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    October 10, 2017 7:05 AM EDT

    Hey wastelanders, Delta here and I have some questions for you. Since I got Fallout 4 a couple of months ago, I've only been testing builds and stormed through the main questline. I was thinking recently about starting a playthrough that focuses on building a single settlement and use it as your home. You won't be joining any factions (unless you want the Minuteman in your twon then it's cool) or go adventuring. Everything you do is focused towards creating a better life for you and your settlers.

    I wanted to ask if there are any wood choping and survival mods like iNeed from Skyrim and such. This playthrough also isn't played in Survival Mode. It's just casual survival on a low difficulty. Thanks in advance.

  • October 10, 2017 9:59 AM EDT

    I know you play on PC, but I think there is a mod that allows you play on Normal, but have Survival setting like hunger and fatigue, and I believe it is called Survival Options or Survival on Normal something of that sort. Again, my knowledge is limited sorry.

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    October 10, 2017 6:13 PM EDT
    You might try looking for mods in reverse. For example when I play survival I had a mod that allows me to quick save because loosing game saves makes me go nuts. You might try mods like that where you get features back. This allows your in game needs like food etc to be met without the background irritation of saving, or missing accsss to console commands, etc.

    I don’t know the names off hand but I know mods exist that allow you to scrap stuff out in the world so your foraging missions will make more sense. That way that car two feet outside your settlement boundary is still a resource you can use. Additionally another mod is one that adds sensors you can place in containers that a settler will come and pick up the contents similar to a dead drop. In this way you place a few hundred pounds of scrap in a trash can, stick a sensor in, a settler comes by and picks it up and like 24 in game hours later it’s in your settlement workshop (something like that can’t remember the exact details). It’s made by the same guy who did SIMsettlements, which in itself might be a good mod for you depending on the settlement size and type you want to focus on for your town.

    Hope that helps!
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    October 10, 2017 7:07 PM EDT

    Postman mentioned it, Survival Options can be found here. Let's you change combat difficulty, manual saves, whether or not you need to stimpack followers when they go down, if stimpacks make you thirsty etc. I believe every possible tweak you might want to make to survival mode is there. Keep your easy combat difficulty with the realistic needs, diseases etc. You will have more luck working backwards, starting with survival and adjusting the settings, rather than playing on an easy setting and looking for survival mods.

    Immersive fast travel A favourite of mine, allows you to craft various automobiles at your settlements, and at the cost of fuel, use them to fast travel to other settlements you own. Great for a more casual survival if you don't like playing walking simulator.

    Salvage Beacons is what Amornar mentioned, have your settlers collect the junk you scavange out in the world and free up your backpack.

    Sim Settlements I also second this as a great mod for settlement focused playthrough, after building and decorating your 100th settler house this is wonderful, and you can still mix and match with vanilla stuff. For example I'm quite found of building my own shops still, but it's nice that the settlers will make their own houses.

    All Settlements Extended Not a survival related one, but depending how ambitious you plan your settlements to be this will give you more space to play with

    Conquest Features both camping and the ability to set up new settlements. Also when you set up camp, you can scrap surrounding items, allowing you to scrap cars that are out of your settlement boundaries like Amornar mentioned


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    October 10, 2017 7:16 PM EDT

    Alright, thanks guys. These will surely come in handy. I also love the settlement extender, some of them are god awful small.

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    October 10, 2017 7:24 PM EDT
    Oo another one realistic scrapping or something similar is the name so when you scrap say a car it gives you a realistic amount of resources instead of like 5 steel and 2 rubber or whatever ridiculous amount vanilla gives I don’t remember anymore I have been using realistic scrapping for a long long time. Sorry I don’t have the exact mods and links, not on computer but I am sure you can find it. I believe there are several and you can take your pick per your preference.