Skingrad 03.jpg

    Imperial City:

    Carmana Sintav, Cryonin Sintav, Iniel Sintav, Jastia Sintav Jena Sintav, Vontan Sintav = Colovian

    Andreas Draconis, Sibylla Draconis= Nibenese

    Atinia Atius, Hekvo Atius, Severius Atius = Nibenese

    Bronsila Kvinchal, Vlanarus Kvinchal, Kastav Kvinchal = Colovian

    Praxedes Afranius, Surius Afranius = Nibenese

    Cicero Verus, Sergius Verus, Turtullian Verus = Nibenese

    Amantius Allectus, Caula Allectus = Nibenese

    Ley Marillin, Prista Marillin = Colovian (?)

    Ida Ottus = Nibenese

    Alessia Ottus (wife of Breton Hastrel Ottus) = Nibenese and Colovian

    Viator Accius = Nibenese

    Dynari Amnis = Nibenese

    Ysabel Andronicus = Nibenese

    Velan Andus = Colovian

    Luther Broad = Colovian

    Claudius Arcadia = Nibenese

    Audens Avidius = Nibenese

    Gemellus Axius - Nibenese

    Augusta Calidia = Nibenese

    Marinus Catiotus = Nibenese

    Herminia Cinna = Nibenese (?)

    Giovanni Civello = Nibenese

    Adrian Decanius = Nibenese

    Trenus Duronius = Nibenese

    Romana Faleria = Nibenese

    Tertius Favonius = Nibenese

    Brielus Gawey = Colovian

    Itius Hayn = Colovian

    Velus Hosidius = Nibenese

    Irlav Jarol = Colovian

    Renee Geonette (Wife of Breton Saloman Geonette) = Unknown

    Ris Fralmoton = Colovian (?)

    Martina Floria = Nibenese

    Pennus Mallius = Nibenese

    Vincia Melissaeia = Nibenese

    Adamus Phillida = Nibenese

    Raminus Polus = Nibenese

    Servatius Quintilius = Nibenese

    Isa Raman = Colovian

    Marana Rian = Colovian

    Maro Rufus = Colovian

    Schlera Sestius - Pell's Gate, Imp C Region = Nibenese

    Restita Statlilia = Nibenese

    Carmalo Truiand = Nibenese

    Ontus Vanin = Colovian

    Stantus Varrid = Colovian

    Collatinus Vedius = Nibenese

    Ida Vlinorman = Colovian

    So that's the population of Imperials residing in the Imperial City and it seems like the Nibenese have a slight majority there. Of course, this may just indicate a rise in Nibenese naming trends as they grow in popularity, but without any evidence of that all we can do is speculate.

    What do you think? Disagree with any of my classifications?


    Caelia Draconis  - Leyawin

    Perennia Draconis - West of Bruma

    Sibylla Draconis - Imp C / Cheydinhal

    Antus Odiil - Choral

    Rallus Odiil - Choral

    Valus Odiil - Choral



    Janonia Aurunceia  - Leyawin

    Januarius Aurunceia  - Leyawin


    Lorgren Benirus - Anvil

    Velwyn Benirus - Anvil


    Rena Bruiant - Chorral

    Rimalus Bruiant - Chorral


    Marius Caro -  Leyawin

    Alessia Caro - Leyawin


    Vilena Donton - Choral

    Viranus Donton  - Choral


    Viranus Donton - Choral

    Jirolin Doran - Choral


    Janus Hassildor - Skingrad

    Rona Hassildor - Skingrad


    Britta Invel - Leyawin

    Jaras Invel - Leyawin


    Astia Inventius - Anvil

    Pinarus Inventius - Anvil


    Etira Moslin - Choral/Hackdirt

    Vlanhonder Moslin - Choral/Hackdirt


    Betto Plotius - Leyawin

    Julitta Plotius - Leyawin


    Jesan Sextius - Anvil

    Toutius Sextius - Skingrad


    Regulus Terentius - Bravil

    Gellius Terentius - Bravil


    Corvus Umbranox - Anvil

    Millona Umbranox - Anvil

    Valandrus Abor - Skingrad



    Mariana Ancharia - Cheydinhal


    Malintus Ancrus - Choral



    Primo Antonius - Skingrad



    Belisarius Arius - Bravil


    Danus Artellian -  Skingrad


    Arnora Auria - Bruma



    Aloys Bincal - Nibenay Basin/Cheydinhal


    Tahm Blackwell - Anvil


    Silana Blandia - Leyawin


    Rusia Bradus - Anvil



    Reman Broder - Skingrad


    Jantus Brolus - Bruma

    Marlena Brussiner - Hackdirt/Choral


    Fadus Calidius - Skingrad


    Lerexus Callidus - Leyawin


    Brotch Calus - Bruma


    Faustina Cartia - Anvil


    Narina Carvain - Bruma


    Helvius Cecia - Bruma


    Kantav Cheynoslin - Leyawin


    Inius Colus - Cheydinhal


    Naspia Cosma -  Cheydinal


    Garrus Darelliun - Cheydinhal


    Ilav Dralgoner - Kvatch


    Selene Duronia - Anvil


    Arentus Falvius - Bruma


    Casta Flavus - Bruma County


    Antus Flonius - Leyawin



    Contumeliorus Florius - Choral


    Rosentia Gallenus - Leyawin


    Gruiand Garrana - Cheydinhal



    Ormellius Goldwine - Kvatch


    Menien Goneld - Kvatch


    Amminus Gregori - Cheydinhal


    Roliand Hanus - Anvil



    Jiv Hiriel - Hackirt Count choral



    Mercator Hosidus - Skingrad


    Vontus Idolus - Skingrad


    Berich Inian - Kvatch



    Erina Jeranus - Skingrad


    Dumania Jirich - Anvil

    Viera Lerus -  Bravil


    Hieronymus Lex - Anvil


    Tyrellius Logellus - Bravil


    Camilla Lollia - Bruma


    Bruscius Longus - County Bruma


    Otius Loran - Choral


    Lord Lovidicus - Anvil


    Javolia Maborel - Skingrad




    Savlian Matius - kvatch


    Aviera Nirol - Cheydinhal

    Humilis Nonius - Bruma

    Carodus Oholin - Leyawiin

    Decentius Opsius - Leyawiin

    Selena Orania - Bruma

    Vlarimil Orius - Anvil (visiting)

    Baszone Patneim - Anvil

    Melus Petilius - Great Forest Region, Skingrad and Chorrol

    Natch Pinder - Hackdirt. Chorrol

    Vantus Prelius - Leyawiin

    Gaius Prentus - Bravil

    Ita Rienus - Bravil

    Jesan Rilian - Kvatch

    Lyra Rosentia- Bruma

    Carius Runellius - Bruma

    Plautis Rusonius - Colovian Highlands

    Casta Scrib

  • July 27, 2015

    It´s Chorrol, Phil. Not Choral

    This is why I hate Game/Lore differences. Lore gives you a certain line between Nibenese and Colovians, yet in game, no mention or whatever. They are all just Imperials. I myself would certainly like to see some differences between people from west and east in Oblivion.

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    July 27, 2015

    Yeah, I remember thinking about those spelling errors at the time of writing "must remember to correct them before posting."  I guess I decided not to.

    I think we have a different opinion on this issue. I was hoping to see an equal mix of Nibenese and Colovian names spread throughout the map, but a cursory glance at the list suggests that apart form the Imperial City the names remain largely confined to their respective areas.

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    July 27, 2015

    I haven't formulated an opinion on the matter yet; however, I'm watching this post in the hopes that I can be swayed one way or the other.

    With that said, I'm not entirely sure that you can find a racial difference by looking at family names. Modern Imperials exist long after the Nibanay and Colovian tribesman were enslaved (and, therefore, separated from each other) by the Ayleids. The Alessian Empire brought a measure of unity for the race(s). It's fair to make the assumption that this kind of unified environment resulted much intermarrying among the tribes. 

    Of course, this points more toward the Imperials as being a unified "race" - perhaps not originally, but over the course of time. 

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    July 27, 2015

    I'm in full agreement and this has been my stance on the issue whenever it raised it's head. There has been ample time since east and west's consolidation for a single, unified "race" to emerge.

    Races make no sense anyway as all humans are of the same race. If Neanderthals still existed I think referring to them as a separate race would be the only factually correct use of the term. Regardless, it's funny how that works in terms of real life:

    I am from the UK and know that as short a time as 1500 years ago this land was inhabited and many times by many different ethnic groups. Modern Englishmen are nothing if not mongrels but if this were a TES game we would be seen as a separate race from the French.

    All that said and done, I'm disappointed by the lack of uniformity the names and geography seem to indicate in the above list. It looks as though these names actually match their expected locations nicely.

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    July 27, 2015

    Races make no sense anyway as all humans are of the same race. 

    This is absolutely true. The better term would be "people group," bu that doesn't sound as catchy when taking about differing racial abilities and powers.

    I am American, with Italian heritage. No one knows for sure where the modern Italians came from, but a growing percentage of anthropologists believe that Italians are not Romans. Hell, although Italian, my ancestral lineage contains northern European. Apparently, my family intermarried with the Normans (descendants of the Vikings) when they liberated southern Italy from the Moors and established the Kingdom of Sicily. Yet, my family still called themselves, Italian.

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    August 1, 2015

    I've now compiled all the Imperial NPCs from Oblivion into one place, now all that remains is to count the number of Ninenese names in the west and Colovian names in the east to get a sense for the spread of the population. To do this I will simply cut the map in half, with Chorrol, Skingrad, Anvil and Kvatch in the west and Cheydinahl, Bruma, Leyawiin and Bravil in the east.

    I will leave the Imperil City as one distinct region separate from the rest in order to represent the melting pot it should be.