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Lesser Known Figures of Tamriel: Terrfyg

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  • January 10, 2020

    In Kodlak's journal, which you get from the desk in his room. it mentions a previous harbinger of the companions named Terrfyg, who is said to be the one who either cursed or blessed, some members see it differently than others, the companions with the beast blood. Kodlak's Journal also describes a deal he struck with the witches of Glenmoril coven to become the first werewolf. 

    The Deal

    The Glenmoril witches of Hammerfell are known to most of Tamriel as highly skilled magic wielders, primarily destruction magic. Many tamrielic citizens know this  as fact, but what they do not know is they can infect someone with lycanthropy, or even cure a person's lycanthropy. Terrfyg was nearing the end of his life, so, the glenmoril witches, seeing a wounded man stumble into their coven, took pity on the human. With his dying breath, he asked the witches if they would grant his descendants the ability to win any battle easily and without much strain on their part. The witches asked for him to serve their lord, Hircine. In return, Terrfyg, weak from severe blood loss from the greviously fatal wound in his chest, merely nodded his head, fearing that any extreme movement would only quicken his death.

    The witches granted him his dying wish, but what they did neglect to tell the man lying on the cave floor was that every night, his descendants would turn into horrible beasts, have the insatiable hunger for human flesh, they would be shunned by society as uncontrollable monsters, which, in turn would force them to keep their wolfish identity a secret from everyone but those that can be trusted.

    The Circle

    The name 'the circle' may have been derived from the original harbinger's circle of captains that would protect him during battles and even act as his advisors during tough decisions that more often than not culminated in the choice of life and death, but Terrfyg was the one who introduced lycanthropy to the companions’ inner circle. The circle also was formed to help young companions, called whelps, to find their way in a world unknown to them. Even the whelps do not know of Terrfyg's gift to the companions, to the inner circle.

    A Blessing...Or A Curse?

    Not everyone sees Terrfyg's gift as a benefical one, meant to give unsurpassed strength to the companions, the circle and even outsiders who have earn the circles' trust. An old nord named Kodlak Whitemane views Ysgramor's successor's 'gift' as a curse. He wanted to lay in eternal peace in Sovngarde, meet some lost aquantices, roam the halls of legends and have his spirit live in eternal happiness and drink endless flagons of mead. Alas, this was cruelly ripped away from him as soon as the Glenmoril witches granted Terrfyg's dying wish.


    Now, Kodlak is doomed to an eternity of hunting with the father of manbeasts and his children in the Hunting Grounds...that is unless he can be seperated from his wolf form in time. Some people, like Aela and Skjor, view the beast blood as a blessing, Kodlak, Vilkas and Farkas, on the other hand, believe that their souls are destined for a better plane of existence...the nordic afterlife, Sovngarde.