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The History of the Dunmer: v1, Part 2

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    September 8, 2014

    In Part One of this history I recounted the long history of my people from the early days of their exodus from the degenerate Summerset Isles, led by the enlightened Saint Veloth, up until their heroic defeat of the filthy Nords. I tried to keep my account as simple as possible in order for it to be as easy to digest for n'wah. My tale resumes now by introducing two leaders who were involved in events which changed Morrowind forever...


    It was the friendship of two heroes of that war, General Indoril Nerevar of the Chimer and Dumac Dwarf-King of the Dwemer, who did the most to attempt lasting peace as leaders of the new First Council of Resdayn.


    Even when Nerevar’s councillors, the Tribunal of Sotha Sil, Almalexia and Vivec advised him to make war upon the sly Dwemer who, they said, were up to something, it was this friendship which stayed Nerevar’s hand.

    Two Generals by Lelek1980

    The traitorous sixth “lost” House, House Dagoth were, our scholars reveal, the orchestrators behind the next Battle of Red Mountain (The Real Nerevar). They had learned of the Heart of Lorkhan and the Dwemer’s plans to use it with special tools to forge a new god and reclaim Dwemereth as their own once more. Dagoth-Ur, leader of House Dagoth, gave this information to Nerevar’s advisors in what seems a foolish and ill-fated attempt to play both sides off against each other.

    Dagoth-Ur allied with the Dwemer and invited armies of Nords and Orcs to fight with them against the united Houses and Ashlander Tribes which made up General Nerevar’s forces. (Five Songs of King WulfharthThe Real NerevarThe Battle of Red Mountain, Nerevar at Red Mountain).

    Dismayed, Nerevar confronted his friend Dumac who claimed he had no knowledge about the plans of Kragrenac, a High Priest of the Dwemer. Nerevar secretly harboured doubts and made a pilgrimage to Holamayan, the isolated and sacred temple of mighty Azura, goddess of Dusk and Dawn and an ancestor-god as important to us as Boethiah and Mephala.

    Nerevar by Lelek1980

    Azura revealed the truth of the Tribunal’s information to Nerevar. Now angry he acted on the advice of his council. Armed and armoured, General Indoril marched to King Dumac and declared his intention to make war upon them unless they give up their profane god. Dumac stood with his people and forsook his friendship of old.

    War once again broke out between Chimer and Dwemer after almost three centuries of peace (timeline). I will not go into any more detail of the sorcery and violence of the battle, nor will I make any judgement on the truth of what occurred next. No matter which tale you choose to believe the aftermath of The Battle of Red Mountain leads to  the greatest change in Chimer religion and culture since the days of The Prophet Veloth.

    Lord Kagrenac byTheMinttu

    Out of their fortresses they came with golden ballistae that walked and mighty atronachs and things that spat flame and things that made killing songs. Their king was Dumac Dwarf-Orc, but their high priest was Kagrenac the Blighter. 

    Under mountains and over them the war with the Dwemer was raged, and then came the northern men to help Kagrenac and they brought Ysmir again.

    Dwemeri high priest Kagrenac then revealed that which he had built in the image of Vivec. It was a walking star, which burnt the armies of the Triune and destroyed the heartland of Veloth, creating the Inner Sea. (36 Lessons of Vivec: Sermon 36)

    Finding the Heart of Lorkhan Nerevar and Dumac met in battle and mortally wounded each other. Dagoth-Ur confronted High Priest Kagrenac and one of them, depending on which story you read, used the tools and power of the Heart. At that moment Dwemer everywhere vanish, never to be seen again.

    Dying Nerevar returned to The Tribunal, leaving Dagoth-Ur, who he believed he can trust to guard the Heart. His councilors declared they should guard the tools and Heart lest the Dwemer return someday.

    Did the Tribunal murder Nerevar and claim the power of the Heart for themselves when he tried to summon Azura for guidance? Or did he die of his injuries, leaving the Tribunal to deal with traitorous Dagoth-Ur, guardian of the Heart? Whatever the truth, Dagoth escapes Nerevar’s councillors leaving them in possession of the Heart.


    Nerevar Betrayed by Velothii

    Either temptation proved too much for them ( Nerevar at Red Mountain) or they share a noble vision of a better world with them guiding us as living gods (The Battle of Red Mountain). Whichever is true, they harnessed the power of the Heart.

    No sooner was this done, Azura who it said loved Nerevar appeared. Placing a curse upon the New Gods and all our people, she prophesied Nerevar’s return at a future time to exact her revenge. Our skin turned ashen and our eyes to fire and so, at that moment, the Chimer were no more and Dunmer - the Dark Elves - were born.


    Part 1 --- Part 3

  • Tom
    September 8, 2014

    Minor thing, but I've never heard of Viveca as Vivec's mortal name, but Vehk.

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    September 8, 2014

    Yeah, wasn't Vehk Nerevar's concubine in another timeline?

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    September 8, 2014

    Did I come here to be told about my own gods by s'wits and fetchers? I am a Telvanni Spellwright of Sadrith Mora I'll have you know!

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    September 8, 2014

    My servant has had the temerity to point out the merit in your words, outlanders. While I will not apologise for the harshness of my previous words, I will concede you might not be as ignorant as I first suspected.

    If you can locate any sources which confirm your assertions within that disorderly mess you call a library, I'll consider devoting a sentence or two to the information. In the meantime I have fixed the spelling error my scribe has made.

  • Mr.
    September 20, 2014

    Great initiative. The site was missing some good master race Dunmer lore. I hope that you continue this project. 

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    September 22, 2014

    I will Mr the Lumberjack and thank you. I will get part two of the religion section dealing with the Tribunal up over the next few days before starting work on the history part 3.