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Research: Southern Elsweyr

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    October 23, 2019

    Also known as Pellitine, this land's complex history stretches back into antiquity. Long ago, Khajiiti aristocrats ruled the southern kingdoms with grace and refinement. Now, in the wake of Knahaten Flu, criminals, Imperial remnants, and Khajiiti patriots all compete for the reins of power.

    Another scrapbook-style post in which we can share discoveries we make while exploring Elsweyr's southern region. Unlike previous Research topics, though, this one looks at a dlc zone which represents the ending of ESO's Season of the Dragon. So it naturally assumes a familiarity with the previous content as it launches us straight into the action, making avoiding spoilers pretty hard. That's a long-winded way of saying...


    First up, a new creature called a Glyptodon:

    I haven't come across any literature about this wonderful, horse-sized beast yet. These glyptodons lumber around very peacefully, retreating into their armoured shells if attacked. 

    Next, a new word (at least I think it's new as I don't remember it from up north): Zha'al. No idea what it actually means, but here it is in context:

    I've come across three noteworthy books so far that really (as in, massively and hugely) expand upon the gods missing from Khajiiti theology up until now: The Wandering Spirits, The Worldly Spirits, and The Adversarial Spirits.

    I took a shot from a daily quest that backs up something about Meridia from The Adversarial Spirits:

    To finish on a bit of dragon lore and culture from the mouth of a familiar dovah, the concept of sosmir or blood allegiance:

    We've already met the Chevalier Renald, and now we meet Nafaalilargus. ESO is truly hurtling towards events that will culminate with the apotheosis of Talos and start of the Third Era!

    Please feel free to share anything you come across while on your adventures :)

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    October 24, 2019

    Just a small update today after questing in Black Heights, a village of artists in Southern Elsweyr. The cats of this place have a tradition of painting their stories on the Wall of Life. It's really cool, there are rocks and walls covered in little paw-print paintings! It's also a place in which we get to know a bit more about the Khajiiti afterlife and meet a Twilight Cantor:

    These Twilight Cantors are like travelling excorcists who wander the land fighting the Great Darkness wherever it can be found. In this quest, Adara'hai is in town to help her sister ease the passage of her dying husband who, due to a curse, is being twisted into a dro-M'athra. By using her powers, the Twilight Cantor can counter the beat of the Dark Heart that threatens to turn the dying Khajiit into a bent cat. More info can be read in the book, Twilight Cantors: The Exorcists of Azurah.

    They have a tradition in this village of painting their stories on the wall of life and then ascending up the mountain to be taken by Khenarthi to the Sands Behind the Stars, as Adara'hai explains:

    The nearby temple has a few nice books exploring Khenarthi and the other spirits: 


    I found The Sky Spirits and The Dark Spirits while there.

    This concept of going up a mountain to die was also present in Northern Elsweyr. I just need to remember the name of that scroll which recounts the story of a priest as he goes about the process of dying. 

    Anyway, as the Twilight Cantor said, the next stage for these villagers is to walk the Passage of Dad'na Ghaten:

    Along the path they strike these Khenarthic Bells to call Khenarthi to them. At the summit, we fight the dro-M'athra responsible for the curse and get to ask if the dro-M'athra can be killed:

    Also, Alfiq spell-casters: 

  • October 24, 2019

    I was going to drop a meaningful comment but who cares when we have adorable little Mages, truly this is what we all wanted out of Elsweyr. Actually it really was so...meaningful comment will come later after I get a chance to read those books, seems like we've got some really interesting stuff though :D

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    October 25, 2019

    Dragonborn2121 said:

    I was going to drop a meaningful comment but who cares when we have adorable little Mages, truly this is what we all wanted out of Elsweyr. Actually it really was so...meaningful comment will come later after I get a chance to read those books, seems like we've got some really interesting stuff though :D

    There's a helluvah lot to take in! I've just completed Southern Elsweyr's story quests, and it's pretty epic. My mind is struggling with all the things. A lot of gaps in our knowledge of the Dragonguard have now been filled in, and a few very interesting things are going on relevant to our previous discussion about Alkosh and dragons as seen through the cultural lens of the cats. It's so freakin' huge, all this new lore.

    A new scroll called The Pride of Alkosh is well worth a read, especially from a perspective of how to incorporate this lore into Skyrim playthroughs.

    I'm not sure if you remember some of the things explored with Scalebreaker and Zaan the Dragon Priest, how a few books make mention of Dragon Priests and their bond with their chosen dragon, but it feels like we get to see some of how that works as the whole questline of Dragonhold revolves around the rise of a Dragon Cult called the Order of the New Moon. Heavy spoiler territory here so I'll stop except to jot down a thought that the story of the Pride of Alkosh's founder, Ja'darri, is very reminiscent of theories about Konahrik. We get to see a dragon embuing a mask with power, get to see how the bond between dragon and mask-wearer is key to that mask's power. It's insanely cool. The only thing stopping it from being a direct parallel is that the mask in question was already a sacred relic. But I can't shake that everything else fits so perfectly from we know from TES V that what we're seeing can't be anything other than actually watching the process of how a Priest's Mask is made. But I could be wrong.

    Oh, and pipe-smoking:


  • November 4, 2019

    Sorry Phil, meant to reply earlier but only just got around to reading all the stuff you'd linked so far. I was particularly interested in The Dark/Sky Spirits just thought that the unique view the Khajiit have in regards to the various deities is particularly fascinating, especially the central place that Azura seems to take in their mythology. It's incredibly different from even Azura's place in Dunmeri culture and, yeah it's just interesting (truly, I am the best with the word things) :D

    Ooooh this new stuff sounds fascinating, I'm always down for more Dragon Cult stuff and we might actually get to see a Priest's mask being made? Okay that's sort of just beyond cool. I do like that they've made a point of having a more direct connection between Priest and Dragon and I have to wonder if that negatively effects the Priests we meet in Skyrim. What if their Dragons have already died at some point (which is why we never really see an interaction between them), does that have an effect on their powers or what remains of their mental abilities? Then how does Miraak factor into this, his ability of using Bend Will could be more horrible than expected if he's potentially ripping a Dragon apart from their Priest. 


    Very awesome stuff really, kind of has me eager to jump in and play it for myself (but alas it is something I would need money to do...might save up for a few weeks and buy Elsweyr actually).