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    May 26, 2019 3:51 AM EDT

    Hey everyone, we’ve actually got something super exciting to announce today, for something that Golden Fool, Edana, Phil and I have been working on for a few months now. The Tamriel Vault will be officially unveiling our Discord server, as a replacement for the chat systems that we haven’t been able to run due to them causing issues with the site. It's something that people have been wanting for awhile, and and we're finally at the point where we can fully open the Discord up to members of our site and welcome you to it :D

    I'll throw the link up here so it's nice and easy to follow, but at least read the sign-up and rules section if not a bit of everything. There's some important information here.

    Link to the Discord

    Our Aim

    Our aim for this Discord, is that it will act as an extension of the site, rather than a separated community. We have plans for content that crosses the bridge to bind the two together and naturally want to encourage conversation in more of a relaxed manner to what’s possible on the site. It’s also still developing, so if anyone wants to provide suggestions at any point in time, then feel free to do so. I like to think of this as your server and I’m just the guy making sure it doesn’t fall apart behind the scenes. If you think something doesn’t work, or want to see something that we aren’t already running, or anything else to improve the Discord, just let me know.

    How to Sign-Up (and rule stuff)

    At the moment, this means that you will need to be a member of the Tamriel Vault to join the Discord, and must sign up with your username from the site. We don’t mind if you’ve only been a member for 10 minutes, or if you’ve been a member for 6 years. As long as you have signed up to become a member of the site, you are free to join the Discord. You will of course have to follow the rules there, but they’re basically the same as the site rules with a few wording changes. Since it is a single community, if (for whatever reason) rules do need to be enforced, treat it as the site. If you harass people in discord and need to be banned, then you will be banned from the site as well.

      • Must be a Tamriel Vault member (for now)

      • Must use your Tamriel Vault username

      • Follow thiiiiiiiiis link to join whenever you feel like it.

      • Just as a notice, when you sign up consider it a bit more like signing up for the site. Edana, Phil, Golden Fool or myself will give you the 'Member' role which gives you full interaction but before that you'll be limited to the Welcome Thread and a few other open threads. It should never take all that long for you to be given access, but it's how we've set it up. 

      • Come over and have fun :D

    Quick note about this. You can change your nicknames (Discord’s version of usernames) specifically for the server. So even if you have a username already, you can change it for use in the Tamriel Vault server so it mirrors your on-site name without changing anything else about your normal Discord use. On PC (at least) just right click on your name as it appears in one of the servers and select 'Change Nickname'. Think it's fairly similar for other devices but I'll do a check when I can for mobile.

    Note on Discord Hosting

    Quick bit of housekeeping. I (Dragonborn2121) am the current Host for Discord, and will be responsible for most of the day-to-day decisions regarding it. Eventually my aim will be to create a larger team to coincide with the growth of the Discord, meaning there will be eventual roles for consistently active and helpful members. I won’t give a direct timeframe, or any specifics just because I haven’t figured them out, but my rough aim is to create a pretty decently sized team. We’re still working out what it means to be part of that team (and how it’ll function since it is partially separate from the site) but that’s not the important bit.

    Basically, in the future there will be hosting opportunities for multiple members associated with Discord.

    Cool Things We’re Already Working On

    • Phil (Paws) has already run one ‘Character Interview’ that you might have seen. This is something we did at the very end of the beta but could be something that happens somewhat regularly. It’s a fascinating idea, fascinating interview and something you writers or builders should keep an eye out for.

    • I’ll be running ‘Weekly Discussions’ of a few different varieties (the first few should be on-site soon). Some of them will be pretty generic like “Favorite Quest in a Game” which would allow everyone to just chat about any game, any quest and have a blast doing so. Some will be a bit more focused in regards to the game or topic (for example we’ve done one on Fanfic Characters) but the idea is still to allow for some really interesting, faster-paced discussions that wouldn’t work on-site. They will however be posted as ‘logs’ on-site so people can get involved even if they miss the original discussion.

    • We will eventually be testing voice chats, we tried one but that was only with 5-10 people at most so it’s not a great example of how they could work. So there won’t be constant voice chats, at least to start, but we will be aiming to run scheduled voice chats at some point.

    Just to end this, I’d like to thank the following people for their advice and help during the Beta for the Discord. Without your help there’s absolutely no way we could’ve gotten it together. Pocky, Fawn, Ilani, KingsOfOld, Legion, Mercurias, Motty, Mr. Edd, Tenebrous and Lex. You guys made this Discord happen just as much as any of the Admins, so thank you so much for your contributions over the Beta period.