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Pillars of Mundus

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    April 10, 2013

    So I've been doing some lore reading and am half-confused, half-intrigued; a combination that has lead me here to ask some questions. I'm going to share what I've learned, with some direct questions intermixed, and I would appreciate it if someone would read through it and correct me where I err. A lot of my information is from this post: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/615803-/61069429 as well as the ES wiki.

    So what I've gathered is that there are several pillars on Mundus, which can take many different forms, such as mountains, but are typically literal towers. They literally hold up reality and keep the daedric realms from crashing into Nirn. They are "powered" by stones; magical power cores. Now I'll list the pillars I know of and their stones;

    Pillar - Stone - Status

    Adamantine Tower - The Divines - Active

    Red Mountain - Heart of Lorkhan - Stone destroyed

    White-gold Tower - Amulet of Kings - Stone destroyed

    Brass Tower (Numidium) - A Shezarrine Soul - Destroyed

    Throat of the World - Unknown (perhaps Alduin?) - Unknown

    Crystal Tower - Unknown - Destroyed

    Orchalicium Tower (on Yokunda) - Unknown - Destroyed

    Khajit Tower (form unknown) - Unknown - Unknown

    Tree-Sap Tower (A once-mobile tower in Valenwood) - Unknown - Unknown

    Direct Questions

    Why did the ayleids build the White-Gold tower if they loved the daedra? Wouldn't they be more likely to break down pillars than to build one? Or was the tower just a landmark that the Allesians turned into a pillar with the Amulet of Kings (supposedly its stone).

    Why do I hear that the Oblivion Crisis ended daedric interaction on Nirn if it ended in two pillars, the White-gold and crystal towers, being destroyed. Wouldn't this weaken the barrier between Nirn and Oblivion, encouraging a renewed assault, if anything?

    Is the Numidium a true pillar? It seems to precipitate a lot of Dragonbreaks; lapses in reality, seemingly contrary to its purpose. If it is a pillar then is the Akulan as well?

    If the Adamantine pillar is always there, and it's stone, the divines, always active, then won't Mundus be safe forever?

    I've noticed that Oblivion towers have Sigil Stones, similar to the arrangement of pillars, are they that way to bridge the gap into Nirn?