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Bethesda E3 2018

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    March 18, 2018 7:23 AM EDT

    What Wulf says doesn't actually reflect my own thoughts all that much, the only reason I like taking jabs at ME2 is because I think its the weakest game in the series. I even enjoyed Andromeda more, yes you may all get out your pitchforks and torches :P I quite like the first ME and enjoyed the 3rd, I also lack the nostalgia goggles that most of the internet has for them since I played them for the first time only a couple of years ago.

    I'm not all that fussed that they haven't released or announced a new Elder Scrolls. In fact I'm quite curious as to what Starfield will end up being and am hoping that Bethesda branching out will make them better developers, which would result in TES6 potentially being a better game whenever that happens.

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    March 18, 2018 8:10 AM EDT

    Pitchfork time, folks! Jokes aside, I would actually rather Starfield isn't an RPG. I mean, we've never seen BGS do something that isn't a roleplaying game. All we know is the name, and it might not even be set in space, for Khenarthi's sake! I'm going to play this game, regardless of whether or not I truly love it, because I want to see what's different, and I want to see how they can improve on prior mistakes, but I just wanted to point out that this could be an action game (please no) or it could be a peaceful game based on storytelling, because let's be honest, BGS has poor combat, although that's their whole vibe. I'm worried by words like 'Procedural generation' because they're hard to pull off. I know Elder Scrolls Six is being held off for the better, and that's true - they're only going to get better *touches wood* over time, especially with new devs and this new studio. I'm interested on Starfield, but I'd almost hope Beth push this in a new direction, rather than a sci-fi RPG when we've already got the Mass Effect series to rule that category. It's like how Fallout rules apocolyptic games, Elder Scrolls rules fantasy games, Call of Duty rules shooter games, Counter Strike rules tactical games, that sort of thing. Push it into a new market, Bethesda. Try something new. 

    But please, for the love of Khenarthi, do not make it an action game. Please. 

    I think we can all agree on something. Whatever this new game is, it's going to be either good or bad. It's going to be either sucessful or another distraction on the road to Elder Scrolls Six. It's either going to make Bethesda a brand new IP, or it's going to be a single game. It's either going to be this or it's going to be that. 
    The real question we should be asking is, how will it happen? How have Bethesda done it? 

    And the answer to that is simple, my friends. 

    It just works.

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    March 19, 2018 5:38 PM EDT

    Ragin Cajun said:

    bolionce said:

    I'm personally excited for a sci-fi space game, especially if it's a nice big open world one where I can fly between planets and different intergalactic governments and stuff.

    Hey, it's No Man's Sky!

    Oofs, please no xP I thought the concept of No Man's Sky was cool, but they pretty much fudged it and promised things that never made it into the game. I hope Starfield has handcrafted, detailed locations rather than a ton of procedural mediocre places. I hope it has a great story, especially if they keep going down the route of Fallout 4. I don't think I'd mind much if it was a game with a set protagonist and a set story as long as it was well made (though since it is Bethesda I do expect they'd be better at the freedom super open model). If it comes out, I really hope it's good.

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    March 19, 2018 5:38 PM EDT

    Also something that I've found interesting, multiple things have already been released by Bethesda that could have been parts of their show. For example, the Houses of Morrowind expansion for ES:Legends (which is a nice card game if you're into them, like it better than Hearthstone) is releasing March 29. On March 21, Zenimax Online is doing a live podcast that is going to be revealing the new chapter for ESO. Two of the major pieces of content for the E3 showcase I could think of are already revealed. Depending on how ESO's schedule is, the next chapter might even be out by E3 and will almost certainly be on PTS. I don't know what else they could show at E3 other than a new Bethesda Studio game, probably the new IP, so it's pretty much confirmed.

    Either that or we'll all be hugely disappointed xP

    Edit: Both ES:Legends - Houses of Morrowind expansion and ESO: Summerset expansion are confirmed to be released and live on all platforms by E3 for Bethesda (March 29 and June 5, respectively)

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